Huge dolphin pod returns to Kaikoura video


300 dusky dolphins spotted off Goose Bay, near Kaikōura

Kaikoura tour operators were more than thrilled to encounter a massive pod of dolphins off the coast of Goose Bay on Wednesday morning.

There were concerns that dolphins or whales might not return to Kaikoura after the earthquake hit last week, but they seem to be coming back, en masse

Dolphin Encounter Kaikoura took a boat out with journalists to see the area. While they were out a huge pod of about 300 dusky dolphins swam by.

Tour guide Rachel Wilkerson told RNZ that was the biggest group of dolphins she had seen since last week's 7.8 earthquake.

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Excitement as first whales seen off Kaikoura coast since earthquake

"There are hundreds of them here having a good time - I think they're happy to see us," Wilkerson said.

Dusky dolphins put on a show in Kaikoura.

Dusky dolphins put on a show in Kaikoura.

They'd been unable to send many boats out since the quake hit.

Kaikoura relies on its coasts to sustain the local economy. The whales, dolphins and seals are a major part of the towns attraction.

Tourism was vital for the town. About 80 per cent of Kaikoura's businesses was focused on international visitors.

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