From flat white to flowerbed video

Many coffee lovers don't realise the plastic lining in a takeaway coffee cup means they can't be recycled in New Zealand.

Z's coffee cup recycling scheme could be good news for gardeners.

Green's critique Waitara River

Catherine Delahunty surveys the Waitara River as part of her tour of 10 New Zealand rivers which need improvement.

"We think things like clarity and water temperature should also be factors in judging quality."

Kasm takes legal action

KASM chair Phil McCabe says confidential sections undermine the submission process.

"It's not a good decision, this is meant to be a public and transparent process."

'Urgent threat to waterways cannot be ignored'

Niwa says nitrogen from pastoral farming is overwhelmingly the main cause of water quality degradation in New Zealand.

Manawatu's waterways are on the line. Regional council candidates discuss.

Gold stars for floodway consultation

Oscar Truong, 5, knows what sorts of features he'd like to see on the Hutt River - more places to go on his bike!

It wasn't a kids' holiday programme, but there were plenty of stickers.

Parade of electric cars gallery

The Volkswagen e-Golf Touch.

Global automakers are showing off new electric vehicles at the Paris auto show.

Bee in-breeding a problem

Dunedin-based AbacusBio consultancy PhD research student Gertje Petersen.

Bee in-breeding from disease has spurred research into increasing the gene pool.

Party for the fence video

An anti poison protester dressed as a bird lies on the ground during speeches at the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary fence ...

 The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary celebrated the completion of its pest-proof fence with a party and a visit from the PM.

New public park for Port Hills

The public will soon be able to traverse Tussock Hill Farm in the Port Hills when it is turned into a public park.

Canterbury man donates $600,000 to help turn a large chunk of land into a public park that will be named after his late wife.

Mass rat sterilisation possible

ContraPest would make female rats incapable of producing babies.

Pest free country by 2050 "doable" but will take "a range of methods", Steven Joyce says.

Stand-off over sand suck

Debbie Ngarewa-Packer says that that TTR has been deliberately misleading in their application.

"We think they're deliberately misleading the government that they have iwi mandate."

Holiday spot safe ... for now video

The fence has been left suspended as the bank eroded another four metres.

The campground was slipping into the sea. But a community donor has pledged $50,000 to save it.

Toxic lake 'superbug hotspot'

Community activists, researchers and some drug company employees say the presence of more than 300 drug firms, combined ...

Frothy-watered lake close to 300 drug firms becomes a giant petri dish for anti-microbial resistance.

Halting black market cray trade

Hendri with his son Joshua​, 6, from Indonesia, enjoying crayfish at Waipapa Bay retail shop.

Changes to crayfishing at the top of the South Island are aimed at stopping recreational "rat bags" from ruining it for all.

Surprise! It's a kiwi

Newborn kiwi Whenua was born in Purangi , east of Inglewood, on Tuesday.

"It's not often you get to see a baby hatched within the hour right in front of your eyes."

Toilet debate flushes out concerns

Toilets at Ohau Waterfall could be too costly for the ratepayer.

Toilets at Kaikoura seal waterfall could be but a pipe dream.

Weather brings season to end

Saul Piper lands a jump at Rainbow Ski Field's opening day last year.

Poor weather ends Rainbow Ski Field season.

Dairy farming threat to weta

The "march" of dairy farming across the Mackenzie basin has threatened the survival of local weta and grasshopper ...

Their home is disappearing - Mackenzie basin weta are losing habitat as dairy farming expands into the region.

Missiles in the Arctic video

The northeast portal to Camp Century in 1964, just before the base was abandoned.

Far above the Arctic Circle, an abandoned US military base is buried in the ice. But that ice is melting.

Big jellyfish swamp beaches

A Lion's Mane jellyfish washed up under the Sunderland Marine Pier at Port Nelson.

An influx of Lion's mane jellyfish, the largest known species, are invading South Island beaches.

1500th kiwi hatched and released

Supporters of the Operation Nest Egg programme celebrated the 1500th kiwi released.

Mighty Dash returned back to Tongariro Forest where she was removed one year ago to save her life.

Environmentalist gets to heart of littering

#CleanEarth movement's Kiri Danielle with some of the rubbish she has collected.

#CleanEarth movement's Kiri Danielle calls for cultural change to combat littering.

Bird braces for injured kiwi video

A Haast tokoeka kiwi has recovered from a fractured beak thanks to a set of braces.

Vets get inventive to save the beak of a rare kiwi.

Wilding pines on back foot

Contractors drilling holes to poison wilding pines in the Marlborough Sounds.

A wilding pine is simply a pine tree in the wrong place, say volunteers.

In love with our national parks

Tammy Duchesne, who is the superintendent of two Hawaiian national parks, during her visit to the Nelson district.

New Zealand's national parks have won the heart of an American expert visiting the country.

Hayley Holt sends clear message

Hayley Holt and James Shaw in Queenstown for the launch of the #lovesnow campaign over the weekend.

Hayley Holt wants people to join her in taking action to save New Zealand's culture and industry.

Rena images accent reef demise

Mahurangi West photographer Darryl Torcklers images of his time photographing on the Astrolabe Reef have helped to ...

The regeneration of the Astrolabe Reef was the one silver lining of the Rena disaster.

Keep a brolly handy

Omihi Valley in North Canterbury showing a false green tinge at the start of spring following a dry winter in the ...

We can see it's damp today - but what are forecasters predicting for the next few months?

Dire prediction spells doom video

This image shows a view of the Arctic on September 10, 2016, when sea ice extent was at 4.14 million square kilometres. ...

Our planet could warm by as much as 7 degrees over the next 1000 years - and change the world as we know it.

Bringing back the birdsong video


Rats and stoats have no place in Wellington, where an action plan has been announced to get rid of them forever.

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