Good Reads

From farm to Hollywood

Neville Brunker

When a US star bought a pair of Last & Loom boots, they carried a uniquely Kiwi story.

Alice - what did you do?

THE FAMILY: Alice and Charles O'Loughlin and two of their children 1930.

Alice May Parkinson was wronged, so she shot Bert West and put a bullet in her own head.

Meet NZ's top gardener video

Tui's 2014 Gardener of the Year: Owen Takuira-Ngaropo

A community gardener that's helping the most disadvantaged members of society takes top spot.

Unboxing a luxury bag video

UNBOXED: Emilie Clarke reveals her new purchase of a Chanel jumbo flap handbag in beige caviar leather in an unboxing video.

Chanel, Hermes, Prada... these luxury brands are ready for a close-up of the YouTube kind.

Walking on glaciers gallery

Attached to ropes to climb between two steep drops

As we approached the edge, black rocks and dirt collided with thousand-year-old, pristine ice.

Learning to sail stuff nation

OUT AT SEA: Sheridan at the helm.

Greetings, ahoy, or as the pirates might say - yarrr! I've decided to become a certified sailor!

New-age spirituality gallery

Tallinn's skyline at dusk.

Tallinn's skyline, dominated by church spires, creates an illusion at odds with Estonia's reputation.

From Outback to Hollywood gallery

Late bloomer: jeweller Jan Logan didn't establish her first boutique until the age of 50.

Jan Logan, whose jewellery is the choice of many A-list celebrities, is celebrating 25 years in business.

Stones having time of their lives

Satisfaction: From left, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger on stage as the Rolling Stones perform live at Mt Smart Stadium, in Auckland, New Zealand.

OPINION: I reckon there is a lot to celebrate about this quartet of septuagenarians who have been doing what they do for 50 years.

Netflix: Why the fuss?

Here's what you need to know about the online streaming giant that is coming to here.

Should you buy or rent?

'DEAD MONEY': Daine Thompson and Anneliese Willis, pictured with son Caleb outside their West Auckland home, say renting just pays someone else’s mortgage.

There are endless arguments about which makes most money sense and no easy answer.

$1 joints for high holidays

CHEAP AS WEED: Marijuana joints will go on sale in Colorado for just $1 each on  America's biggest shopping day, 'Black Friday'.

America's biggest shopping day "Black Friday" takes on a green tinge in Colorado as marijuana sellers slash prices.

Silliness sells more than sex

Bathroom chic: Beyonce's new video for her upcoming single 7/11 was "leaked" over the weekend and is a departure from her usual sexy style.

Who needs a greased-up rear view when you can mess around in a hotel room in pajamas?

Booze policy makes sense

Driving, alcohol generic

OPINION: The publicity blitz has barely spluttered on one of NZ's biggest road-related law changes.

Stories almost untold

Katherine Mansfield

When writer Katherine Mansfield died 91 years ago, there was little appreciation of her place in New Zealand letters.

Six miracle babies

The baby boy found at the bottom of a drain in Sydney's northwest.

A one-week-old baby who survived six days in a stormwater drain isn't the only 'miracle baby'.

Time travel in Shanghai video

ALWAYS OPEN: Shoppers out in force on a warm autumn night in Shanghai.

There are ghosts all over Shanghai, a city reviving its cosmopolitan heritage.

Luxury in Detroit

LUXURY WATCHES: Shinola's luxury goods, including watches and bicycles, are made in struggling Detroit.

Luxury goods company Shinola seeks to be the first great non-automotive brand out of Detroit.

A hot-headed taxi driver

Demand for taxis in Sydney is on the increase with the approach of the silly season.

OPINION: The taxi driver looked in his rear vision mirror and stopped mid chat to say: "I know who you are."

Where goose is king

Balazs Ban, chef of the Macesz Huszar restaurant, prepares a goose plate in Budapest.

Animal rights activists wish the custom would vanish entirely, but fattened goose liver isn't disappearing anytime soon.

The facts of life

1964 Wellington street scene.

Nikki Macdonald investigates how Kiwis live and die today compared with 50 years ago.

Defying home violence

COST OF VIOLENCE: Child abuse and violence between partners are estimated to be costing New Zealand up to $7 billion a year and rising.

Carly Thomas talks to those who believe changing the statistics of domestic violence is achievable.

Growing old together

WRINKLES ROCK: Growing old together.

How do couples adjust to ageing, when body consciousness is all around?

Making goat's cheese

TASTY: Lonely Goat bottled feta.

The Doughtys have milking goats and dairy cows. They make and sell cheese made largely from goat's milk.

Gran versus the killer

ON A MISSION: After losing her husband Thom to mesothelioma, Deidre vanGerven has devoted the past 17 years to ridding New Zealand of asbestos.

After losing three family members, 73-year-old Deidre vanGerven has made it her quest to ban asbestos.

Artist follows his love

HARD WORKER: Hours of cello practice helped give Simon Denny his strong work ethic.

Artist Simon Denny's parents told him to follow his love and he'd find a way to make it pay. And finally it has.

Reputation takes a big hit

FRONTING UP: Roger Sutton at the press conference announcing his resignation on Monday.

Roger Sutton's speech at his resignation press conference should hardly have come as a surprise.

In the midst of a strange tribe


Louis Theroux about the inspiration for his new three-part documentary series Louis Theroux: LA Stories.

A family road trip

Kiwirail's Northern Explorer provides a glimpse of the country you won't see from the highway.

Balance is a concept that can be applied to much of family life, including the good old family holiday.

War history all around us

General Birdwood (second from left) chatting with New Zealand army officers at Hazebrouck, France, during World War I. Photograph taken 14 July 1917 by Henry Armytage Sanders.

The deeds of fallen soldiers and the stories of battles live on, not just in books and films, but in Wellington's street names.