Rena crisis

Rena row still raging

The wreck of the Rena

Two years since grounding sparked marine disaster, wreck's future remains unclear.

Rena frustration lingers


Most mainlanders have forgotten about the Rena, but it remains in the face of many Motiti Island residents.

250 tonne Rena chunk falls to seabed


A 250 tonne piece of the Rena has broken off and fallen to the seabed.

Rena debris still washing ashore


As workers dismantle the Rena, debris from the cargo it was carrying continues to wash ashore.

Rena's $50m bill


The grounding of the Rena container ship off Tauranga last year will cost taxpayers $50 million, papers released to Labour show.

Slow and steady salvage of Rena


Salvors have started removing pre-cut scrap metal from the Rena with a helicopter and crane.

Rena wreck removal set to begin


Salvors working on the container ship Rena are set to begin removing it in the next couple of days.

Choppers to help with Rena wreck


Helicopters will be used to lift sections of the Rena wreck out of the water as it is cut up by salvors.

Hundreds of containers moved


With containers removed from the Rena, the first stage of the salvage operation is complete.

NZ thanked for crew's treatment


The Philippines embassy has thanked New Zealand authorities for their treatment of the pair jailed for causing the Rena disaster.

Rena duo face sentencing

Rena captain in court

The master and second officer of the grounded cargo ship Rena are due to be sentenced in Tauranga District Court tomorrow.

MNZ has spent $27.7 on Rena cleanup

rena wreck, January 19

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) has so far drawn down $27.7 million of the $35 million contingency fund provided by the Government following the Rena disaster.

Rena debris hits Great Barrier Island

Debris from the wreck of the Rena is reported to be washing up on Great Barrier Island.

Tonnes of Rena trash collected

Sailors Grave

Salvors are expected to exploit today's "weather window" to continue cleaning up debris from the Rena.

Rena clean-up as conditions ease


Swells scattered debris from the wrecked ship.

Trailer loads of debris


More debris from the stricken Rena has washed ashore on Coromandel beaches.

Churning seas hamper clean up


Rough seas are hampering clean up efforts as debris from the Rena is washed ashore.

More oil leaking from Rena

A small amount of oil leaking from the wreck of the Rena may wash up on Coromandel beaches.

Rena sheds more containers

rena wreck, January 19

Another 10 containers have fallen off the Rena as heavy swells batter the fragile wreck.

Attempts to salvage Rena debris


Small amounts of oil are washing up on the coast of Mt Maunganui after wild weather caused further damage to the stricken ship Rena.