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Struggle Street: Inspiring or nasty?

The Kennedy Family from season one of Australia's Struggle Street.

Opinion: There's an argument for the SBS documentary series about poverty in Australia to be inspiring - unfortunately, if falls a little short.

‘Inequity is unacceptable’ video

"The focus was once entirely on countries we thought were most at risk, developing countries. Now we recognise there is ...

Countries the world over are depriving children of a best possible start in life. Even New Zealand.

Applying artistic flair to science

Engineer Leith Robertson with the equatorial mount he made so he could take photos of the night sky.

In his lifetime Leith Robertson wants to create something that will change the life of everyday people.

Boris: UK always part of Europe

Boris Johnson says he doesn't believe those who voted to leave the EU were mainly driven by anxieties about immigration.

OPINION: Brexit's only change is UK out of "job-destroying coils" of EU bureaucracy, says Boris Johnson.

How the tortoise beat the Marine

The Marines initially intended to airlift more than 1100 desert tortoises away from a combat training site. After ...

In the battle of desert tortoise versus the US Marines, the tortoise wins - for now.

Drama, dyslexia and Kafka

Wellington High student Luke Roeven.

Luke Roeven lives with his mum, a TV he hardly uses and a YouTube habit.

Anxiety made me go bald

I have trichotillomania (TTM), the uncontrollable urge to pull out hair strand by strand, causing baldness in extreme cases.

Since I was three, I've had the uncontrollable urge to pull hair out strand by strand.

Growing up Kiwi

Sophie isn't exactly "average". But her story is based on what we know about growing up in New Zealand.

From her first day at school, to her first phone, first boyfriend and first anxiety attack - this is Sophie.

'Modelling enabled my depression'

Former model Ainsley McWha, 38, now has a much happier life in Idaho.

The life of a model may sound glamorous but it left one woman stuck in a cycle of crippling darkness.

Why leave the EU?

Leaving the EU was never about behaving rationally, Chris Trotter says.

Leaving the EU was never about behaving rationally, Chris Trotter says.

What's in the Beehive basement? video

David Coetzee, national controller of the National Crisis Management Centre, on the stairway down to the emergency ...

Beds, a stocked kitchen and some serious emergency gear lie under the Beehive.

Pretending to be Obama

Obama impersonator Sean Banks NgYing greets onlookers at a Christmas parade in Florida.

Impersonating the world's most powerful man isn't easy but when you do it right, people come running.

Moko sentencing: Everything but murder

Moko Rangitoheriri's mischievous smile, his family say, could let him get away with murder.

When Tania Shailer and David Haerewa stand in the dock tomorrow, they could face rare life sentences for manslaughter.

Marked by religion

Muslims in New Zealand are being actively questioned by the SIS.

The SIS have been actively monitoring Muslims in New Zealand – but is the threat of homegrown terrorism real?

NZ's true crime boys

Ian and Lloyd Saxon in their 80s heyday.

Once they mixed with Bon Jovi, then drugs landed them in jail. Now the Saxon brothers are living vastly different lives in Auckland.

The Mediterranean's next big thing

An aerial view of Blue Lagoon, Malta.

Fierce knights, ancient cities, gorgeous swimming spots and the odd tortured genius.

NZ a dream travel reward

Companies were often judged on the standard of their incentive travel.

NZ is increasingly on the list of international companies splashing out on lavish overseas trips.

Kiwi couple pay homage to forebears

Dennis and Margaret Dawson are among 40 people picked by ballot to commemorate the centenary of New Zealand's ...

Kiwis are preparing to mark the centenary of one of WW1's bloodiest battles.

Glamour model Zilda dissected

Zilda Williams is hoping to land a TV presenting or acting role.

She graced the pages of raunchy lads mags in her underwear. Now, Kiwi model Zilda Williams wants to change all that.

Moko's killers deserve life in jail

Moko Rangitoheriri was tortured and killed by Tania Shailer and David Haerewa

OPINION: Moko's killers are still able to be sentenced to life in prison, but it still feels like they've gotten away with something.

In the navy, but not really

Corina Bruce, on the time before women in the navy were permitted at sea: "The easiest way to describe what it was like ...

A career dedicated to the sea, but forbidden to board a ship. Such was life for women in the navy.

Beware NZ's weird laws

More than 400 people were charged with excreting in public in recent years.

NZ has some strange crimes, such as bill sticking, peeping and peering, and excreting in public.

'I can't be apart from my wife'

"I was self-aware enough to know that my thoughts were completely irrational, but I felt powerless to stop them."

I suffer from adult separation anxiety, and it is costing me my marriage.

Family Court: Behind the scenes

Taranaki Family Court judge Lynne Harrison.

Stories of pain and heartbreak are all in a day's work at the Family Court in New Plymouth.

Teina Pora, happy the end is in sight video

Teina Pora has doesn't like to talk about his time in jail, but says it was hard. "When you're around inmates that are ...

It's like the best and worst holiday movie scene ever; the reality of the Free Teina Pora campaign, Cook Island style.

#AskJaquie: 'I've had an epiphany'

Sunday Star-Times columnist Jaquie Brown says images of herself, au naturel, made her feel bad about herself. "How did ...

OPINION: Why won't you photoshop my images before publishing them?

'Hey man, do the right thing' video

Teina Pora is still without closure, saying he wants Susan Burdett's killer brought to justice.

WATCH: His name has been cleared of murder. Now Teina Pora has a message for the real killer.

Doing it for the love of it

Gary McMillen is a Wellington Free Ambulance volunteer in Masterton.

Volunteers tell their stories about what they do, and why.

The man behind NZ's Top 40 charts video

Recorded Music NZ chart manager Phil Matcham.

The home of the nation's Top 40 pop chart is a lot more country than you might think.

It's cold out there video

Emma Galloway and her children

Winter is for cooking and eating, so we asked three foodies to share some warming recipes.

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