Live chat: Swamped by climate change?

christchurch flood

Sea levels are rising and major floods becoming more frequent. How will we cope? Environment Commissioner Jan Wright answers your questions live from midday.

Clean up your act on emissions


Parliament's environmental watchdog has torn a chunk out of the Government.

Could it be a flying spider invasion?

A native trapdoor spider hangs on in a burnt environment. Research indicates introduced species have the advantage over natives when repopulating these areas.

Flying spiders could pose another risk to our landscape as a dry summer increases the risk of fire.

Battle to save diseased hoiho chicks gallery

A healthy chick.

Researchers fight a disease that in bad years kills up to 90 per cent of yellow-eyed penguin chicks born along the Otago coast.

Fairy tern tops seabird poll

WINGED WINNER: The endangered fairy tern has won FOrest and Bird's poll for NZ Seabird of the Year.

The fairy tern wins the New Zealand Seabird of the Year poll.

Dolphin pod delight onlookers gallery

Dolphins have visited beaches across Hibiscus Coast delighting residents a number of times already this spring.

Dozens of people entered chilly north Auckland waters this morning to swim with a pod of dolphins.

Pure tourism campaign 'hypocritical'

FLOODING: Christchurch has flooded several times in the last year. A report suggests it is likely to become more frequent.

Govt "fails to take world-leading stance" on reducing greenhouse gas emissons, commissioner says.

Tyre cooker could save landfills

TRANSFORMING TYRES: Neil Mitchell wants to turn a tyre mountain into reusable products.

Hawke's Bay man hopes to be the first to commercially cook tyres that clog up our landfills.

Is wastewater harmful to river?

Is Palmerston North's wastewater discharge  harming the Manawatu River?

Commissioners sure wastewater discharge is harming Manawatu River want specialists to advise them on fix.

Sharks' monumental make-out spot

GREAT WHITE SHARK: Each December mature males start to gather 10km from Halfmoon Bay and throw their weight around, shark style.

This is the time when great whites gather in our waters and throw their weight around, shark style.

Horizon's $10m plan

farm, land

After 10 years and close to $10 million the One Plan has had its final sign-off.

Negligence 'nearly led to disaster'

Wellington, New Zealand, coastline

Carelessness of a ship's crew led to damage of a protected piece of Taranaki's coastline.

Grant for sea squirt project

scientist Kirsty
Smith has won
a grant to
climate change
impacts on sea

A $300,000 grant to a Cawthron Institute scientist could help to find answers to questions around how climate change will affect marine species.

Mutant possum army mooted

Possums are the main carrier of bovine tuberculosis (TB) threatening cattle and deer herds.

Scientists are working on developing an army of mutant possums to help control the pest.

New seal on road

SEAL OF APPROVAL: Liam Pengelly, left, with Nova Sutherland who helped rescue the pup and return it to a nearby stream.

A young fur seal was spotted at a bus stop in Nelson — possibly trying to catch a ride out of town.

Japan to resume whaling

Japan proposes to hunt 333 minke whales from the end of 2015.

Japan is to vastly expand its Antarctic whaling area, and take up to 333 minke whales, under new "scientific research plan".

New bid for cycle trail

A Canadian motorist is suing the family of boy she killed in car accident.

Council applies again to disrupt Oreti River with trail, but submissions from as far as Norway oppose plan.

Cop rescues Morepork chick

JAIL BIRD: A baby morepork spent the night in police custody after it was found on alone on a Hamilton road. Pictured:  Bill Smith, from Hamilton's Animal Wildlife Rehabilitation Trust.

A Morepork chick blown from its perch during storm spends the night in police custody.

Satellite photo shows huge ash plume

PAVLOF'S FOG: A plume of smoke from Alaska's Pavlof volcano on the lower Alaska peninsula is pictured in this November 15, 2014, satellite image.

Nasa has released a satellite image of ash spewing 9km high from an Alaskan volcano.

Mining 'will destroy' seabed life

Rock phosphate

Phosphate mining on the Chatham Rise could damage coral and create toxic leaks, opposition groups tell hearing.

'Not safe for swimming'


Fish numbers have declined in the Manawatu River and it is no longer safe to swim in.

Males killing their own

A dominant male Chacma baboon fights for access to females in Tsoaobis Leopard Park in Namibia.

Baby Chacma baboons are not alone in facing their greatest threat from within.

Seaweed sifted on the seashore

A trip to the beach to collect seaweed is one of Sister Laloya ... regular tasks.

What would you expect to find living within a square metre patch of the Southland shoreline?

Stink Bug spotted in NZ

STINK BUG: The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is asking the people to keep their eyes peeled for an unwanted pest, the Yellow Spotted Stink Bug.

A pest known as the Yellow Spotted Stink Bug has been spotted in a South Island garden.

DOC denies 1080 drop chaos

BIG DROP: Reloading pre-feed pellets as a DOC 1080 drop.

DOC hits back at anti-1080 group claims of 'chaos' in the Marlborough Sounds.

China eyeing off Antarctica

'Closely aligned': South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet on the sidelines of the APEC summit on Monday.

Summer will see China install a fifth station in Antarctica under the Antarctic Treaty.

Mainland kiwi 'could be gone'

LAST CHANCE: Aria Scott, 4, and Ruby Scott, 5,  meet seven-month-old  Parawera as she is released into the Maungatautari  enclosure in Waikato  last month.

A dire picture for kiwi in the wild has been painted for new Conservation Minister Maggie Barry.

Arsenic contamination risk 'low'

Generic toxic symbol

Council and ECan to roll out soil testing programme after arsenic was found in several properties.

Stay out of Lake Hakanoa

TOXIC: A health warning has been issued for Huntly's Lake Hakanoa because of a rise in harmful algae.

Health warning issued for popular Lake Hakanoa in Huntly after a rise in toxic algae.

Mudfish try city living

The Mangakotukutuku Stream Care Group released mudfish into the gully network on Saturday at Sandford Park

Mudfish have been released into Hamilton's city waters in an effort to restore biodiversity of days gone by.