Sea lions could scupper fishery

A juvenile sea lion in Port Pegasus in January 2016. In New Zealand sea lions are ranked as "nationally critical" on the ...

A new investigation is being put together to examine whether a new aquaculture project on Stewart Island would have a negative effect on its growing sea lion colony.

Budget opens taps for capital

15042015: News/Photos/Marjorie Cook/Fairfax NZ
Generic photos of potable drinking water from the tap. This is water from ...

$6m to protect water supply may be first of several post-quake funding packages.

Taranaki worst hit by rust

Myrtle rust has been detected on an established pohutukawa hedge in Taranaki

Myrtle rust continues to spread but mostly in Taranaki. Twenty-five sites now affected.

Rust could kill generation of trees video

Pohutukawa trees are one species potentially affected by myrtle rust.

DOC staff are so worried about a catastrophic myrtle rust outbreak, they're flying to remote areas to collect seeds.

Praise the paua pearl video

Pearl inserts are used to grow the stones.

Paua farmers on the edge of the Marlborough Sounds say their love of the marine mollusc borders on worship.

Road threat to kokako being managed

Volunteers carry the kokako into the Pirininihi Forest after an eighteen-year absence.

At risk kokako have returned to Taranaki after a twelve year absence.

The business of water

Water is a precious commodity.

Water is big business. From investing in irrigation to maintaining drinking quality, there are hundred of entry points for investors.

Attacking Muriwai's rat problem

Street co-ordinator Warwick Peterson, Gecko NZ Trust's Richard Chambers and chairman of MEACT Gerry Henley have worked ...

"If you are hitting the rats, you are going to get the mice," Warwick Peterson says.

Inspiring people to take pride video

The tags have been covered up and will be removed by the centre's management.

The Clendon Pride Project hopes to stamp out vandalism, rubbish and anti-social behaviour.

What happens to hotel toiletries?

There's no need to feel guilty about restocking your bathroom with leftover hotel toiletries.

You no longer need to feel guilty about pilfering the toiletries from a hotel room.

Pretty pests still a problem

From left, Tom King, Brian and Mary Paki, Shirly Herbert, and Albert Vahaakolo.

Residents are still battling local government to remove messy pin oaks 15 years on.

Taranaki nursery to reopen after rust scare

Taranaki plant nursery Big Jim's has been cleared to reopen, two weeks after after myrtle rust was detected on plants.

Positive myrtle rust findings grow as nurseries reopen

Shark leaps into boat

The great white shark was an unwelcome visitor on Terry Selwood's fishing boat.

Terry Selwood was enjoying the solitude of an afternoon's fishing when all hell broke loose.

Seven months to fix tip

T&T Landfills will take seven months to do remediation work to stop contaminating Owhiro Stream.

Do the work and worry about the paperwork later, Wellington council tells landfill operators.

When protection is poison

Tim Mitchell protesting outside the Nelson City Council against the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary poison drop .

The science and ethics of using poison to protect native wildlife in Nelson's Brook Waimarama Sanctuary.

Champion of science

Dave Hansford wrote a book about the pest poison 1080 because "someone had to".

"A great deal of anti-1080 sentiment isn't about 1080," says author.

Water bottling consent $63 per year

Blair Colligan plans to bottle water alongside the Waimangaroa River in Buller.

There may soon be signs of life in a dormant, West Coast coal mining town: a water bottling plant.

New Gorge damage revealed

Higgins contractors work on a fallen section of road at the Manawatu Gorge.

The Manawatu Gorge road has been closed for more than a month after several slips and a new gouge in the road was discovered.

Shoring up the Domain's banks

Work has commenced on a temporary fix for the erosion problems on the right bank of the Manawatu River where it has been ...

Ashhurst Domain work to reduce threat to a major transport link and the area's ecology.

Citizen scientists monitoring Lake Wanaka video

Laura Watkins, 11, is a keen sailor and loves Lake Wanaka.

Swimmers and schools unite in citizen science investigation of Wanaka's water quality.

Independent economic report sought

Central Otago District Council economic development manager Warwick Hawker.

The public need 'robust data' to make understand the impact of proposed water changes in Central Otago.

Penguin killed in dog attack

A penguin has been killed by a dog in central Wellington (File photo).

A dead little blue penguin in Wellington is being used as a reminder to keep dogs on leashes.

Back in the saddle video

A newly banded tieke.

A project to band and follow tieke living outside the safety of the Zealandia has begun.

Wind testing site consented

An 80-metre wind monitoring mast at Meridian Energy's Mt Munro, Masterton wind farm – similar to what will be installed ...

Winds sweeping across the north-west will now be monitored at Woodhill Forest.

Would you drink treated sewage?

Raveen Jaduram says other countries are already reusing treated wastewater.

Aucklanders' future water supply may come in the form of treated sewage.

What's really in our water? A bleak future

Kiwis are becoming increasingly concerned about what's in their water.

OPINION: It's time politicians actually deal with climate change. Or else get used to floods and pollution.

The war on myrtle rust

Myrtle rust fungal spores found on plants such as pohutukawa, rata and manuka.

The battle against myrtle rust gets harder every day, but those in the thick of it remain confident of victory.

The recycle of life

The majority of recycled glass in Marlborough stays in New Zealand.

From kerbside to dockside; the journey of Marlborough's recycling.

Whale-watching wonderland

The first humpback whale of the year was spotted in Akaroa Harbour last Monday, on its way up the east coast.

A decade-long survey of whales is finally over, meaning the "closest place they come to shore" is back in business.

Five stranded orca die

"Our plan was always to get a response team into the area to work with locals on refloating the remaining orca and ...

One smaller orca refloated, but stranding claims lives of five others in Bay of Plenty.

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