Pohangia pest traps upgraded

Four stoats killed by one Goodnature trap. 101 of these have been set in the Ruahine ranges

Predator control in the Pohangina River Valley has been upgraded with 101 Goodnature traps.

Beaches mostly safe

Water quality is tested at Waikawa beach. Waikawa was classed as having a moderate risk of causing illness or infection.

Manawatu's beaches have been given a largely clean bill of health in online water-quality data.

Nats under fire after farmer's fine

Farmer Bas Nelis says the water in this gully is clean enough to drink, after his work replanting the banks.

Pressure on National MPs to make changes to the RMA following prosecution of a Waikato farmer's company.

Toxic algae in Wairarapa waterway

Toxic algae is coloured dark brown to black. It is typically found on large rocks and stones.

Phormidium can kill animals, and in humans can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and skin irritations.

DOC rebuked for route boost

DOC had increased the number of overnight walkers on the Routeburn Track from 24 to 40.

Ombudsman finds DOC "unreasonable" in allowing more overnight guided walkers on Routeburn track.

Toxic scum present in lakes

Lake Ngaroto

The return of blue-green algae to lakes has prompted warnings to avoid contact with the water.

NZ's 'high risk' beaches for water quality

After five years of service at Atlassian, the company's US employees are asked to take another break and given $US3,000 toward the vacation of their dreams.

Think twice before putting your head under the water at some beaches this summer.

Less-gassy cows to arrive

STEP RIGHT UP: Cows calmly wait their turn in the queue to be milked by the Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking system.

Gassy cows could soon be far more pleasant to be around - especially for the environment.

Questions over 1080

A helicopter drops 1080 pellets in the Marlborough Sounds last year.

Fish & Game is still waiting for confirmation 1080 does not pose any sub-lethal risks to anglers.

Rising seas wash away Florida glitz

DRAINAGE WORKS: But it won't matter how hard they pump, Harold Wanless says.

What happens to a major city when climate change hits and tides begin to rise.

Traps, 1080, 'vital to save kiwi'

WAR ON PESTS: Conservation Minister Maggie Barry supports trapping and poisoning pests as essential tools to save the kiwi.

Trapping and killing pests in your own back yard is "just what you have to do", Conservation Minister Maggie Barry says.

The death of whaling

ALL THAT BLUBBER: Whalers at the Perano whaling station in Tory Channel, in the Marlborough Sounds, discuss a whale brought in for processing.

In 1964, the last whale was harpooned off the Kaikoura coast.

Denmark stakes its North Pole claim

Resource rich area ... A congressional delegation and the Secretary of the Navy walk around the Seawolf class submarine USS Connecticut after the boat surfaced through through Arctic sea ice in 2011.

In time for Christmas, Denmark has claimed Santa Claus's home - the North Pole.

Sea Shepherd intercepts fisher video

INTERCEPTOR: Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker.

Radical environmental group Sea Shepherd says they have intercepted a pirate toothfishing boat in the Southern Ocean.

Fishermen furious at 1080 drop

Fishing guide Peter Carty points to a 1080 pellet in the South Branch Mokihinui

Two fishing tour guides want answers after they found themselves inside a 1080 drop-zone on the Mokihinui River.

Rena report due today

Salvors at the Rena wreck.

Probe into cargo ship's grounding will come to close with the release of investigators' final report today.

'Brainiac' parrot put to the test

NUT CASE: Zealandia kaka, including 1-year-old Amy, eagerly await the challenges set for them by PhD student Julia Loepelt in order to claim their cashew reward.

Zealandia's kaka are turning the notion of "bird brain" on its head.

Iwi drops objection to plant upgrade

Opening of new" Wetox" plant that turns organic waste sludge into water, at wastewater treatment plant Totara Rd.

Horowhenua iwi withdraws objection to Shannon wastewater plant upgrade on the first day of Environment Court hearing.

Environmental record under fire

Native tree seedling

Taranaki farmers are poorer environmental performers than a new report into dairying shows.

Minister defends climate effort

TIM GROSER: "I think we're in very good shape actually, internationally."

Conservation Minister Tim Groser says he hasn't heard of a new climate change report which ranked New Zealand 43rd out of 58 countries.

Curious seal pup gets heave-ho

The seal pup was the centre of attention in Picton's CBD last week.

A young seal found in Picton's CBD has been the talk of the town.

Weakened climate deal agreed video

CHANGING TIMES: Betty Guerrero throws dirty water which was used for laundry, outside her home on the outskirts of Lima. Water will become scarcer in sprawling settlements such as Nuevo Pachacutec on the Pacific coast as the population of Peru's capital surges and global warming thaws Andean glaciers, reducing flows in coming decades as the ice disappears.

A compromise deal salvaged by climate negotiators in Lima sets the stage for a global pact in Paris next year.

Great white scourge is down

Golden Bay Department of Conservation biodiversity rangers Brent Hartshorne, top, and Darren Foxwell abseil down to Rocks Road, spraying potential great white butterfly host plants.

The battle to eradicate the great white butterfly from Nelson has entered a new phase.

Kea chicks on show

Three 3-month-old kea chicks have made their public debut.

A brood of baby kea have made their public debut at Orana Wildlife Park.

Ocean plastic in the trillions

Floating debris in the Pacific Ocean.

The first estimate of plastic afloat on the global oceans is a "conservative" 5.25 trillion pieces.

Public concern over mining plans

The Coalition's policies have effectively made Australia more dependent on China, argues William Pesek.

Proposed district plan receives 550 submissions opposing mining in the Coromandel.

Geckos safe on island


The future of New Zealand’s Pacific geckos looks bright after 54 were released onto pest-free Motuihe Island.

MPI reveals pest hotline details

Decomposing tree frog and parasitic wasps travelled to our supermarkets on bananas from Ecuador.

Leggy invaders swarm in

Asian paper wasp in a Nelson garden.

Pest control professionals predict a busy summer for white-tailed spiders and Asian paper wasps.

It's a bug's life video

ROCK HOPPING: Niwa freshwater ecologists Dr Richard Storey, left, and Brian Smith examine a rock for insect life as part of a stream restoration project being run near Whatawhata.

Kneeling in the mud under the cover of trees, three scientists are looking out for the little guy.