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The true cost of fracking

SHAKY GROUND: Oklahoma has seen a dramatic rise in the number of earthquakes since 2009.

Locals were happy when the money flowed thick and fast from fracking in the oil-boom state. Then the quakes started.

Road kill - The foreign drivers debate

Kejia Zheng

Imagine being Kejia Zheng. It was November 2012 and on the second day of her New Zealand holiday, the 20-year-old was driving herself from Lake Tekapo, heading south through the Lindis Pass.

Force for change

Police rape victim Louise Nicholas with Detective Inspector Tusha Penny, Police National Manager of Child Protection and Sexual Violence, are working together to combat domestic violence.

Louise Nicholas and the cop who "rattled the force from within" look at police handling of domestic violence.

Barker dumping not the Kiwi way

STOOD DOWN: Dean Barker deserves an apology.

OPINION: Dean Barker had his shot and came up short, but the way he was dumped is an outrage.

Afghanistan's first female taxi driver

Sara Bahayi has had her taxi license for two years. The $10 to $20 she earns each day is enough to provide for her 15 relatives, including her ailing mother.

The person behind the wheel of this Toyota Corolla has made this taxi a revolution of sorts.

Clinton to run as a feminist

LIKELY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Hillary Clinton, seen at an event in December, will emphasize her gender more than she did in 2008.

When Hillary Clinton ran for US president in 2008, her advisers told her not to play up being a woman. Times have changed.

Try the Dutch approach to dairy

HOUSE THEM IN BARNS: These orange cows in the Netherlands, marking a royal coronation in 2013, aren't affected by weather but real-life ones are.

OPINION: The future for the NZ dairy industry should see more cows housed in sheds.

Pumped up over petrol

The wholesale cost of diesel isn't being passed on to consumers in the same away that unleaded fuel is

OPINION: As the oil price plunged, so did petrol prices. But did they plunge enough?

Shearing legend David Fagan about to hang up clippers

World famous shearer David Fagan, who is planning on retiring this year, aged 53, competes in the Open heats of Gore's Southern Shears 50th anniversary event.

David Fagan is one of the country's top sportsmen but after more than 30 years of competition he has decided to hang up the handpiece.

On the trail of Van Gogh

An 1881 drawing by Vincent Van Gogh of labourers, The Bearers of the Burden.

The artist's experiences during his stay here affected him so profoundly that he would decide to devote his life to art.

'Bound by our experiences'

The day that changed lives.

OPINION: It was with a heavy heart that I began to watch last night's quake documentary The Day That Changed My Life.

Bringing water to make the land lush and alive

Storage pond 7 under construction as part of the Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme. The pond has a 40 hectare footprint and is 8m deep. It can store 2 million cubic metres of irrigation water.

Talk about the irrigation, don't talk about me, says South Canterbury rich-lister Gary Rooney. But the two turn out to be inextricably linked.

Dads should complain more

dad diaper

If Daddy is going to be an equal parent, then Scary Daddy needs to be recognised and supported too.

The most picturesque place to die

Hallstatt is possibly the oldest continuously inhabited village in Europe.

This Austrian village is drop-dead gorgeous in more ways than one. Here's why.

Petrol price probe bid defeated

The oil market is building stocks so there's a need to warehouse inventory, say traders.

National MPs have voted against holding a probe into fuel prices.

DNA + tech = your face

Composite image of Ellen McRae Greytak, bioinformatics manager at Parabon Nanolabs, alongside computer-generated profile of her created from a sample of her DNA.

New technology uses tiny amounts of DNA to computer-generate illustration of a criminal suspect's face.

An unforgettable biking adventure

MUST DO: Bike by the lake Prince Edward Island, Canada, was completed in 2000 and one of the world's top biking adventures.

Why an abandoned railway line through the heart of this Canadian province makes for an unforgettable biking adventure.

When we woke up for coffee

HIT CONCEPT: The French Maid bought into a new-found Kiwi demand for coffee, conversation and places that stayed open after the bars closed at 6pm.

It's easy to forget how revolutionary cafes were when they first came to the Wellington.

The man who saved Sony

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's worldwide game studios, has helped propel the company's game division toward a surprising turnaround.

Short and bespectacled 50-year-old is a champion of some of the biggest indie games around.

Cavers: The last great explorers

Success!: Cavers. from left, Gavin Holden, Jonathon Raven, Bruce Mutton and Kieran McKay, front, on finding the  link between Mt Arthur's Nettlebed and  Stormy Pot cave systems.

It's been 30 years since the discovery of the Bulmer Cavern, the cave that would became New Zealand's longest.

Hall of Fame glory for Bushwhackers video

The Bushwhackers are the first Kiwis to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

Legendary New Zealand tag-team The Bushwhackers have been awarded the ultimate professional wrestling honour: spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

NZ lured into fool's errand?

ON PATROL: Shiite fighters walk with their weapons during a patrol to look for militants of the Islamic State in Owesat, Iraq, last week.

OPINION: Our presence in Iraq cannot be justified and it could end very, very badly.

Don’t blame Facebook

Is Facebook responsible for a perceived rise in narcissism?

OPINION: Is Mark Zuckerberg responsible for a perceived rise in narcissism?

Don't be late at the gate

Uther Dean, co director of Watch, the first production to be performed on opening night, in the new ticket office.

OPINION: Buy the ticket and take the ride, but make sure you read the information supplied.

Beggar or out and out chancer?

OPINION: Banishing every homeless person from Auckland's shiny CBD will never happen, and certainly not in a five-year timeframe.

Deserving charity?

Columnist Jane Bowron.

OPINION: Auckland Council 's plan to remove the homeless from their streets will never succeed.

Where are the women?

Kathryn Bigelow, who won a directing Oscar for The Hurt Locker.

Kathryn Bigelow remains the first, and only, woman to win an Academy Award for directing.

I want my kid to be gay, too

Gay rights

OPINION: If my daughter is gay, I don't worry about her having a hard life - but I do worry about people expecting her to have a hard life.

Muster offers drover's delight

The dust flies as Ben Lutyens drafts young cattle on Riversdale Station, Wairarapa, home to Heavenly Adventures mustering and horse trekking.

Old-fashioned cattle musters with a modern twist are being offered as a tourist attraction in Wairarapa.

Apple car has pitfalls

iDRIVE? Apple CEO Tim Cook has ambitious plans for the tech giant's automotive future.

The Apple iCar debate couldn't be more polarising - some analysts are scratching heads, some understand completely.

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