Iceberg lettuce: who needs it?


Lettuces have come a long way since the 1950s, when it was iceberg, iceberg and iceberg.

A rare underwater world

It's pitch dark, and I'm dangling from a rope beneath a boat. like bait on the end of a hook.

Dancing in the dark


When was the last time you danced in a completely unselfconscious, unabashed way?

Texts out of favour


How many regular texts have you sent lately? Chances are, a lot less than you think.

Red devons catching on

Red devons produce beef that is marbled and ''melts in your mouth'', says Graeme Dyke.

Red devons may not be well-known in New Zealand but they have a well-deserved big reputation overseas.

The lucky ticket

There must have been powers at play on my last day in Rio de Janeiro.

Tem's Happy Hour

Temuera Morrison

Temuera Morrison may be used to serious drama but he's a funny guy at heart.

Doing what the boss says

Peter Cullen

OPINION: Branding in banks, food chains and the like means staff conformity is likely to be required.

Witness recalls new pal

"Wow, that's a big dude. Why he don't speak?" Dorian Johnson wondered about Michael Brown.

One, two, Sucker Punch


REVIEW: Light up the streets with the follow-up to PlayStation's superpowered saga.

Time for a digital detox?


One family goes device-free in the hope of reconnecting and finding calm.

App for human drones

Wish you could remote control a friend's body? No? Well too bad, there's an app for that.

Welsh rugby great's secret pain

Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas has spoken for the first time of the pain of coming out as gay to his wife.

Life on the ledge

These gothic, glacier-carved granite spires attract the world's climbing fraternity.

When depression takes over

Max Elliott

A son recalls a man he loved and feared in equal measure.

Beyonce re-brands feminism


How delicious it was to see storey-high letters blazing the word FEMINIST on stage.

From Thatcher playbook

Judith Collins

OPINION: Judith Collins concluded her resignation and exited stage right, not answering questions.

Taking back Islam

This summer, many Muslims marched in city streets to condemn the deaths of Gazans.

Battling invasion of bullfrogs

frog strap

Exterminating alien species can have unpredictable, harmful effects on local ecosystems.

An airport ride ruckus

taxi sign

Fake IDs help high school students give a passenger a cab ride to remember.

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