NZ On Air announces first round of new platform funding

Toby Longbottom, Paula Penfold and Eugene Bingham have joined Fairfax Media.

Toby Longbottom, Paula Penfold and Eugene Bingham have joined Fairfax Media.

New Zealand On Air has announced what shows will be part of its initiative to fund new platforms.

The government organisation will fund six new documentaries which are destined for a range of platforms.

Two of the shows are set to feature on  - The Battle and Last Of The Few.

Paula Penfold.

Paula Penfold.

Acclaimed investigative team Stuff Circuit, featuring Paula Penfold, Eugene Bingham,Toby Longbottom and Phil Johnson will create The Battle.

The show is set to be an interactive documentary exploring the Battle of Baghak firefight in Afghanistan in 2012.

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The Battle, which will also broadcast on TV3, will receive $324,082 from NZ On Air.

"We've been working on this important story for four years now and we're looking forward to making it," Stuff Circuit said.

"It's a confronting story, but we're determined to deal with it sensitively and respectfully, and honour those who have put their trust in us. There are many crucial voices and perspectives which haven't been heard yet.

"We're excited and grateful that New Zealand on Air is backing long-form story-telling and investigative journalism and have been so supportive of the innovative approach we've come up with. The partnership with TV3 will make this a true multi-media project."

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Last Of The Few is a series of five, seven-minute documentaries focused on three Air Force war veterans representing the last of their era.

PDQ Productions is set to receive $90,157 for the series which wil feature on

The Generation Game, an interactive examination of the housing crisis, has been funded $174,650, while Greenstone TV received $175,000 for its sealife/environment show Young Ocean Explorers. 

Frank Film has will receive $250,000 for the series Christchurch Dilemmas 2, which follows the ongoing rebuild of Christchurch and the various issues communities face.

Pacific LGBTQ vogue culture will be explored in Piki Films' FAFSWAG, a show for online which received $175,000.

Centred around the lives of five young FAFSWAG performers, the documentary sheds light onto a relatively unknown part of Pacific culture.

The new initiative is a response to the way in which new technology has increased the ways in which New Zealands can engage with and tell stories.

"We look for innovative ideas and ways to reach audiences, on a wide range of platforms," NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson said.

Funding details

Christchurch Dilemmas 2,  20 x 5 mins,  Frank Film for online, $250,000.
The Battle, various outputs, Fairfax Media for & TV3, $324,082.
FAFSWAG, various outputs, Piki Films for online, $175,000.
The Generation Game, various outputs, Hood & Co for The Spinoff, $174,650
Last Of The Few, 5 x 7mins, PDQ Productions for, $90,157.
Young Ocean Explorers, various outputs, Greenstone TV for online, $175,000.

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