Jimmy Kimmel spoofs Shortland St cliffhanger

In the Shortland St episode, Dr Chris Warner confronts his son Harry over x-rated photos.

In the Shortland St episode, Dr Chris Warner confronts his son Harry over x-rated photos.

Shortland St's "cliffhanger of the year" became a sensation on the internet - and now, it's been spoofed on late night American TV.

TV host Jimmy Kimmel enlisted the help of actor Alec Baldwin to recreate the now infamous scene where Dr Chris Warner confronts his son Harry about a nude image found on a tablet.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, which aired on Wednesday night in the United States (Thursday night NZ time), the host tells the audience that soap operas are a dying breed over there.

"But in New Zealand there is a show called Shortland St. And I don't know much about the show itself but what I do know is a hell of a cliffhanger when I see one."

Chris Warner discovers nude picture of Harry
Radio hosts spoof Shortland St nude pic scene

He then plays a clip of the cliffhanger, before enlisting the help of Baldwin, who re-enacts the scene as Chris (Michael Galvin). Kimmel plays the role of Harry (Reid Walker). His sidekick, Guillermo, wears a wig to play the role of Harry's love interest, Lily.

The Shortland St episode, which screened on Friday, February 10, became a sensation online shortly after screening, and Shortland St producer Maxine Fleming says it was the "cliffhanger of the year".

After bringing his girlfriend Lily home for some romancin', the teenage Harry found his dad waiting for him.

Unbeknown to Harry, his phone messages had synced to the family iPad. Chris confronted him with the tablet in hand:

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"Please tell me that is not your penis!" Chris rages. Then the credits rolled.

Fleming said the idea for the plotline came when she was talking with the show's writers about doing a coming-of-age story about Harry Warner losing his virginity.

The show, which enters its 25th year this year, has done similar plotlines before, and the writers saw the scenario as a way to put a contemporary spin on it.

Fleming said the fact that the episode seemed to be resonating with both teens and their parents was a sign they had done their jobs.

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