Us Two: Millen Baird and Siobhan Marshall

Baird and Marshall in character for Darryl - An Outward Bound Story

Baird and Marshall in character for Darryl - An Outward Bound Story

Actors Millen Baird (43) and Siobhan Marshall (33) have each been staples on New Zealand television for years but now the LA-based husband and wife will star together in new web-series Darryl: An Outward Bound Story created and co-written by Baird.


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Millen: First time I met Siobhan was 2003. I went to the Hamilton Summer Gardens festival to do a one man show and her boyfriend was producing it so she was the usher.

But properly we met at the end of 2012. Her friend Shannon was having a party at the Neighbourhood bar in Kingsland and I'd had a few drinks to try and pluck up the courage to ask her out.

We both have the nickname 'Giraffe' and probably about a year into our relationship she had spent three months in Sydney. I went over to visit and she was waiting in the airport with a sign saying 'Millsy' and wearing a giraffe outfit. I went giddy at the knees, I was super embarrassed but so proud.

I've always wanted to work with her. When I write I like to picture who is going to play the part and definitely wanted her playing a part in this series. She does a killer Australian accent so in Darryl we made her an Australian network marketer. It is also great to have your partner with you when you go away to work on a project, so it was a no-brainer.

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On the ferry to Waiheke!

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A typical day together in LA involves going to a little cafe called Shaky Alibi on Beverly Boulevard and we'll have a little morning de-brief, figure out what we are going to do. Siobhan is currently working at a florist's; I'm still waiting on my driver's licence because I want to be a delivery man.

Our biggest similarities would be we love to laugh. We are both tall and pale, we both celebrate our own weirdness and we have plenty of that going on.

You know how people always say this person lights up a room and you gravitate towards them? I never really understood what that met until I met her.

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She does a pretty good E.T. impersonation. We both have kind of elongated necks but hers kind of extends like an accordion and she does this thing with the finger.

My favourite part of being married to Siobhan is I think the fact that we crack each other up the whole time - we are constantly laughing even in the face of adversity we just laugh about pretty much everything.

Siobhan: ​When I first met him 13 years ago, I thought he was really handsome which is terrible because I had a boyfriend at the time. I had this feeling that I was going to meet him again later on. I kind of kept tabs on him like I watched Auckland Daze and always knew what he was up to because I thought he was pretty brilliant.

Then when I did meet him at the party the next time I was like, oh it's happening now.


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We have a debrief session every morning. In LA it is sort of a motivational session where we sit down and spend half an hour talking about what we are going to do in the day and getting ourselves all psyched up to get stuff done.

When it comes to being married and working together, I almost don't think of what we do as working. It's easy and fun and I don't get sick of him which is really weird.

Millen does a lot of cool stuff. I remember once my friend was really upset and he was just trying so hard to make her feel better. I was just really proud of him because he was totally out of his comfort zone.

He constantly tries to make people laugh.

I was at an awards show with him a couple of years ago. He won an award for Auckland Daze and he got up and did his speech and he didn't even plan it.

He just said his thank you speech off the cuff and it was so funny. I just sometimes can't get over how quick he is.

We have similar taste in things and we find similar things funny.


Who said I wouldn't wear my wedding dress again? #lookmum #zombiebride #hesstillgotit #costume #easycostume #lalife

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He has a much more ordered brain than I do. I'm much more flicky and sporadic but when he is focussed on something he is so focussed and he can just line up all his little ducks.

He is a bit more methodical than I am.

He is one of the kindest people I've ever met and he's really generous. He's tall, dark and handsome.

He does a really good air trumpet, like uncannily good it's weird.

It's so nice having someone with you that feels like an extension of yourself. If I get annoyed with him, he'll say something and make me laugh and I'm like how do you do that? It's so annoying. He knows me so well.

The full series of Darryl is available to stream on TVNZ OnDemand from Monday March 27th.


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