Pollution would breach 2016 standards

01:08, Jun 15 2014

Ashburton has hit its third high pollution day this winter which means if this was 2016, the regional council would have failed to meet Government-imposed standards.

By 2016 Ashburton, Christchurch, Timaru and Kaiapoi are not allowed to have more than three high pollution days a year and one by 2020.

Environment Canterbury has been tasked reducing air pollution and has cracked down on non complaint and smokey log burners this winter.

Ashburton's other high pollution days were June 4 and 5.

Timaru is still leading the region with 14 high pollution days, Christchurch, 9 and Kaiapoi 6.

ECan released it's proposed changes to the regional air plan for consultation this month.


Proposals include:

- Low-emission burners phased out if targets for 2016 not met. Ultra-low-emission burner (ULEB) and pellet fires only.

- Low- emission log burners must be replaced after 15 years use by householders, even if they meet the emissions test.

- Clean air zones 1 and 2 erased. One clean air zone meaning strict rules on log burners apply to all. 

- Multi-lot subdivisions will require a "dust management plan". Farmers will need an "odour management plan", which will be applied when effluent is stored or discharged to land.

- Outdoor burning at community cultural events will not be permitted in the winter months.- Stubble burning between March and May to continue but ECan doing research to look at health effects.

- Higher standard for "offensive and objectionable" smells around residential and commercial areas. Lower standard in industrial or rural area

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