Jemaine steals the show as 'hunky' lover in Divorce

HBO's Divorce is getting mixed reviews, but if there's one thing critics seem to agree on, it's the welcomed sight of Jemaine Clement.

After his performance in the show's debut as the secret lover of a married woman, one reviewer even described the Wellingtonian as the "quintessential hipster fantasy object."

Divorce follows a couple as their marriage falls apart, after a husband (Thomas Haden Church) discovers his wife (Sarah Jessica Parker) is having an affair with a university professor named Julian (Clement).

Jemaine Clement has received positive reviews for his portrayal as the secret lover of a woman whose marriage is falling ...

Jemaine Clement has received positive reviews for his portrayal as the secret lover of a woman whose marriage is falling apart.

Despite giving the show an C+ review, Entertainment Weekly said Clement was a "scene-stealer" as the "tomcat" professor.

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TV Line  gave the show A- over all, but said of the Flight of the Conchords star that there was "not enough" of him, while the New York Times described the Wellingtonian as "hunky".

New York magazine credited Clement with "the most resonant part of the pilot".

"He's the ideal romantic foil, the exact thing you want when you've got the other thing - a soft-spoken, glasses-wearing Columbia professor who makes his own granola - the quintessential hipster fantasy object.

"Look, what red-blooded woman would not consider straying for the man who gave us Business Time and Foux Du Fafa? Who among us does not go for an uncanny David Bowie impression delivered in a subtle Kiwi lilt?"

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In August, Parker told Time Out  that the character Julian was originally meant to be "a young fellow," but it was decided against. 

"I was like, 'I think it would be much more interesting if she was having an affair with a real man'," Parker said.

In a 2015 interview, Clement revealed that the show included "one of the most awkward sex scenes I've ever been involved in."

"Usually they're awkward on purpose, but this one just happened to be unintentionally awkward," he said.

Divorce is Clement's first show in the US since HBO's Conchords won worldwide acclaim in 2007.

He sent fans' tongues wagging in 2014 after mentioning he was working on a HBO-commissioned show, which led to rumours that a Flight of the Conchords reunion was in the works. Clement set the record straight on social media shortly afterwards.

It has been a busy year for Clement, who as well as starring in Divorce, leant his voice to Steven Spielberg's remake of The BFG, Disneys Moana, the World of WearableArt Awards, and featured on Inside Amy Schumer.

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