Eve Palmer enjoys new role at The 4.30 Show


Eve Palmer is the female host of TV2's weekday afternoon kids programme The 4.30 Show. She tells James Croot all about how much she is enjoying her role.

How did you get the role and what attracted you to it? 

I just auditioned! I was at drama school and I had been on The Erin Simpson Show as an environmental reporter and I just said ''can I please please have an audition even just for audition experience''. And they said ''you're too old, but we'll let you have 15 minutes''. I was really shocked that I got a call back from TVNZ! I thought that maybe they needed extra readers - and I was very happy to go along and do that. A lot of actors go and read for other actors in auditions and that in itself is amazing experience, I would have been stoked to just do that for a job. Then getting through that next audition round and being asked to submit scripts and show writing ideas. I honestly just never thought I would get the role. Even when I was shortlisted and it was down to those final few people, I just thought there was no way.

How would you describe The 4.30 Show  and what are the key differences of the show to say Erin Simpson or What Now? 

We're a brand new bunch of people and we've all had experience presenting, but as a group and a team we're brand new. We each bring our own interests to the show and our own strengths. And we're the ones that write it! The show is really about celebrating what young people in New Zealand are up to, and just having fun in the afternoons. It's great.

What's your favourite part of the show and why? 

My favourite part of the show is One To Watch and this is where we profile young New Zealanders who are doing amazing things in different areas. Whether it be golfing or dancing or water-skiing, we just shine a bit of a spot light on them and ask what motivates them. That's my favourite segment because it's inspiring for our audience and it's inspiring for me to get to go and interview those people. 

Who is the biggest practical joker on the team?

Definitely Massad (her co-presenter)! He loves puns so he's always telling verbal jokes. But as well if we're on the set he'll just through things at you. You have to be on the ball all the time, he just doesn't switch off. I have learnt not to go for the high fives anymore because he always goes ''high five - dolphin dive''. There could be mushed up popcorn on your chair. I have so many clothes that I've needed to wash because he's sprayed me with sunblock. You've really got to watch out. I think I should start wearing a plastic poncho to work.

Talk me through a typical week working on the show. 

Every day there are rehearsals and filming for segments. We go out and film items in the field. Sometimes we might be interviewing people, so that could involve flying around the country. We have meetings about our scripts and we're writing scripts for the coming weeks as well. We might have three weeks of scripts on the go at the same time. We're just go, go, go!

Who are three celebrities you would most like to Skype?

Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Degeneres and Lupita Nyong'o

What kids shows did you watch growing up?  

I loved What Now. I used to write in for all the competitions and loved waking up with that show. I also loved Captain Planet.  I always wanted to be ''heart'' even though everybody else thought it was the dud Captain Planet power.  I used to watch a lot of Shortland Street as a kid too. Our whole family used to sit down and watch it. That was when Robyn Malcolm was on!

Were you a big social media user before this and has that increased? 

No and No. I deleted my Facebook for a while. I'd love to not have a Facebook, but I have some friends overseas and it's helpful for keeping in touch. But I prefer face to face meetings. I'll leave the Twitter to Massad - he loves it! He's always on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. 

What's the best part of filming and working where you grew up - in Christchurch?

For me personally, it's because my family lives here. I have lovely friends and family here and it's cool to be able to drop in on them. For six years, I lived away from home. So it's nice to be able to pop around. That's the best part for me, but also Christchurch is just a cool city to live in at the moment. There are lots of new things springing up everywhere and there is a positive vibe in the city. I think people are excited about what's coming and what's next. Everyone has been through a lot, but things are looking up. It's an exciting time for Christchurch. The city is always changing and new things are popping up and I think that's really conducive to creativity. 

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