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Don't let quakes run your life

Will more information about small earthquakes - which could precede large quakes - help the public?

Should we be told more about small quakes to prepare for the risk of a big one? Only if it doesn't amount to living in fear, say experts.

NZ to train Syria rescue teams

NZ Fire Service's urban search and rescue team, pictured in training, is sending an expert to the Middle East to assist ...

A Kiwi expert is heading to the Middle East to train the "White Helmet" volunteers.

Aussie war hero an undercover Kiwi

Virginia Stocker, letf, and cousin Scott Stocker with binoculars belong to their great uncle Archie Stocker who fought ...

Archibald Stocker's Nelson descendants are piecing together the life of a soldier from the Boer War.

Flying 'Key Force One' video

Both of the RNZAF's 757s at Townsville airbase after one of them failed to get the PM's trip to India off the ground.

How does Prime Minister John Key get around the world, and how did his plane break down?

NZ's meth 'tipping point' video

Tribal Huk president Jamie Pink, who gave methamphetamine dealers 24 hours to get out of Ngaruawahia.

Can gangs - or anyone else - really solve New Zealand's meth problem?

40 health myths dispelled

A 2015 study showed 82 per cent of doctors believed they prescribed or carried out a treatment or test they knew to be ...

Last year, 82 per cent of doctors said they had prescribed meds or treatment they knew were of no use. Here's why.

The incredible underground beach

Beneath Vietnam's foodie centre is a prehistoric fantasyland that belongs to the movies.

Deep beneath Vietnam's foodie centre is a prehistoric fantasyland that belongs to the movies.

Red Bull family's 11 billionaires

Red Bull has helped create a booming industry, with global energy-drink sales of NZD$60.3 billion in 2015.

Reclusive duck farmer who started world's biggest energy drink has left wealth to 11 family members.

The jock itch that wasn't

For more than a year, sales manager Steve Schroeder and his doctors thought he had a bad case of jock itch.

For 15 months, Stephen Schroeder and his doctors dismissed a rash as a stubborn jock itch. Then he found out it was cancer.

GS Warriors: Too many egos? video

Golden State Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry.

Is there any stopping Curry, Durant, Green, Thompson - one of the greatest line-ups in NBA history?

Quakes: 'More info is better'

The aftermath of the earthquake which destroyed the central city of L'Aquila and killed more than 300 people in 2009.

Why scientists say the public aren't being told enough about smaller quakes.

Life as a prison guard video

Ingrid Bunney was a little concerned about becoming a Corrections officer in a men's prison, but now wishes she had done ...

Sexual propositions, manipulative prisoners and contraband - just another day for prison officer Ingrid Bunney.

Meet the real Mc Lovin video

Lydia Martin, left, does not mind that Mc Lovin, right, changed his name.

He changed his name to Mc Lovin to make people laugh - but it was sparked by tragedy.

Can a couple be happily unmarried?

We all know a couple who claim to be "happily unmarried" but I'm not convinced.

We all know a couple who claim to be "happily unmarried" but I'm not convinced.

Man who made France rethink sex

Philippe Brenot and his book illustrator, Philippe Brenot.

Rock-star sexologist behind the graphic book taking France by storm on passion and female fantasies.

Grim prospects for suicide

New Zealand's annual provisional suicide statistics, released on Tuesday, showed the country's suicide toll was the ...

OPINION: New Zealand has a serious problem, and talking about it once a year won't change a thing.

Probe into 'shonky' steel wanted gallery video

Lawyer Adina Thorn has more than 100 unhappy home-owners signed up to a class action suing over steel mesh used in their ...

More than 100 sign up for class action on dodgy steel mesh in their new homes, sparking call for government inquiry.

A photographer's courage video


Marti Friedlander, whose photographs held up a mirror to New Zealand, is saying goodbye. But you're not allowed to feel sorry for her.

How the Tostee trial turned mad

Gable Tostee's Kiwi lawyer Saul Holt QC got his client acquitted in a high profile trial with an ending with more ...

Gable Tostee's Kiwi lawyer found himself caught in the middle of courtroom drama unlike anything he'd seen before.

'Rest in peace, Warriena'

Warriena Wright and her mother Merzabeth.

Opinion: Warriena Wright's terrifying last moments should not have been broadcast to the world, writes Oscar Kightley.

NZR fail to see social sensitivity video

A Fairfax Media request to interview Steve Tew was declined.

OPINION: As much as NZ Rugby wants to spin the fallout from months of controversy, the times, they are a changin'.

'Worse than leaky homes'

Hundreds of new houses are being built in new developments on the fringes of Auckland, Christchurch and other cities. ...

Take a building inspector through the soon-to-be city of Flat Bush in Auckland, and watch his hackles rise.

Predator free a big ask

35 million possums in New Zealand are in the crosshairs

Ten years ago, there was a public outcry over pest control. Now, it's "kill the buggers".

Share and share a 'like'

Planet Key - in future how will we know if videos like this are satire or a cleverly hidden party political ad?

OPINION: The selfie election is so 2014. Next year's election will be all about the Facebook campaign.

Garner: Have a heart Bill English

After eight years in power and now boasting a $1.8 billion surplus, this is Bill English's chance to start thinking ...

OPINION: Revealed: The secret memo to Bill English that was never written ... and would never be actioned even if it had been.

Mission to resurrect Westport video

Mayor Garry Howard hopes efforts to reinvent Westport's economy will encourage more visitors to the town.

Meet the man behind ambitious plans to reinvent a struggling West Coast town's economy.

Infidelity: naughty but necessary?

​Today's consumer style of "fun" unfaithfulness carries bouncy new names like "married flirting", "married dating" or ...

Infidelity has become big business. But can marriage survive one partner’s urge to “feel alive again”?

Is rugby rotten? video

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND - SEPTEMBER 15: A Rugby Ball is seen on the pitch during a New Zealand All Blacks training ...

Rugby has had a torrid year off the field. Is there a deeper problem with the institution?

A dog, a ute and a radio gallery video

Gideon Couper: "I just see a variety of repairs that would boggle your mind."

You too can make a mint as a builder in post-quake Canterbury. All you need is a dog, a ute and radio.

Preparing for 'Trumpocalypse'

Donald Tump appears to be laying the groundwork to tell some 30 million angry and disaffected Americans that he was ...

OPINION: At first blush, this would seem to be the final days of an unstable megalomaniac. And they might well be.

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