Alison Pugh doesn't miss Breakfast: 'I'm much happier'

New mum Alison Pugh has returned to the Christchurch newsroom as a part-time reporter.

New mum Alison Pugh has returned to the Christchurch newsroom as a part-time reporter.

Alison Pugh has revealed she doesn't miss her days co-hosting TVNZ's Breakfast, saying she is much happier with her current set up.

A lot has changed for the new mum since leaving co-hosting Breakfast with Rawdon Christie to go on maternity leave.

The proud Cantabrian has moved back to Christchurch with partner Jo Barus and their one-year-old daughter Thea, and returned to work as a part-time reporter.

Speaking to Woman's Day, the proud Cantabrian said she didn't miss her Breakfast role one bit.

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"I mean, it was very cool for the stage of life I was at, but I'm much happier with the set-up now," Pugh said, adding she thought the new-look with hosts Hilary Barry and Jack Tame was great.

Pugh said the step back into the Christchurch newsroom was a welcomed one, comparing it to a "family".

But it had not been without its own set of challenges.

"I've done my first three days back and I'm knackered!," she confessed to the magazine.

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"Yeah, it was about 10 past nine and I had to yell out, "Um, so how do I turn the computer screen on?"

But the biggest struggle returning to work as a mum had been fitting in breastfeeding her daughter.

"Mum's bringing her in at lunchtime, which is great, and my bosses have been really supportive."

Pugh has spoken about her advocacy for breastfeeding in the past, saying she was breastfed until well into childhood.

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