We weren't expecting that, girls!

Dream Home: The Black Team had a big surprise.
Dream Home: The Black Team had a big surprise.

This week kicked off with Jay and Amanda down 3-1 to Marty and Sarah in both the DIY challenges and in the overall room stakes, so we were expecting tensions to be high as they did up their entrances, hallways, and kids' rumpus rooms.

What we weren't expecting was the gargantuan door that the girls picked for their house, at least if there's an emergency they'll be able to tell 111 to look for the big red door and there won't be any confusion.

The Orange Team reached a bit of a milestone this week, and with the completion of the rumpus room and hallway are completely done with their upstairs. They did encounter an early drama when it was noticed that you hit your head on a joist when going upstairs. No idea how this hadn't been noticed earlier with all the traipsing up and down the stairs they do, but it seemed to get fixed with a minimum of drama.

Meanwhile on the Black Team, Amanda was in one of the kids' rooms wailing about how sick she was while everyone else was slaving away... On her house.

Not to worry, it was "Super Si and his building expertise" to save the day, which seems to involve taking an order for a coffee run. One of the team wisely said if Simon was making it, he would have water. Simon took a bit of objection to the "fancy" coffee orders of flat whites and lattes, and asked if anyone wanted him to feed them grapes while he was at it... In short, no.

Black Team soldiered on, installing a heat transfer system while Amanda was still lolling about with an undiagnosed illness that you would think was fatal from the way she was carrying on. Prescription: some "Harden Up" pills.

She managed to rouse herself in time for the DIY Challenge, looking a bit like I did around 9am on a school day after Mum had fallen for the yarn that I was too sick to go in.

The challenge was to build an above ground plant-a-box, with all the parts pre-cut and with holes pre-drilled for the teams. Seemed simple enough...Until the Orange Team forgot to put washers on their bolts, so had to undo them all. Jay had decided to hammer in screws in the meantime, which seemed an odd decision even to the DIY uninitiated.

End result of plant-a-boxes was almost identical, apart from neater rows of flowers on Jay and Amanda's side. In the end, Stan the Mitre 10 DIY man (suspect he has been seconded to the show for some terrible sin) chose Jay and Amanda's box because Marty and Sarah had lost a washer in the construction process. That's a very small, now very expensive, bit of metal lying in the grass somewhere.

The Orange Team has taken dedication to a new level, and brought a mattress to sleep on in the back of their car. Either they had gotten up and changed before the camera crew opened their boot for a wake-up call, or there is some very dubious hygiene going on over these building weekends, and they sleep in their Mitre 10 gears.

Sleep deprivation might have been the cause of a technology casualty on the Black Team as Jay managed to paint her phone, but as designer Mel put it, at least it wasn't down the toilet.

Orange Team had their second space saga of the night - having opted for a bigger water cylinder means they can't fit anything else in the area under the stairs where they were planning to have some shelves and storage. Time for some consoling words of wisdom from Mr Barnett, with six kids "big is good". Yes, he did an impression of the guy off the Mitre 10 Mega ad.

Amanda seemed to make a remarkable recovery from her mystery illness, and was up dancing and singing "Zachery" to the tune of Amy Winehouse's "Valerie" - she will likely be turning in her grave. Wrong reality TV show, this is Dream Home, not X Factor. This led to a tense exchange of words with Zach the builder, who told her she couldn't sing so should just shut up. Even the usually even-tempered Mel seemed to have had enough.

Furniture shopping for Orange and Marty shows his relaxed side again, letting Sarah have the fabric couch instead of the leather one he thought would be better. He is a wise man, appeasing DIY-zilla will go well for you. Marty gets all Banksy on it back at the house, and produces a stencil picture of the kids that he's rightly chuffed with.

Another hectic finish from both teams - Black had wallpapering and tiling still to go with less than an hour left, then there was a panic that the big red door they have in their entranceway was on inside out. After some frantic phone calls Zach decided it was actually on the right way after all, so no worries. Didn't really understand that, as surely a door that big is either on the right way or it's not...

The Orange Team were doing another coat of paint on their hallway with half an hour to go, vacuuming behind the painters to save time. Their rumpus room was at the top of the stairs and had the kids room coming off it which was a nice set-up, but they did only have one couch for six little ones which is surely a recipe for arguments.

Black Team's rumpus room had a more casual approach with beanbags scattered around, and the judges thought their painting had come up a notch from last week. They took out the room prize of the week by one point, and won a BBQ and patio heater package. Lush.