How was Lena Dunham's SNL?

Last updated 11:21 10/03/2014
Saturday Night Live

Lena Dunham features as The First Girl in a Saturday Night Live sketch.

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Lena Dunham made her hotly anticipated SNL debut this weekend, and the verdict is in by the internet - she was a success!

Never straying too far from her Lena Dunham-ness/Hannah Horvath-ness, there was much mocking of Girls, Dunham's nudity, an excellent Scandal spoof along with a side of Jon Hamm (!) and apple shaming.

Feminism and gender studies 101 were also plum topics, and everything worked, because as Kevin Fallon wrote in the Daily Beast of Dunham's performance,

"It should be no surprise that SNL churned out a solid episode with Dunham as a host. The show excels most when it zeros in on someone or something that seems to be touching a nerve at that moment in popular culture, and then embraces, aggravates, and mocks that nerve. Few people touch that nerve and incite so much passionate conversation than Dunham and Girls."

The best sketch was a take on Adam and Eve with Dunham  as Eve and Taran Killam (who was spot on!) playing Adam (Adam Driver, Adam in Girls, and Biblical Adam) in the Garden of Eden. Dunham is totally nude and is both body shamed and apple shamed by God. Advertisement Kudos for this line,

"I may have committed original sin, but at least it's original and I think I deserve credit for that."

Oh and this,

"I'm not going to conform to society's demands of me."

And also when Adam says that Dunham is literally a part of her (the whole rib thing)

"Oh my god that's so sexist, like take a gender and women's studies class!"

Vanessa Bell as, like, Satan/Shoshanna with an excellent side hair donut was also wonderful.

Dunham's opening monologue was also charming and featured this solid piece of advice.

"If you're nervous about giving a speech, imagine the audience naked ... Or at least imagine they haven't seen you naked." 

Snaps to Lena.

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