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The rules of car-buying

Cars are expensive to buy and run, and spending too much on motoring can seriously retard wealth accumulation.

By any measure, we are big into machines that guzzle petrol.

Quick fix left web open to attack

The "three-napkins protocol," as its inventors jokingly dubbed it, revolutionised the internet.

The "three-napkins protocol," as its inventors jokingly dubbed it, revolutionised the internet.

Booze plan needs rethink

Christchurch City Council's alcohol policy is up for review.

OPINION: Tighter alcohol rules will knock the stuffing out of our city's nightlife.

Gorilla baby born into controversy

Taronga Zoo's new gorilla baby seen with his mother Mbeli

OPINION: As Taronga Zoo celebrates another gorilla birth, animal rights groups in the Americas are trying to persuade courts to free great apes from captivity.

Kindness is catching

Kindness is catching, as Gabby Devine showed during her brave battle with cancer.

OPINION: Let's go viral - for good.

Internet was vulnerable from the get-go

UCLA Arpanet students and staff in a lab, circa 1969. Larry Kleinrock and his students were pioneers of the internet.

The internet developed from its unlikely roots in a Pentagon research agency into a global communications network, but no one managed to build security into it.

Secrets of a Broadway dresser

Helen Mirren, pictured here in the film version of The Queen, is transformed from an old to a young monarch in the blink of an eye by her dresser on Broadway.

Dressers on Broadway are the invisible quick-change artists who transform stars like Helen Mirren in a moment.

Shaw's chance to refocus Greens

James Shaw: gives lie to the notion that environmental issues and sound business are necessarily opposed.

The new Greens co-leader has a chance to reset strategy so the party, after more than 25 years waiting, may attain office.

Fifa fatcats live high on the hog in NZ

FIFA vice president Jeffrey Webb (left) meets New Zealand sports minister Jonathan Coleman in February.

Fifa representatives got tailored suits, $480-a-night hotel suites, business class flights and glass trophies while in NZ.

Farewell to John Campbell video

290515 News Photo: Peter Meecham/ Fairfax Media
John Campbell gets a selfie taken with a fan outside TV3 after the last Campbell Live show went to air.

OPINION: Go take a bloody well-deserved break, you marvellous bugger.

Will the crusader rise again?

Pope Francies wears many hats, but television fan isn't among them. The papal caps are sometimes called zucchetti.

OPINION: A charismatic man who crusades for the poor, the downtrodden, the sick and the lame is sacrificed on Black Friday.

Finally fixing New Brighton

The New Brighton pedestrian mall is looking run-down and empty, and locals choose to shop in other suburbs.

New Brighton is in a dilapidated state and locals have finally had enough.

Mona Blades: Four decades and still missing

Mona Blades disappeared while hitchhiking from Hamilton to Hastings on 31 March 1975.

The day started out as a simple hitchhike to see family but would become one of New Zealand's most enduring mysteries.

Tricky to combat child poverty

Jo Doolan Taxation Tax Director at Ernst & Young.

OPINION: The new Budget provides a historic increase in benefits - but it could also create incentives for having more kids.

Time to question our sense of place and identity

Rehearsals for the bicultural opera Footprints/Tapuwae at The Gym, in the Arts Centre of Christchurch from June 2 to 13.

OPINION: Pioneering artists in the new Christchurch are helping the city shake off its former reputation for conformity, writes George Parker.

'I cheated death twice'

Kevin Sanderson is on the road to recovery and keen to get back riding his Kawasaki one day.

Kevin Sanderson has no memory of his day spent trail biking - he's just glad he's still alive.

Brickbats and bouquets as Te Papa opens gallery

The Dinosaurs from China exhibit at Te Papa.

Years of sniping about Te Papa's logo, name and architecture were forgotten at the waterfront museum's joyous opening in 1998.

On living with Crohn's

Reporter Emily Spink is determined to raise awareness of Crohn's disease to shed light on the invisible disease.

Most look at me and only see a blue-eyed and freckled, 20-something, who loves to run and dance.

Are Kiwis too meek to protest?

A protester from an anti-North Korean civic group chants slogans during an anti-North Korean rally on the 72nd birth anniversary of North Korea's late leader Kim Jong Il.

OPINION: North Korea is one of the world's most cruel and repressive regimes yet its under-20 football team is welcomed into NZ.

Once-a-day milking suits

Greg Topless, holding three-year-old daughter Faith, and wife Hannah milked their herd once a day in their first season of ownership of a dairy farm at Strathmore, east of Stratford.

New dairy farm owners thrilled with their decision to milk their herd once a day.

Potential new hominin species found

Scientists have found the jaw and teeth of a new species in Ethiopia that lived between 3.3 and 3.5 million years ago.

A potential new hominin has been discovered, giving the first indication that the human family was full of variety long before our own genus came along.

Education the key to farm safety

Jane Ward from Colyton, Manawatu, learns safe quad bike riding with David Skiffington from FarmSafe.

OPINION: A punitive approach to farm safety will not work, writes Federated Farmers' Katie Milne.

Did NZ Football fail to take a stand?

FIFA President Sepp Blatter gestures as he attends a news conference after a meeting of the Fifa executive committee in Zurich last year.

OPINION: World football's minnows are expected to come under scrutiny in the wake of the Fifa corruption scandal.

MH370 search under scrutiny


A year on and there is no sign of the missing plane - who's to blame?

Organic milk provides a feel good factor

Manawatu dairy farmer Mark Flipp toasts his organic milk.

Less is sometimes more according to organic dairy farmer Mark Flipp.

The crappy effect of dog ownership

Found in Sumner. The flag says "#ILIKETOPOOBYTHESEASIDE"

OPINION: Messy dog owners are creating a stink, Johnny Moore says.

No reward from Little risk

Prime Minister John Key leads a risk-averse party.

OPINION: They say politics is the art of the possible, but it's equally the art of deciding what it's possible to risk.

A bird lover's paradise high in the Andes

At Tapichalaca Reserve, a clear day reveals the road that leads to Peru winding across Cerro Tapichalaca, for which the reserve is named.

In southern Ecuador's Tapichalaca Reserve, armies of hummingbirds' beating wings are so loud they sound more like bees.

Kiwi climate change plan 'innovative and promising'

A research vessel cuts through Antarctic ice on a climate shange study mission.

OPINION: New Zealand can play a huge part in climate change talks this year, writes Professor Dave Frame.

Men's fury at 'feminist' Max video

Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road.

OPINION: Calls for men to boycott the "feminist" Mad Max movie are laughable, writes Michele A'Court.

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