Has Home and Away jumped the shark?

05:16, May 23 2013
Home and Away
The soap's bad boy, Darryl 'Brax' Braxton, shares a dangerous kiss.

Home and Away, crazier each day.

In any one week a character could contract a life-threatening disease, suffer amnesia, get stabbed in prison, be abducted by their half-brother, get hooked on drugs after hooking up with a thug, break up with their loved one, get back together with their loved one, get engaged, get married, switch sexuality, adopt a troubled child, foster a pair of troubled teens or fail their exams. If the character is particularly unlucky all of these calamities could happen at once.

The most recent run of plots have involved cancer, rape, assault, theft and a love triangle involving Summer Bay's bad boy family. And worst of all, it's seen the acting debut of Aussie X-Factor runner-up and Dancing with the Stars champ Johnny Ruffo.

Home and Away
Dr Sid Walker checks out a suspicious mole on his son-in-law Romeo Smith's shoulder. That mark would lead to a criticised cancer plot.

If Summer Bay were real, the UN would be staging an intervention.

So has the Aussie soap, which is shown on TV3 in New Zealand, jumped a great white shark? Long-time viewers of the show will know Summer Bay has witnessed more ludicrous plotlines but the twists and shocks of late have been relentless, all happening within the space of a month.

They've coincided with a huge clear-out of the cast, with three long-term cast members making shocking exits this year, and several other actors looking like they're ready for the chop (there hasn't been a shark attack in a long while).     


At the same time, a clutch bright young faces has joined the cast. No one wants to see Alf with his shirt off or Dr Sid Walker crashing into the surf in his Speedos, so the showrunners are keeping the show centred on teen life, and the teen problems.

Rob Mammone, who plays Sid, believes the show's writers are ruining the show with unrealistic storylines,  revealing on Twitter he was written out of the show for "speaking up for the truth too often".

Mammone had hinted a couple of months ago that he and some of castmates were less than impressed with the way the writers had handled a cancer storyline, tweeting:

@peacefulgal2010 thanks Sahara Luke and I re wrote most of it , as we felt , we needed to get it right .. Too important

The story arc involved one of the show's heart-throbs, Romeo, finding out he has inoperable cancer. He hides the fact from his young wife, Indie, Sid's daughter, and abruptly leaves the Bay without saying goodbye.

Mammone, who has been with the show since 2009, blamed the writers again after his followers criticised the plot as being unrealistic.

I read that some were unhappy with Romeo leaving the way he has ... Not Luke's doing guys .. Great work from Sam and Lukelast few. Nights!

@robmammone it's not realistic to me. Kinda disappointed with #homeandaway on this one. Sorry rob

@topper120488 yep we thought so too .. Sonetimes the writers get it wrong !!!

That must have irked the show's producers. In an exchange with one of his followers, Mammone dropped the bombshell that he was leaving the show.

@robmammone u where ment to come to telethon last year coming this year?

@aussie_female sorry vicki but since they wrote dr Sidout I doubt channel 7 will fly me over .... Hope your great and have a fun telethon

@robmammone omg!! Why did they write you out of H&A? :(

@sjtulloch I spoke up for the truth too often ...!!!Cheers

It's not known what fate awaits his character - a shark attack might be just around the corner.


Home and Away characters who should be on the receiving end of some heavy-duty therapy.

The Braxton brothers

Darryl Braxton Over the past year and a bit the former drug dealer and town heavy has left his best friend for dead, had an affair with a cop (she got shot) and an affair with his counsellor (he dumped her because he was afraid she'd get shot by his criminal dad) and is now having an affair with the sister of the best friend he left for dead (she isn't all she seems to be).

Heath Braxton He has broken up a marriage, lost his baby with a married woman to SIDs, bedded married woman's younger sister (it was her first time), has been left for dead in the ocean, seen the love of his life get hooked on drugs and lost his child from another relationship. He's back together with the now divorced married woman and about to get married to her.

Casey Braxton Shot his father and was then abducted and almost killed by Kyle, the brother he never knew he had. He's also been stabbed in prison, and almost lost his girlfriend to the maniac brother who tried to kill him. All the Braxton brothers - including the kidnapper - share the same house.

Romeo Smith

Got married to Indie, broke up with her, had an affair with a former girlfriend, who faked a pregnancy just to keep him and who then tried to kill Indie. He then got hooked on steroids, almost lost his leg, got back together with Indie. All looked sweet until he was told he had inoperable cancer, which he hid from his wife. Left her a note saying goodbye and walked off into the sunset.

Indigo "Indie" Walker

See above.

Jett James

Rebellious boy who loses his mother and is taken into foster care by the local headmistress, Gina, and her partner John. Watches Gina and John drift apart after John's botched attempt at infidelity but is happy when they get back together again. Finds his real dad but his dad doesn't want anything to do with him. Gets relentlessly bullied at school by a posh girl who looks down on him and then has to convince his real dad to let Gina and John adopt him. Loses Gina - she collapses and dies while driving Jett to court to sort out the adoption - and now his adoption looks like it's up the creek.

Rosie Prichard

School girl abandoned by her mother and father. Lives alone, has no real friends and is slightly stalkerish. Is raped by the school bully, reports attack to the police, isn't believed and suffers severe trauma. She's about to find out she's pregnant.