Comedy Video asks if America is first, can New Zealand be second?

It all started with the Dutch.

Soon after President Donald Trump's inauguration, comedian Arjen Lubach locked on to one key slogan of Trump's: "America First". If America is number one, Lubach asked, could the Netherlands be second?

He produced a satiric promo video asking just that, complete with a Trump impersonator extolling the virtues of the Netherland's racist "Black Pete" tradition.

The video proved immensely popular, and soon the rest of Europe got in on the joke, with videos produced mostly by professional comedy shows.
If it has to be America first, can't it be New Zealand second - or third?
Jono and Ben

If it has to be America first, can't it be New Zealand second - or third?

Earlier this week, a New Zealand show got in on the fun, with Three's  Jono and Ben  releasing their version on Wednesday (you can watch it at the top of this story.)
"You love 'The Art of the Deal,' well, this is a country built on great deals," the video notes.
"Our government traded some blankets and diseases for an entire country, what a deal, the best deal of all, the Treaty of Waitangi, no complaints!"
The video travels through some of New Zealand's top points, from Kate Sheppard ("total 10 #wouldsmash") through Lord of the Rings ("a heroic little man with tiny hands who was so obsessed with gold and power he almost brought about the end of the world".)
By the end of the video, New Zealand's characteristic self-doubt has got the better of it.
"Or even New Zealand third...or fact we'll take any ranking, so long as it's not New Zealand First."
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Oh, and in case you were wondering - yes, of course there's an Australian version.

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