Climate change: Impact on NZ

00:00, Mar 31 2014

This lists the impacts predicted in the UN's climate change report for New Zealand.

* A 2-4 degrees Celsius increase in average temperatures by 2100.

* Hotter, drier summers will increase the risk of wildfire across more of the year - particularly where homes are close to bush, scrub and forest.

* More extreme rainfall events, due to increasing moisture in the air as it warms, will lead to more flooding and risk of flooding.

* Sea levels will rise 0.5m by 2100 and an increase in storms will see ''one in 100 year'' events happen annually by 2100.

* Water resources in the drier areas of the country - for example, Marlborough and the Canterbury Plains - will dwindle.

* More rain rather than snow will fall on mountain ranges, boosting the intake of hydro lakes and some river systems such as the Clutha.

* Winters will be warmer and New Zealanders will use less electricity to keep themselves warm.

* Snow lines will move higher up mountains.

* Seas will warm and fish distribution patterns will change.