'Medium' Kelvin Cruickshank leaving Sensing Murder

Sensing Murder psychic Kelvin Cruickshank is done with the show.

Sensing Murder psychic Kelvin Cruickshank is done with the show.

TV medium Kelvin Cruickshank is leaving Sensing Murder, Woman's Weekly reports.

Cruickshank said the new series was "different" and he felt he should be doing other things.

Cruickshank was one of several mediums on Sensing Murder, a show in which the psychics claim to reveal details about real-life cold cases by communing with the victims' spirits.

The show screened from 2006 until 2010, when the company making it went under. It was bought by another company who have produced a new series to air next year.

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Cruickshank will only feature in one of the new series' episodes - and he says it'll be his last on the show.

"When I went to work on the new series, it was really different and it didn't feel like I was meant to be there. ... When I have those kinds of feelings, I listen to them," he told Woman's Weekly.

However it sounds like Cruickshank might have moved on to bigger and better things. He told the magazine he'd been in Los Angeles filming for a show called Hollywood Hauntings.

He said filming had involved going to a house where someone had been murdered, and that the production crew had special cameras which can "pick up spiritual energy, so they basically detect ghosts".

"They recorded the energy of the spirits I could see - it was amazing."

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Cruickshank said he hoped Hollywood Hauntings would screen in New Zealand.

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