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Founa-Blake: 'I can fix the future'

Addin Fonua-Blake is hoping to  teach others about the consequences of regrettable actions.

Former Junior Kiwi Addin Founa-Blake knows he has take 'ownership' of the despicable act of domestic violence.

'Chase the money' video

Hinojosa Cantu built a US$7 million house for the TV star wife of President Enrique Peña Nieto (pictured). Angélica ...

New details reveal how foreign cash flooded into New Zealand trusts in order to avoid paying offshore tax.

Biking the depression away

Chad Williams, who battles depression, is biking across America next year. It's a journey that is almost 5000km long, ...

It's the hardest bike race in the world and Waitara's Chad Williams has his sights set on beating it.

How Kate would look after a chop

Why not give this a go, Kate?

As one writer begs the duchess to stop "clinging to those princess locks", we have a look at new styles the royal could sport.

Is Beyonce's world tour in trouble? video

Tickets to Beyonce's Formation World Tour went on sale months before the release of Lemonade. Could it have backfired?

Unsold stadium sections could be a sign the surprise album strategy has backfired on Bey.

Chatbots your newest co-workers

Chatbots are designed to simulate human conversation.

Chatbots could spell the end of talk to human co-workers.

Why black superheroes matter

Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) in Captain America: Civil War.

OPINION: Black superheroes matter, and the greatest black comic-book character is finally getting the Marvel movie treatment he deserves.

From waste to energy

Spoiled produce at Sydbey Market is sent to the nearby Earthpower facility to be converted into energy.

As Sydney sleeps, a movement is under way to turn mass amounts of waste into energy.

Ire in bin Laden raid's shadow

Photos have been released of the Tora Bora, Afghanistan, compound Osama Bin Laden lived in until a Western bombing ...

After the al-Qaeda chief was killed, some think Pakistani intelligence retaliated against CIA's station chief.

Emotion or equation in the drug debate?

Pharmac CEO Steffan Crausaz.

The Keytruda debate has been emotional, but is it a case in point to look hard at the data?

Mother's Day without my mum

Without a doubt my mum was the most important person in my life.

"I am heartbroken that I have to be a mum without my mum around."

1 man, 3 years, 411 parks

The 1116-day road trip he has mapped out is a spiritual quest to connect with his late father.

On the anniversary of his dad's death, one man starts an epic journey across the USA, and beyond.

'I saw so much'

Bolek and his wife, Zosia Brodecki, seen at their home in Rockville, Maryland, are both Holocaust survivors and met in a ...

After a nightmare in concentration camps, they say they lived the American Dream.

Trump causes agony in GOP

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump vows to unite his splintered party, but managed to be bitingly ...

As some Republican leaders reluctantly begin rallying around Donald Trump, others agonise over their party's future.

Mowing at night can be fatal

You can mow your lawns semi-naked if you want, but you must never mow them at night.

If you mow your lawns at night you take your life into your hands.

Life on a N Korean farm

A farmer pauses when asked by foreign press if he blames his government for food shortages in his country at Jangchon ...

It's a farm, but not as we know it. There was barely a farmer in sight

End of the Republican establishment? video

Ohio Governor John Kasich speaks as he withdraws as a US Republican presidential candidate in Columbus, Ohio.

The utter failure of John Kasich's presidential bid is more than personal. It's the failure of the Republican establishment to connect with Americans.

Why a woman's eggs run out

IVF can fertilise a healthy egg - but you need that egg to begin with.

Did you know your "biological clock" starts ticking from the day you're born? Here are some options to prolong fertility.

Old garage becomes museum gallery

This .1937 Austin car was covered with shells by a Mr Pratt in Bulls, and it took him 200 hours using 27,000 shells. ...

The workshop Jim and Ted live in is a NZ car enthusiast's paradise.

The science behind stereotyping

Stereotypes affect our perception in a way that "overrides reality", say scientists.

Mark Weldon - a media casualty

Mark Weldon was a polarising figure at his previous role at NZX and was the same in MediaWorks.

OPINION: His time at MediaWorks summed up the sector's harsh reality - and the inevitable human cost.

'Smokes, drink ruined my voice'

She may be a celebrated actress, but when it comes to singing, Meryl Streep knows her limitations.

She's a celebrated actress, but when it comes to singing, Meryl Streep knows her limitations.

NZ's unsolved mysteries

A replica of Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour. The scuttled remains of the actual Endeavour were recently discovered.

The HMS Endeavour has been found, but don't fret mystery-nuts. There's still plenty out there to solve.

Namibia: Walking with baboons

Marlice and baboon babies.

If you need a digital detox and a get-away-from-it-all destination - then Namibia's your answer.

Career advice: Don't do as I do

Doctor is one of the top occupations parents suggest to their children.

Opinion: Why would I tell my daughter not to be an artist when I am one?

Could lab-grown meat taste as good?

The first burger made from meat grown in a lab.

‚ÄčScientists claim it will be healthier and more environmentally friendly. But how much can they improve on old-school pork or beef?

Over the TV justice fad

Scott Watson was convicted of the murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope.

OPINION: Documentaries like one planned on the Sounds killings make entertainment out of murder.

Mystery of the 'secret' family gallery

What appears to be a photo of Edward Swain with an unidentified woman at a wedding in New Zealand some time between 1949 ...

British daughter suspects her dad kept a lifelong secret about his time in Upper Hutt.

The real reasons you procrastinate

301014. 123rf....Stock Photo - Now Or Later Signpost Shows Delay Deadlines And Urgency......deadline, deferred, ...

Have you ever sat down to complete an important task - and then ended up doing something else? Here's how to stop.

Eating to cheat dementia

"You don't need to know much about nutrition to make sure you get plenty of antioxidants, you just need to eat a variety ...

Genes and luck both influence the odds of developing dementia, but there's a lot we can do to reduce the risk ourselves.

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