Boy, 12, in bid to save whales

16:00, Dec 11 2013

An Upper Hutt 12-year-old is taking on Parliament today in a bid to save the whales.

Maidstone Intermediate pupil Isaac Scott collected more than 5000 signatures in a petition urging the Government to do more about Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean.

He will make his submission to the foreign affairs select committee hearing today, after Labour's Rimutaka MP, Chris Hipkins, invited him to Parliament.

It is believed Isaac will be one of the youngest submitters to appear before a select committee, which often ask the public for input when Parliament is considering a bill or inquiry.

For Isaac, getting to present the petition was the result of more than two years' hard work.

The Dominion Post newspaper first reported on the young activist when he began his crusade at the age of 9.

Wearing a blue whale T-shirt, he seemed unfazed by the task ahead on the eve of his submission.

"It's crept up pretty quickly, I'm getting pretty excited."

Mother Trudi Scott, who will accompany Isaac to the hearing, said he has always loved whales and was determined to give them a voice during his 20-minute speaking slot.

"He said to me, 'Mum, I'm the only one who can speak for the whales'," Scott said.

Isaac wanted people to know just how beautiful whales were.

"We shouldn't be hunting them, they're very intelligent creatures," he said.

"People should care more about them, they're not just fish in the sea."


The Dominion Post