Iron sand mining decision expected

A decision is expected tomorrow on whether or not an iron sand mining development will be allowed in Taranaki waters.

The Environmental Protection Authority's decision-making committee is expected to make its decision today and authority will release those findings on Wednesday.

If given the green light the Trans-Tasman Resources (TTR) operation would cover an area of 65.76 square kilometres, offshore of Patea.

TTR proposes to extract up to 50 million tonnes of sediment per year and process it aboard a floating processing storage and offloading vessel. 

About 5 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate will then be exported.

Those fighting to stop TTR have cited concerns relating to effects on marine and coastal ecology, erosion and consequential effects on local communities.

Those backing the proposal say it is a worthwhile investment that would contribute to the country's economic growth

Taranaki Daily News