Pop culture facts that will make you feel old

23:22, Mar 27 2014

This year is a big one for pop culture anniversaries. Some of the best albums from the '90s turn 15 this year - including Britney Spears' . . . Baby One More Time and Christina Aguilera's divalicious debut - and some killer teen movies do too.

While exciting, it's not all sweet nostalgic feelings - it forces us to look at just how long it's been since those good old days.

Keep reading to see some pop culture facts that will make you feel ancient...

1. Ross's son, Ben, from Friends would be 19 now.

Source: NBC


Friends started 20 years ago and ended 10 years ago. As for the rest of the kids? Monica and Chandler's twins are 9, Emma is 11, and Phoebe's triplets are turning 16.

2. Christina Aguilera's debut album turns 15 this year.

3. It Takes Two came out 19 years ago.

Source: Warner Bros.

4. Mary-Kate and Ashley's matching style has changed a lot in two decades.

Source: Getty / Barry King, Taylor Hill

5. Remember Nicky and Alex from Full House? Source: ABC 6

This is them now. They're 23.

Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit (Alex) is on the left, and Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit (Nicky) is on the right.