What you need to know before the Bachelor finale

The final two: Best mates Viarni and Lily.

The final two: Best mates Viarni and Lily.

In case you had been living under a rock for the last eight weeks, The Bachelor has been on television screens.

Although it may not have been everybody's cup of tea, there was no avoiding the face of one Zac Franich.

He was on billboards, TV ads, Hallensteins posters and he's even been driving a car with his own face on it.

For the last two months my whole life has been about The Bachelor, so much so that Franich has become a fourth flatmate at my house every Sunday and Monday night.

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Therefore I feel qualified to tell you what you need to know before the big finale this Sunday night.


Bachelor Zac Franich.

Bachelor Zac Franich.

Zac Franich is the third New Zealand bachelor to grace our screens, after Art Green and Jordan Mauger.

Franich is a 28-year-old surf lifesaving coach from Orewa, north of Auckland.

He proved popular with the contestants - only one bachelorette choosing a voluntary exit during the competition.

He has proven capable of talking about his emotions and treating women with respect, turning down the possibility of overnight stays with the three finalists.

Coming into the final episode, it is anyones' guess who Franich will choose as he has admitted he has feelings towards both the remaining contestants, Viarni Bright and Lily McManus.


Contender one: Viarni Bright.
Matt Klitscher

Contender one: Viarni Bright.

First of the two contenders for Zac's heart is Viarni Bright, a 22-year-old account manager from Mount Maunganui.

Bright has been a hot favourite to win from day one especially after receiving the white "first impression" rose from Zac.

The beach babe has proved herself to be funny and switched on, although a little crap at geography.

Bright is the older of the two finalists, something that has cause a stir among fans of the show.

Despite her age, she has come across mature and settled, something that is attractive to Franich who is nearing 30.

Contender two: Lily McManus-Semchyshyn.

Contender two: Lily McManus-Semchyshyn.

The second of the two girls, who Zac thinks is a bit of alright, is 20-year-old Lily McManus-Semchyshyn.

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Growing up in Darwin, Australia, McManus-Semchyshyn later moved to Wellington where her mum lived with her partner.

McManus-Semchyshyn travels the world as a snowboard instructor and describes herself as a risk. Zac's connection to McManus-Semchyshyn is undeniable but he has admitted he feels he may hold her back.


As with any other season of The Bachelor, there was a series of other girls who Zac left heartbroken along the way.

However for the first time in New Zealand they introduced "intruders"; three new girls who entered the competition half-way through.

Sarah, Vanessa and Karina joined the rest of the "original girls" in Thailand for the international getaway.

Although Sarah's decision to leave the show came as a shock to everyone, the only thing more surprising was finding out host Dominic Bowden dated 23-year-old intruder Karina. 

The revelation had everyone  in a stir including the fellow bachelorettes.

​Apart from that, not much else happened in the way of drama. It turned out Zac was just a really nice guy on the hunt for a really nice girl.

Whatever decision he chooses to make on Sunday night, he will end up a winner. But my money is on Viarni.

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