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TOP FIVE TV: Shortland Street Shavaughn Ruakere has her five favourite NZOS clips.
TOP FIVE TV: Shortland Street Shavaughn Ruakere has her five favourite NZOS clips.

Shortland Street actress Shavaughn Ruakere presents the inaugural Top Five, a summer feature where screen personalities pick their favourite clips on NZ On Screen, the showcase of New Zealand television, film and music video.  

What Now? Christmas Special, 1991

Well, I had to start with this one. What Now? was where I began my television career and I spent five truly wonderful years there. As a kid it was appointment viewing for me, and Cath and Si - Catherine McPherson and Simon Barnett - were my 'A Team'. I never would have dreamed that seven years after this aired I'd have taken over the reins. So happy What Now? is still truckin' and that I got to be part of the silliness.

Shortland Street - first episode, 1992

Again, couldn't leave this one out. Shorty's been my home for the last three years and I've felt so blessed to have been part of two Kiwi institutions. There's one thing from this episode that I've always distinctly remembered: Suzy Aiken in her leotard getting it on with Dr Chris Warner in the changing rooms. I guess it all seemed pretty racy at the time. Oh how television has changed.

Extraordinary Kiwis - Clarke in Antarctica, 2008

Okay, so there are two reasons I've included this in my Top Five. One: the host Clarke Gayford is my boyfriend, so I kind of had to. Two: I have had to listen to Clarke retell the stories of "that time I went to Antarctica" about 12 billion times now. Seriously there hasn't been a social gathering yet where it doesn't somehow make its way into conversation. "We're out of ice, you say?" Well, "speaking of ice..." Granted, not many of us have or ever will get the opportunity to go there and if it was me I'd no doubt be waxing lyrical too but, really, just watch the show, or meet us at a party somewhere and watch my eyes glaze over as he launches into the snow cave story and that moment he realized he could be the most isolated person on earth...

Gloss - Kevin Smith's TV debut, 1989

I had the great pleasure of meeting Kevin Smith twice before he passed. Once on a rather raucous night out at a Queenstown Winter Festival and again when he was a guest on What Now?. He seemed like just the loveliest man and his untimely passing is something I still think about sometimes in that just such a great shame kind of way. Gloss was also a big hit with my sister and I. I remember my sister Bianca having a massive hissy fit in the car in Te Kuiti one time because we were travelling back from Auckland home to New Plymouth and we were going to miss it because we'd stopped for dinner. My sister sulked in the car while we went into Tiffany's Cafe and when Mum brought her out a cheese-and-pineapple toastie so she wouldn't starve the toastie was expelled with much force from the back seat to the front seat where it lay uneaten and at my fuming Mother's feet. It's the kind of story that is still brought up at family gatherings.

Herbs - Sensitive To A Smile, 1987

Herbs have always made me smile and this video actually makes my heart heave a little bit. The kids on their horses in the doorway, the boys being welcomed onto the marae. It's such a wonderful snapshot of Maori culture and music back in the day. I just love it.