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Final flight and eternally grateful video

Okiwi Bay resident Rodney Boulton.

Twice saved by the rescue helicopter, Rodney Boulton, a man scared of flying, was flown to his final resting place.

A plea for fenced playgrounds

Some children are "runners" and dart off whenever they have a chance.

OPINION: Why is there no regulation for public playgrounds to be fenced off?

Miss Taranaki winner revealed

Miss Taranaki 2017. This year's Miss Taranaki winner was Jenna Bellve (right). She is seen with runner-up Cassy Woller ...

Miss Taranaki 2017 has collected her crown

The Republicans against Trump

Joanne Barr, 54, marches down Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC, toward the National Mall.

Joanne Barr is a lifelong Republican and went to Washington. But it wasn't to show her support.

Rolls' murky past revealed

British, US and Brazilian documents show that Rolls was conducting criminal acts in a dozen countries, from Azerbaijan ...

For years, Rolls-Royce bribed its way around the world with a series of shadowy backhanders, court documents show.

Steering us toward a future without drivers

Are you ready for driverless cars, like this Volvo XC90?

OPINION: We've been warned that autonomous vehicles are coming - ready or not - and we'd better embrace the future.

Time for public holiday swap

Auckland's anniversary day wrongly marks the day when former governor William Hobson proclaimed British sovereignty over ...

OPINION: Bring in a national holiday when we need it most - in winter.

Bright lights, big city, heart of darkness

Keeping the lights on is more important than a runway extension, says Dave Armstrong.

OPINION: How many council employees does it take to change a light bulb? One to change the bulb and 14 to work in the call centre?

My secret life as a Scientologist

Filmmaker David Farrier was a paid up member of the most controversial religion in the world.

David Farrier joined the controversial church as a student, and is still attracted to its mysterious practices.

Driverless solution for jams

New players such as Google are entering the world of cars as software overtakes traditional manufacturing methods.

The perennial question of how to transform Auckland's traffic may need a very futuristic answer: driverless cars.

Remembering Strongman

The scene at the entrance to the Strongman State Coal Mine, Greymouth, after the disastrous explosion in which nineteen ...

Terry Crowley, was 26 when the coal mine exploded 50 years ago killing 19 men.

It's time to crack down on racist eggs

Donald Trump's presidential triumph would suggest that the world has regressed to the time when people thought it was ...

Just because Donald Trump got to the White House by using racist remarks is no reason for the rest of us to lose our sense of decency.

The term 'alpha male' has to go

Beta status is often relegated to those who want to be alpha males.

It's high time we rid ourselves of the term "alpha male".

Coming out gay at a rugby school gallery video

Rekah says St Cuthbert's College in Auckland must do more to show support for lesbian students.

Students brave homophobia: "I was probably 14 or 15, finding it hard to get out of bed. I think I knew that I was gay – it's a little complicated."

NZ drivers told to shape up gallery video

Since moving from Germany to Auckland, Catrina Kuehler has learned a few driving tips from New Zealanders, and shared a ...

Kiwi drivers are notoriously bad, we're told – so we asked foreign-born NZers for five tips on how we can drive better.

Ten days in Italy

The chairlift ride up to the top of Mt Solaro, on the Isle of Capri

A10 day jaunt is like a tasting platter, providing a delicious sample of some of the country's highlights.

Trump's dangerous dystopia gallery video

President Donald Trump delivers his speech at the inauguration ceremonies as the 45th president of the United States.

America's new president, Donald Trump, started his new job with a speech offering more anger than grace, more defiance than comfort.

Trump dashes hopes video

US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania attend the Inaugural luncheon at the National Statuary Hall in ...

OPINION: Donald Trump has outlined his vision for America. And it's terrible for those who didn't support him.

Incredible story behind film Lion

John, Sue and Saroo Brierley at the Sydney premiere of Lion.

We talk to the real life mother and son, Saroo and Sue.

Glitz, you're gauche


OPINION: Bling is dead, it's time to move on.

National Portrait: Rachael Le Mesurier

Rachael Le Mesurier has spent decades fighting against the injustice she sees in the world.

The executive director of Oxfam NZ has spent her life fighting to make the world a better place.

Flashback: The Ormondville massacre

The grave of the Edwards family at the Ormondville cemetery.

Love, lunacy and liquor lead to one of New Zealand's most horrific mass murders.

Empty wine bottles sell for $416

In 2016, Italian authorities seized 9000 bottles of fake Moet Chandon from a shed in Padua.

Fake news, fake art and now fake wines - there's huge money in filling empty vintage bottles with cheap plonk.

Rose takes aim at action

Ruby Rose plays elite sniper Adele Wolff in XXX: The Return of Xander Cage.

Actress Ruby Rose is a crack shot. She proved it by hitting a horizontal playing card from 1000 metres.

Trump's formula for success

Donald Trump, the boy from Queens, New York, who fought his way to the US presidency.

How a fierce will to win fuelled Donald Trump's achievements in business and, later, politics.

The Coaster who didn't coast

Dave McKenzie on his way to victory in the 1967 Boston Marathon.

Life will never be the same after winning the Boston Marathon, they say. Not for this Kiwi.

The tale of Bessie Young

Hawera nurse Bessie Young went to WWI on the hospital ship Maheno, that took her to Alexandria in Egypt.

When Hawera nurse Bessie Young volunteered to serve in WWI, she was on a collision course with a German torpedo.

How to raise your baby: an ever-evolving guide

Few people are more at the mercy of advice-givers than the parents of newborns.

Breast or bottle? To cry or not to cry? We delve into the world of contradictory baby advice.

It can't be prevented, slowed or cured video

Allison Betts was brave and faced her challenges head on, her husband Eddie says.

Alli Betts made breakfast at 3am. Her husband woke to find tea bags in the toaster.

Monae's moonlighting pays off

Having conquered music and modelling, Janelle Monae is now starring in two critically-acclaimed movies.

The role is a return to her roots, says the singer. A chance to show black women as brilliant-minded and necessary to the culture.

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