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Why dog control plan won't work

Puppy Isaac might not survive the dog-control action plan.

So much for rigour and science. This dog-control plan is about prejudice and a concern for appearances.

Nothing can prepare you for this

St Mark's Basilica, Venice.

In the dark, a church interior can be an intimidating place. Beneath us lies a crypt full of bones, and saints stand bleeding in the gloom.

When the Pumas nearly won

Leon MacDonald scored a try and copped a yellow card the last time the All Blacks played the Pumas in Buenos Aires.

All Blacks hope to avoid the 2006 "festive frenzy" of burning couches in Buenos Aires.

Do they really want to hurt me?

Culture Club today, with Boy George second from left.

OPINION: Should we feel insulted by 80s bands like Culture Club only now making it to NZ? Yes!

Horror is hot again in 2016 video

The Conjuring 2's tale is inspired by the Enfield hauntings in the 1970s.

In a year of big-budget flops, back-to-basics fright fests have been capturing the crowds.

'There's always anxiety' video

Donald Trump debates Hillary Clinton at a Democrats Aboard viewing party in Wellington, New Zealand.

Wine, bingo and corn chips: an audience with US expats in NZ watching the first presidential debate.

Why the Boeing 757 is unique: Pilot video

The Boeing 757s are known for their versatility, speed and reliability.

Although many of the planes are pushing 25 years of service, why are airlines hanging onto their 757s?

Education is difficult in a war-zone stuff nation video

Eager to respond to their teacher, children raise their hands during an Arabic lesson at a kindergarten in Homs, the ...

OPINION: Taking your exams is stressful, but what happens in Syria, when 12 years of hard work can come to nothing over a war that never ends?

The jail where sleep comes in shifts video

Some of the 3562 Inmates sleep on any space they can find in a classroom in Quezon city jail, Philippines.

Prisoners curl up with barely room to turn over. One stands guard, to wake those screaming from nightmares. Welcome to jail.

Magpie attacks plague park video

27092016. News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. Nigel Mobberley has been attacked by magpies while ...

It's spring, when nesting magpies terrorise anyone passing by. What can be done?

The name's Mauss, Werner Mauss

Mauss faces 10 years in jail if he is found guilty of tax evasion.

A real-life James Bond and former German spy who "fought crime" faces 10 years in jail for tax evasion.

Life after an Olympic medal video

Winning an Olympic silver medal has been a life-changing experience for Natalie Rooney.

Does it change someone? Or does life just go on with you get back home with a silver medal?

'If she flinches... hold her, gently but firmly'

"It is he who makes love to woman." -  How To Make Love, by Hugh Morris.

"The lessons taught to young people so many decades ago have ... informed how we think about sex and women today."

Uber may struggle to survive

Uber, hit the app and hail a car.

Uber undercuts the taxi industry to the joy of many consumers, but it may soon pay the price.

'Tramping is mountain climbing'

The Marlborough Tramping Club treks through the snow on Mt Boundary.

At 1700 metres, sitting cold and alone, Aussie Jeffrey Kitt realised tramping in NZ is nothing like home.

'Justice is what I want'

Phyllis Gray in 2005 after her third son, Carlos Phillips, was shot and killed. On September 17, a fourth son, Alonzo ...

Phyllis Gray has lost four sons to gun violence in the US. But still no-one has gone to prison.

Geysers over the moon

Water plumes could be signs of geological activity under the ocean surface, which would mean a source of energy for ...

One of Jupiter's moons is shooting water plumes into space. And Nasa is excited about possible life-forms.

Are these the best TV shows ever? video

TV began to turn toward adult storytelling, a movement that has led to our great modern era, with shows such as Breaking Bad.

Opinion: A new list purporting to contain the 100 greatest TV shows of all time? OK, I'll bite.

Green home halves power use

Green building expert Eddie van Uden's Three Kings home is the embodiment of sustainability.

Eddie van Uden has a sun-heated house almost anyone would envy.

Themed pageant to stem stigma

Miss Young Positive, a beauty contest for HIV-positive women, is changing what it means to have AIDS in Uganda.

Miss Young Positive, a beauty contest for HIV-positive women, is changing what it means to have AIDS in Uganda.

Most unpredictable US election stuff nation video

The Republicans have nominated Donald J. Trump, a real estate mogul and reality TV star.

OPINION: Trump's a combative Republican, eager for White House glory, but will Clinton's vulnerabilities lose her the presidency battle?

How to save $100k by 25

The view from the office this morning. So much serenity.

Sure, you could work a proper 9-5 job for 40 years. Or you could do this instead.

What's wrong with swearing?

Let's face it - sometimes 'gosh darn' just doesn't cut it.

OPINION: Stop cursing? Hell, no. Here's why swearing is good for you.

Dubious pleas for parent donations

New Zealand schools brought in more than $1 billion in parent donations between 2000 and 2015 but it's still not enough, ...

Schools have been caught misrepresenting voluntary donations as fees in a bid to get parents to pay more, but why?

Putting breeds in the dogbox video

The Government has been criticised by some animal welfare organisations for planned dog control restrictions on breeds ...

OPINION: The Government is copping flak from animal organisations - but many will support a crackdown.

Happy birthday to my liver!

Tracy Holmes had a liver transplant 30 years ago this month, the first
Kiwi recipient and one of the longest surviving ...

Tracy Holmes was the first New Zealander to have a liver transplant. And she's still going strong.

'About time for those who have died'

Greg Drohan with his partner Mary, who donated him her kidney.

OPINION: A bill to help living people donate organs without losing money will make a real difference. Why did it take so long?

Kids, the court and a 'perfect storm'

An Oamaru father walked free this week after his children changed their mind about testifying against him.

An Oamaru father-of-seven accused of hitting his child walked free after his children refused to testify against him.

'I'm more than my illness'

During her time as a patient at Wellington's mental health ward Emma Williams created artwork, which she's turned into ...

Emma Williams wants to share her struggle with mental illness to help give others "permission to talk".

1883 newspaper found inside fish video

Fragment of The Sydney Morning Herald from January 26, found inside the sunfish.

Fish used to came wrapped in newspaper, but what about a newspaper found stuffed inside a fish?

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