Escape from Bali


A stay on a tiny coral cay with horse-drawn taxis tops off a Bali family holiday.

Can habits be positive?


I decided I'd try to change. I set out to do things differently over the course of a week.

An alien in my homeland

American flag

I grew up in the US but it wasn't until I came to New Zealand that I finally felt at home.

Why do we wear bras?

Heidi Klum

Is it time for women to rethink their relationship with their bras?

Poland pays for dirty secret

CIA poland prison

Poland let the CIA create a facility to detain, torture and degrade accused terrorists, court finds.

China's skyscraper mania

China skyscraper mania

Suzhou isn't even the biggest city in Jiangsu province, yet it's joining a rush for the sky.

Comparing MH17 to Erebus

MH17 wreckage in Ukraine

OPINION: NZ mountaineers controlled the Erebus crash site; Armed militia run the MH17 site.

My big pepper spray mistake

pepper spray

Buying peace of mind for a remote bush trip got me in the dock facing 14 years in jail.

A culinary coup

Gaston Arcurio

Gaston Arcurio is the superstar chef who remade Lima into the culinary capital of South America.

Golf prodigies

Lydia Ko

To be young and inexperienced is usually a disadvantage in sports, but not in women's golf.

Beauty and violence


Virunga tells the story of national park of stunning beauty in a country accustomed to devastating violence.

Weird for art thou?

Moata Tamaira

As a tribute to Mr Yankovic's genius, behold my own song parody.

Challenges and chess

Cliff Curtis in Dark Horse.

Cliff Curtis and Boy star James Rolleston have reunited for a new film about challenges and chess.

Jaws tourism on the rise

Cape Cpd

Despite its reputation as a predator, the great white shark brings in the tourists.

Three very powerful words

Child abuse

Three of the most powerful words we can say to survivors of violence are, "I believe you".

Oops, did I say that?


I said something sexist in front of my kids - and then they repeated the offending phrase.

Fate of play


The beta is out and Bungie’s Destiny has bigger worlds, story clues and more combat.

If love could have saved you

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

Xavier was born into a cardboard bowl. I still don't go a day without thinking about the "what ifs".

The truth about fertility


Does women's fertility 'drop off a cliff' at 35? What are the risks related to delaying pregnancy?

Pinnacle of health

Aro Ha

An unexpectedly rewarding journey of denial and deprivation.

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