Little Geniuses: Video shows Kiwi children living the mantra – think globally, by acting locally video

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All it takes to change the world is one little genius. What do our little geniuses think about the environment?

Think globally, act locally – that's the mantra Kiwi kids are living by, when it comes to saving the environment.

In this video, the children reveal some of them understand climate change better than a few politicians.

In partnership with Matilda, the Musical, we convened this panel of little geniuses to get their insight into the future of our planet.


And they make one thing clear: change starts at home.

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Yes, they know the causes and effects of climate change: the contribution human industry and agriculture is making to greenhouse gases, and the inexorable effect of global warming on rising sea levels.

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"It destroys the polar bears' and penguins' homes, and them," says one child.

But unlike many adults, they are very clear that there is much that can be done, and now, to make a difference at a local level. Reducing waste, for a start.

So watch out if any of them catch you littering, because you'll be getting a firm message.


"I would say, hey, stop doing that," says one girl.

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That's not good enough for another: "I would say it quite sternly," she says. "I would be like, don't you dare do that."

And the last word might be for a rogue litterer – or it might just be for a political leader: "Stop being a bad boy."

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