Albatross chick launches cute attack on GoPro video

Royal Albatross Centre/YouTube

A GoPro placed into nature reserve is caught, up close and personal, by a curious Royal Albatross chick who decides to check it out.

It's an attack on a camera like no other.

But the culprit is no wannabe starlet, just a fluffy royal albatross chick impatiently waiting for her parents to return with some food.

The unnamed chick was filmed by a GoPro camera by her nest at the Royal Albatross Centre on the Otago Peninsula.

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The 10-minute clip has been uploaded to YouTube and shows the chick waddling slowly over to the camera before unleashing fluffy fury.

Manager Hoani Langsbury said the five-month old chick was one of 26 currently at Taiaroa Head, the only mainland royal albatross breeding colony in the world.

"They only get to see their parents every two to three days, so they are waiting there and looking up at the sky wondering where their next meal is."

GoPro caught a curious Royal Albatross chick getting up close and personal.

GoPro caught a curious Royal Albatross chick getting up close and personal.

Turns out that next meal could have been the GoPro, but fortunately the camera was not damaged in the attack, he said.

The chick weighed around 10 kilograms and due to being slightly underweight was given supplementary feeds by Department of Conservation rangers.

Chicks tend to stay within a few metres of their nest before beginning their flying lessons in October, he said.

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