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When a cry for help rings out on Facebook

There are plenty of roadblocks when trying to help someone through social media.

OPINION: I feared that I was experiencing a bystander effect for the modern age.

Why a car rip off might succeed

Jiangling Motor's Landwind X7 SUV is displayed at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2015.

Can Chinese companies continue to get away with counterfeiting of car designs?

Stars want Clinton for president video

US first lady Michelle Obama smiles as she speaks during the first session at the Democratic National Convention in ...

Michelle Obama gave the speech of her life, while Sanders vowed Clinton would be president.

Editorial: Odds against Mallard

Trevor Mallard has been MP for Hutt South since 1993.

OPINION: Trevor Mallard has had a chequered record in the House, but that could be a help to him.

Jordan: We're better than that

NBA great Michael Jordan has spoken out on racial violence in the US, saying "this country is better than that".

Normally quiet on political issues, NBA great whose father was shot dead in 1993 takes the unusual step of speaking out.

The Mystery of the Weeping Woman

A photo from Neil Holland's examination of the returned Picasso painting Weeping Woman on August 20, 1986.

It was one of the most daring art heists in history - a priceless Picasso snatched in the dead of night, only to be returned a week later.

How childless women are treated

06052015. Photo:
Stock Photo - Tiny newborn baby s feet on female hands closeup

When I was 10, I was sold my first fertility fairy tale.

Like nowhere on Earth

Patagonia is a land of spectacle.

A jaded traveller once said to me, "everywhere begins to look like somewhere else". He's wrong. I've never seen anything like this.

Arthur May celebrates 70

Arthur May celebrates his 70th birthday with friends and family in Oakura.  Arthur could be the oldest man with down ...

Just six years shy of being the world's oldest man with Down Syndrome, May got into the celebratory spirit with family and friends in Taranaki.

Moko, 3, 'badly behaved' video

Moko Rangitoheriri was tortured and killed by Tania Shailer and David Haerewa

One of Moko Rangitoheriri's killers launches appeal, and argued at her sentencing she was driven to violence.

'Special needs' doesn't mean 'pity me'

"Special: better, greater, different from what is usual. Exceptional, uncommon, remarkable. Noteworthy, outstanding, ...

How did "special needs" become such a downer, anyway?

Trans kids' fertility on ice video

Ashlin Lunardi says he's happy to treat his cats as his children, but he wishes there was more fertility information for ...

Transgender children are transitioning earlier, making decisions that may forever affect their fertility.

Hiking and the haiku

A rest stop along the Nakasendo Trail.

It's a gorgeous part of Japan, with peaks that rise to 3000 metres, mossy forests of cypress trees and patchy farms.

The songbirds of Saigon video

One of the songbirds' owners has a laugh with a fellow enthusiast in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City is all heat and noise, but there's one place where you can find serenity - and a beautiful tune.

Fire crews fight for volunteers, water gallery video

The Oban volunteer fire brigade was still young when it the local Ferndale Guest House caught fire. At the time the ...

Rural volunteer brigades struggle to get the volunteers, hardware and even water they need to serve their communities.

Violent years come in waves

Three suicide bombers opened fire before blowing themselves up at the entrance to the main international airport in ...

Chances are that you or someone you know has commented that 2016 is turning out to be a violent year.

Killed by 'neglect and betrayal'

Agnes Ali'iva'a was 12 when she was found drowned in a ditch in the Auckland suburb of Mount Roskill.

Agnes Ali'iva'a was 12 when she drowned in a ditch - but marks on her body revealed a sinister twist.

A mum's life sentence

Konrad Truger, known as "Konnie" died on January 19, 2008, aged four, three days after a crash caused by his mother, ...

She killed her youngest son in a car crash, now Wendy-May Connon speaks for the first time about her enduring pain and shame.

'She protected her cubs' gallery video

Lorna Roberts with her rescuers.

Missing in the bush with four children, Lorna Mohi-Roberts dug a makeshift shelter and gave them fern shoots to eat.

Baby Aaliyah didn't make it

Aaliyah Chand died after she suffered a serious head injury at her babysitter's home in January 2015.

Aaliyah Chand had just celebrated her first birthday when she was allegedly murdered by her babysitter.

Was she a 'child sacrifice'? video

Sarah Root died when her car was hit by a drunk driver.

Trump claimed Sarah Root was 'sacrificed on the altar of open borders'. What is her story?

The fire brigade with a waiting list gallery video

Winston Steen, deputy chief fire officer for Cambridge, has been a volunteer with the fire brigade for 52 years, ...

Most rural fire brigades are struggling for volunteers. But in Cambridge, they have a waiting list

Meet the Kiwi wooing G'n'R, Adele video

Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses performs live on stage at Allphones Arena on March 12, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.

Paul Dainty's been bringing shows to NZ since the 70s, now he's gunning for two of the biggest acts in the world.

Legalise pot? No way, says English

Former union boss Helen Kelly says it's time cannabis was regulated, controlled and understood.

It could bring in a $150 million windfall in tax revenue. So why is the Government not interested?

The Football Ferns family

Kirsty Yallop says it's been cool having a core group of Football Ferns together for a decade.

A decade after they first played together at the 2006 under-20 World Cup, this group of seven are still going strong.

Mum: 'It breaks my heart'

Sam Thomas, 27, died in September 2015, one of 12 suspected suicides on the West Coast in a year.

Maree Budd can't stop asking herself why her son didn't seek help before he took his own life.

Hollywood loves a woman president

Sela Ward as embattled President Lanford in Independence Day: Resurgence, 2016.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president in November, she may have a lot of sisters on TV.

Bay drones saving rainforest

Dave Pemberton and one of the fixed wing drones he assembles in a small shed in rural Hawke's Bay.

Drones from a Hawke's Bay shed are at work in Mongolia, Malaysia, Suriname and China.

Growing 'Kiwi' kiwifruit in China

New Zealand kiwifruit is always a hit at the international fruit and vegetable exhibition in Beijing.

NZ is looking to sell Zespri-branded fruit that is in fact grown overseas.

Moving from 'yes we can' to 'what is this?'

Roger Ailes, the outgoing chairman and CEO of Fox News and Fox Television Stations.

OPINION: Back in November 2008 I had the privilege of watching Obama's election night victory speech on television with my father.

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