Just call her Amanda Michelangelo

Painter and the penguin: Amanda and Jay have some catching up to do.
Painter and the penguin: Amanda and Jay have some catching up to do.

Last night's instalment of renovating their respective kids' bedrooms kicked off with images of Jay wearing a rather odd penguin hat. I'm from Christchurch, and it has never been THAT cold... Dubious building attire aside, the Black Team seemed like they had gotten up on the right side of the bed and really seemed to have it together this week.

Marty and Sarah seemed to be off to an automatic disadvantage, and had to do five rooms for their six kids in the same time Jay and Amanda had to do three. The Orange Team's four boys each got a room of their own, while their wee girls are to share a room downstairs.

Both teams had an army of volunteers arrive to help with the mammoth task ahead before the teams were called off to the DIY Challenge of the week. Marty and Sarah had won it the past three weeks running, so pressure was high for Jay and Amanda to complete the painting challenge.

Amanda must have been on the Valium before entering the Challenge Shed, because she was cool, calm and collected, even when Jay admitted having done a "shocking job" of painting the picture frame they were to hang on their newly painted wall.

Marty and Sarah were oddly off their game, and Sarah said afterwards every time she turned around it looked like Marty was painting the same spot. They didn't get their framed photo of Simon Barnett hung up, which I'm sure he was devastated about. The photo was likely taken about 20 years ago but there is little discernable difference in his appearance.

Finally, the girls were victorious in a DIY Challenge, and took out the $1000 prize for the paint job. Amanda said she wasn't surprised, because she was an amazing painter. Alright Michelangelo, let's not go getting ahead of ourselves here...

Half an hour in, and one of the flatmates pointed out she hasn't actually seen any DIY yet. Upon reflection, she was very right. So far Simon had had a double-glazing lesson, the Orange Team had picked carpet, and the Black Team had picked paint, but there was very little seen actually going on in the houses.

With a late night looming, the prophet Simon dropped in his words of wisdom - "winners never quit and quitters never win". Someone stop the man from broadcasting the contents of his fortune cookie.

Overnight the Orange Team put up wallpaper in the girls' room, and Marty had been busy spray painting stencils in the boys' rooms. At first we thought the fumes must have gone to his head, because some of the patterns were looking nothing less than headache-inducing, but they reined it in for a good result once it was all finished.

Over in the Black Team camp, Zach the builder had brought a mate along - Zach Guildford. He admitted he had more come to lift the spirits of the team than actually be of much assistance with the DIY, which relaxed us, as his painting was more on the piss than he usually is...

Both teams' kids came out for a tour of their house, and some very unfortunate and awkward interviews with Simon who "regaled" them with stories of his previous DIY mishaps.

Suddenly there were only three hours to go and we still hadn't seen much going on in any of the rooms... Were the rest of the All Blacks in there doing it all behind the scenes?

With an hour to go, Black Team were right on track, while Orange were left playing musical wardrobes because the 23 doors they had to install in the five rooms hadn't been numbered, so it was a trial and error game as to what fitted where.

Money wise, the Black Team again spent more than Orange - we are confused whether they will have any money left for important things like a kitchen, or whether they will be left cooking out of one of those plastic Barbie ovens.

The judges' scores and comments were pretty tied up, and they didn't seem to fault either team for much, which must mean serious improvement is being made on previous weeks.

When the scores were totalled, Orange Team took out a victory by two points, which gutted the Black Team for the second week running.

It's now 3-1 to Marty and Sarah, so the girls have got a "must win" on their hands coming up next week.