Whale Survey: From killers to conservationists

Whaling for life

 The journey from whale killing to conservation

Killers to conservationists

It was a fierce winter's day when Picton fisherman Joe Perano took a boat into the Cook Strait and killed his first whale.

Over the hump

  Whale survey counts record humpback numbers

Humpback survey counts record numbers

Once dismissed as a desktop exercise, the Cook Strait whale survey is now counting record numbers of endangered humpbacks.

Whale of a tale

 Two brothers nearly torn apart by whaling industry

A whale of a family tale

Two brothers brought fame and fortune when they revolutionised the whaling industry were nearly torn apart by their own success.

Thrill of the chase

 Tailing a humpback a nervewracking experience

The thrill of the chase

Chasing a whale can only be described as a nerve-wracking experience.

Whaling for life

Ex-whalers the key to species' survival

Whaling for life: A journey

Men who once hunted humpback whales for their profit are now the key to the species' survival. By Hamish Coleman-Ross.

A whaling station

Processing a whale was a messy, bloody business

The Perano Whaling Station

Former whaler Ted Perano explains how a whale was processed at the now-defunct Perano Whaling Station. By Hamish Coleman-Ross.

Survey a success

Nadine Bott explains the Cook Strait whale "hunt"

From humble beginnings...

Nadine Bott of the Department of Conservation explains the origins and results of the Cook Straight whale survey. By Hamish Coleman-Ross.

Tips: How to spot a humpback

A beginner's guide to whale-spotting

Thar she blows: A whale spotting guide

Former whaler Joe Heberley explains the methods and rules behind whale spotting. By Hamish Coleman-Ross.

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