Overseas angler licence goes up

Overseas anglers who want to fish for trout in this country for more than a day are going to have to pay extra for the privilege.

From the start of the new season on October 1 a non-resident licence would be introduced at a cost of $160 - a third more than New Zealanders pay, Fish & Game NZ said.

Visitors would still be eligible for 24-hour licences, but not for New Zealand adult whole season, family or winter licences. 

The non-resident licence was introduced to ensure visiting anglers paid their fair share towards fisheries management, Fish & Game chief executive Bryce Johnson said.

 “Non-residents have been getting a bargain - the benefit of a fishery they haven’t really paid for – compared with the Kiwi angler who has contributed to the ongoing management of fisheries both through fishing licence fees and taxes."

 Until now overseas anglers, who put pressure on fragile back country fisheries, had not really contributed to fishery management, or habitat protection such as Water Conservation Orders.

Extra funds from the non-resident licence were ring-fenced to be used on back country fisheries, which were favoured by non-resident anglers, Johnson said.

The introduction of the non-resident licence brings New Zealand into line with the US and some other countries.