Rolled tanker leaking fuel

A small fuel spill from an overturned petrol tanker is not causing any environmental problems, according to officials.

The truck overturned near Tauranga this morning and was leaking petrol and diesel into a nearby drain, the Fire Service said.

The driver was not seriously hurt.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council spokeswoman Linda Thompson said the spill was relatively small and was not going into water.

"There are no environmental issues," she said.

"The residue will be cleared up."

Northern Fire Communications shift manager Paul Raddon said the fuel had leaked from a ruptured tank holding 16,000 litres of petrol and diesel.

Both diesel and petrol had leaked into an open drain on Old Coach Road in Paengaroa, south east of Tauranga.

Raddon said eight fire crews had worked to dam the drains to prevent the fuel going further into the environment.

Specialist hazard material crews were also at the scene to control the fire risk.