MoreFM's Gary McCormick banned from Air NZ for two years

More FM DJs Simon Barnett (L) and co-host Gary McCormick

More FM DJs Simon Barnett (L) and co-host Gary McCormick

Broadcaster Gary McCormick has reportedly been banned from flying with Air New Zealand, after a spat in the Christchurch Koru Club.

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The MoreFM radio host confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that he has been prohibited from flying with the national airline, after a disagreement with ground staff at Christchurch Airport turned sour.

Gary McCormick has reportedly been banned from flying Air NZ.

Gary McCormick has reportedly been banned from flying Air NZ.

The radio host said that during a flight several weeks ago, he complained to airline staff after a 40 minute wait on a tarmac at Christchurch Airport. McCormick and fellow passengers were then told they'd be boarding another flight instead.

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"So, that never happened, you know how it is. Technical engineering difficulties and all the rest of it," he said.

McCormick claims that during the wait, he approached airport ground staff and complained about the airline's poor service, before making his way to the Koru Lounge for a drink "in protest."

"I walked into the Koru Lounge, to which I am not a member, and helped myself to a glass of wine," he said.

"Soon enough, (Air NZ) contacted their secret cell and some policeman (approached me) and said that (Air NZ) can do me for trespassing." 

According to the veteran broadcaster, Air New Zealand then sent him a letter in the mail, stating that the radio host and prolific Kiwi poet had been "banned from the airline for two years."

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"The letter just states the ban - there's no phone number or (disclaimer) asking for 'my side of the story', there's only an email address," he said.

"I'm lucky that Jetstar have been good to me, very good to me, actually."

The radio host added that this isn't his first run in with the national airline. McCormick complained about Air New Zealand's service after a flight from Palmerston North in 2011.

McCormick is now seeking legal advice, while MediaWorks – the company that own MoreFM – have declined to comment.

When contacted on Tuesday morning, McCormick's MoreFM radio co-host Simon Barnett said that he couldn't really comment on the situation and added that he "didn't want to upset his mate".

​"We didn't talk about it on our show this morning, no. Gary is in dispute with them now, so for the first time in my life, I should probably stay silent on this one."

Air New Zealand have not responded to repeated requests for comment.

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