Rachel Hunter talent-spotting


Boys, you have two months to get rid of that beer gut and practise your chat-up lines - Kiwi supermodel Rachel Hunter is coming home, and she's single.

Hunter is back as a judge for the second series of New Zealand's Got Talent - joining OpShop lead singer Jason Kerrison and J-Lo's ex-husband Cris Judd - and she will be home in July to start filming.

The 43-year-old mother of two has been single since her engagement to ice hockey player Jarret Stoll ended in 2009, and she reckons there's no-one on the scene at the moment.

"How's my love life?" she laughed. "It doesn't exist."

Based in Los Angeles for most of the year, Hunter said the success of last year's first season of NZGT helped her decide to return as a judge on the show.

She reckoned the addition of choreographer Judd would add credibility too, and maybe persuade more dance acts to hit the stage.

With her kids carving their own paths, Hunter said she was "definitely moving into the empty-nest stage".

Son Liam, 18, is a legitimate ice hockey prospect hoping to work his way up to the National Hockey League and 20-year-old daughter Renee has already had success as a model.

Hunter told the Sunday Star-Times her daughter had been accepted into the London Contemporary Dance School.

TV appearances might become few and far between as Hunter commits herself to "giving back".

Her sister Jacqui was recently diagnosed with melanoma and had lymph nodes removed, something Hunter said gave her a greater drive to get involved with charity and conservation efforts.

As well as seeing family, a major benefit of coming home for Hunter is avoiding the ravenous LA paparazzi, who have an insatiable appetite for photos of the leggy blonde.

A quick Google search of her name throws up several tabloid stories from the past month rejoicing in the "scandal" of her lack of makeup or her hair looking messy. It is something that still bewilders her.

"I lead the most boring lifestyle, to be honest with you, because I literally go to pilates or go to the store and get food. I eat in a lot, don't really go out very much, and somehow it's ‘Rachel's greasy hair' or ‘Rachel's got no makeup on'.

"That must be like watching paint dry, I just don't understand it."

Hunter said most Kiwis left her alone, but with her announcement of singledom there might be a couple of blokes tempted to try their luck.

Sunday Star Times