Future uncertain for Step Dave's Betty

JJ Fong as Betty on Step Dave.

JJ Fong as Betty on Step Dave.

Is it definitely all over for Betty and Azza? That's the question Step Dave viewers have been asking after a heavily pregnant Betty (JJ Fong) walked out on Azza (Rawiri Jobe) to live with her handsome older boss Michael (Peter Muller). 

Over the course of this series, Betty, who holds down an office job, has become increasingly frustrated with Azza and his partying lifestyle.

So when Michael insisted that she stay in his spare room, Betty was all for it. "Michael is just Betty's boss at present and he genuinely cares about her and her welfare with the baby on the way," says Fong.

"I think he can see that obviously Azza's not caring for Betty and that living in that horrible flat with him is just not good for her health and the baby's. At the moment I think he's just being a really kind boss. I don't think I know many bosses who would take their colleagues in like that."

Fong hopes Betty will eventually get back with Azza.

"Deep down they really love each other. Despite all the other stuff that goes on in their relationship, I think they can make it work."

Although Azza has his faults, Fong says Betty is not exactly perfect either.

"She's very black and white," says Fong.

"She's a 'tell it like it is' type character. She's very straight up and blunt and says what's on her mind. She doesn't have any filter."

While filming Step Dave, Fong was also busy working on local comedy web series Flat3 and fantasy AFK: The Webseries which is screening on Sky TV's The Zone.

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If you're wondering what the two initials in her first name stand for, Fong explains. "My real name is Jessica. I had a mentor who was helping me quite a few years back with my career and she was just like, 'Why don't you just be called JJ?' People seem to remember it and I just wanted to keep my real name separate. And it just stuck."

Step Dave, TV2, Tuesdays. 

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