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James Patterson donates to NZ bookstores

Getting the world to read: James Patterson donates to Australian and New Zealand bookstores.

The world's biggest selling writer James Patterson is to dip into his personal fortune to help Kiwi booksellers keep children reading.

The fate of Nepal's heritage

A man walks through the famous Swayambhunath stupa after it was damaged in the April 25 massive earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal. Swayambhunath, which dates back to the 5th century, is one of at least 68 cultural heritage sites in Nepal that were damaged by the earthquake.

The blue-rimmed eyes of the gold-spired stupa have long stared silently across this sprawling city.

Commitment the key to success

DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle says he is as passionate about the dairy industry as ever.

DairyNZ leader says success will come through working hard, doing a great job and taking the initiative.

Why I choose not to wear a hijab

Donna Miles-Mojab threw her hijab into a rubbish bin.

OPINION: The Islamic veil "has became the universal symbol of oppression and backwardness," says a former Iranian now living in Christchurch.

Why I choose to wear a hijab

Nada Tawfeek says the hijab is "a weapon against my own vanity".

OPINION: Nada Tawfeek says she wears a hijab as a shield against constant "sexualisation of women's outer beauty".

Hats off to those who escaped

Photo: Ella Brockelsby. Linda Burges and Jane Bowron at We Love TV - Tuesday 19th March 2013. Ponsonby Central, Auckland, New Zealand. Photo: Ella Brockelsby

OPINION: Hilarious names are the only thing to envy at Gloriavale, says 'Chastity Fortitude.'

Farming with the friendly breed

Hayden and Ellisa Slack 50:50 sharemilk at Waiuku, southwest of Auckland. From left Hayden and Ellisa with their children Danika 6, Kayla 7 and Riley 9.

Hayden Slack is on a mission to change perception that ayrshires are not a good breed.

Stephie Key: 'Rebellion is not the intention'

Stephie Key, centre: "My parents are very supportive even if they'd prefer I didn't dress up in sushi or slutty bride get-up."

Cherry Bomb: Stephie Key on her art, her dad's job and her hyper-sexual artistic alter-ego Cherry Lazar ahead of her exhibition opening in Paris.

The island where you can disappear

The remote Pitcairn Island is home to 45 people who speak a language heard nowhere else in the world.

No plane or helicopter has ever landed here, nor has any ship ever moored off its coast.

Farming smarter not harder

Farming provides the Charmleys with a lifestyle they can enjoy with their children.
From left Lisa holding Pippa 22 months, Reuben 4 and Paul Charmley.

A young Tararua couple reveal how they are keeping their farm system simple.

Mt John Observatory faces uncertain future

Mt John Observatory has a bright past but is facing uncertainty as funding dries up.

Garner: Are manners sexist?

Wolf whistling is unacceptable, so why should the victims of it need to alter their behaviour instead of the perpetrators?

OPINION: I like holding doors open, to me it's a little sign of good manners. Or sexist. You decide.

When OE Kiwis want to return

The New Zealand passport.

OPINION: The OE has long been a rite of passage for many young Kiwis. But how do they fare when they want to come home?

Fight over cash from beleagured Mary Moodie home for the disabled video

Owen and Carleen Pimm, pictured with daughter Jennifer, are unhappy with the path the Christchurch Mary Moodie Family Trust, a home for people with special needs, is going down.

Bruised, unhappy and ravenously hungry, disabled woman Jennifer Lanini cut a troubled figure when she went home for a weekend with her family.

Two Baltimores: the grim crisis in America's cities

Houses in West Baltimore near the epicentre of the violence that has erupted in recent days.

You can still see the scars of the violence that flared around the blighted Baltimore neighbourhood this week.

Inside a swingers community

All together now. The social stigma about swinging means most involved guard their identity closely.

Most swingers are middle class or higher – police officers, teachers, accountants, doctors and lawyers.

Guns, God and family video

David Tipple at Gun City, Christchurch, in 2014. Examples of the imitation pistols that Customs seized are on the counter in front of him.

You could say that there are two types of people in this world: those who are comfortable using firearms and those who naturally resist them.

My biggest parenting regret

"I'm starting to think that if we let the junk in too early ... then their tastebuds change and we've lost them."

Despite starting with plenty of home-cooked food, it's actually bloody hard to avoid an avalanche of junk as time rolls on.

English reluctant to give surplus promise last rites

Finance Minister Bill English discusses the chances of a surplus after a pre-budget speech.

OPINION: Finance Minister Bill English has all but buried his pet policy of returning to surplus this year.

The Karl Lagerfeld of cheese

Some of the 130-plus varieties of French cheeses at the Noumea Festival des Fromages.

A festival in Noumea in June will star the Karl Lagerfeld of cheese.

A great escape from noise of the world

Cascade Creek Retreat, an eco-tourism venture created by Table Hill Farmers Dave and Janene Divers, winners of the Otago Ballance Farm Environment Awards for 2015.

Sitting on the deck of a secluded log cabin overlooking a natural amphitheatre of regenerating native bush, it is hard to hear yourself think for the rowdy chorus of birdsong.

The money machine

David Higgins is full of admiration. As a boxing promoter himself, and a keen student of capitalism, he can peer into the machinery of this afternoon's Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquaio boxing match in Las Vegas and marvel at the efficient way it will spit out money.

The rise of high school feminism

Wellington Girls College Feminist Club.

Feminism is firmly on the agenda for a growing number of teenagers.

Feasting on Southern soul food

Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard.

Alabama Shakes singer Brittany Howard has a voice to sate your hunger for real music, reckons Grant Smithies.

Designer, strategist, activist

Jaya Mangalam Gibson has just been appointed director of XCHC, a Christchurch space for creatives and artists.

The new director of an innovative creative space in Christchurch has the sort of background makes people take notice. WILL HARVIE reports.

Jeff Probst proves he's a Survivor

Survivor host Jeff Probst is himself something of a survivor.

With 30 seasons under its belt, Survivor is one of TV's most enduring franchises

House-hunting 'charade' exhausting

The road to home ownership is not an easy one

OPINION: Buying a house in Christchurch has not been easy for Cecile Meier.

Wearables to disappearables

Google smart contact lens

Revolution in miniaturisation may make things like the Apple Watch and Google Glass obsolete.

These people are angels

Joan Davis, centre, talks to her team members before helping the family members who are mourning the deceased involved in the fatal car accident. Davis says it's gratifying to help people when they're at their most vulnerable.

A team of 250 Angelenos volunteer to spend their days and nights helping people at their worst moments.

Movies that ripped off Goodfellas

Goodfellas has inspired a lot of other movies.

Goodfellas turns 25: Here's an incomplete list of all the movies that have ripped it off.

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