Second whale strands in Southland

06:42, Jan 21 2013
Southland Times photo
BEACHED: A beaked whale has become on stranded on a Southland beach.

A second rare whale has been euthanised by the Department of Conservation after beaching itself at Sandy Point in Southland today.

It was the second time in 24 hours DOC had to put down an 8-metre beaked whale Arnoux sub-species, which is relatively rare.

Acting area manager for Murihiku/Southern Islands Alan Christie said the whale had stranded at Sandy Point less than a day after an unsuccessful DOC and community effort to save a whale at Omaui Beach.

DOC staff were notified of the second whale’s beaching morning, he said.

The Arnoux’s beaked whale was found in a highly distressed state and a difficult decision was made by DOC in consultation with local iwi to euthanise the whale and end its suffering.


The Southland Times