ZM hosts Jase and PJ take Mike Hosking for a ride in 96 Corolla

Mike Hosking has got his treasured vacuum cleaner back - but it's come at a price.

Infamous for his Ferrari and Christian Louboutin shoes, the Newstalk ZB host was forced to ride in a dirty 1996 Toyota Corolla on Tuesday.

The car belonged to ZM host PJ Harding, who last week "kidnapped" the Dyson vacuum cleaner from Hosking's ZB studio, and alongside co-host Jase Hawkins ransomed it.

Mike Hosking was not impressed with the state of PJ Harding's vehicle.
Chris Skelton

Mike Hosking was not impressed with the state of PJ Harding's vehicle.

The pair's initial ransom note demanded either $500 or a ride in Hosking's Ferrari for the vacuum's safe return.

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However, when Hosking refused - "I don't put losers in my car," he said - a compromise was reached that saw Hosking go for a short drive in Harding's car.

The newsreader seemed shocked when he first saw the Corolla. "Is this seriously your car?" he said. "Are you ashamed of it?"

The trip involved a speakerphone conversation with Harding's mum and a stop for $11 worth of gas (Hosking pumped).

At the end Hosking was reunited with the beloved Dyson, but had a word of warning for the ZM hosts:

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"If you bastards ever enter my floor again, I will have lawyers on you and sue you."

In a video posted to his show's Facebook page, Hosking appeared delighted to be reunited with the Dyson.

However, fellow Newstalk ZB hosts Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye will likely be less thrilled - the pair kick-started the whole Dyson saga when they complained that Hosking kept leaving the vacuum cleaner lying around in their shared studio.

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