Raw vision of shark feast

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Incredible photos and vision of sharks feasting on a whale carcass in Western Australia may not do much for tourism but they certainly are a spectacular reminder of what lurks off the state's coast.

Surfer Rachel Campbell posted the images and footage - apparently from Warrorra Station, on the north-west coast of WA - on on her tumblr.com blog.

Campbell wrote that she would happily surf the waters of Western Australia's north coast again - but preferably without any finned and feed-hungry friends.

"Picture about thirty sharks, most of which seemed to be tiger sharks, all destroying a whale laying only a few feet from the shore," she said.

"The nightmare part was the mass of sharks devouring the one victim. The horror was only growing as I scanned along the beach.

"Over-sized beasts lined a stretch as far as I could see. Before long I realised there was about 100 sharks in total, some as long as 4m, all in a frenzy over fresh whale flesh."

WA Today