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Why you should know CPR

Prompt use of good chest compressions can save a life.

CPR can be performed in all sorts of medical emergencies and can undoubtedly saves lives.

Where is Bana?

Bana al-Abed has more than 200,000 followers on Twitter.

It was a harrowing farewell message, and then there was silence from the Anne Frank of the Syrian Civil War.

Parents hope daughter abducted

Zuzu Verk, a 21-year-old student at university in Texas, went missing in October.

The mysterious disappearance of 21-year-old Zuzu Verk.

Finally reunited at Pearl Habour

The USS Arizona under attack on Decemeber 7, 1941, Pearl Habour, Hawaii.

Ashes of man who survived the Pearl Harbour attack will join his twin who was killed 75 years ago when the USS Arizona was hit.

Here's to you, Bronagh Key

Bronagh and John Key at their Parnell Auckland home after he was named as the new national Party leader in 2006.

Bronagh Key survived eight years with her reputation intact, her marriage intact, and her kids doing pretty damn well for themselves.

How police caught the Ether Man

Fingerprint technology was limited in the 1960s, photographs had to be taken and sent off to experts for analysis.

He left a trail of traumatised women across Australia after a string of sex attacks. This is how police caught him.

Good poems don't date

William Shakespeare: aware of the passage of time, as are many poets.

OPINION:  The poetry of the ancients and the comparatively moderns muses on many of the same feelings and themes.

Toughest year of her life video

Mountainbiker Zoe Nathan, 14, has returned to the sport after being diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and ...

Mountain biker Zoe Nathan was stretching on the floor when her mother first noticed the lump.

Based on a true story? video

David Oyelowo, centre, as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Carmen Ejogo, right, as Coretta Scott King in the film, ...

OPINION: As Oscar season approaches, let's get smarter about fact-checking movies.

The quake tumbleweed towns

Country Kai Cafe owner Marie Flowerday in front of the map where travellers stopping in at the Seddon business put their ...

They're just pins on a world map. Now they're a symbol of everything these small Malborough towns have lost.

Hanging up her dancing shoes

Claire Patten is retiring after teaching dance in Taranaki for 56 years.

Claire Patten has sold her dance academy after teaching three generations of Taranaki children to dance.

'A real modern day family'

Ayla and Thea Simpson.

"It felt so real and so nice with her on me."

My boyfriend was a rapist

"If I couldn't submit to it, or if I cried, he would tell me that I wasn't as sexually experienced as him, or I couldn't ...

He didn't want to be a rapist, but he was.

Rock pubs ch-ch-changing

Dunedin's Captain Cook Tavern, affectionately known as The Cook by music lovers, has been refurbished into a gastro pub.

They nurtured our most beloved bands - now they're office blocks and restaurants.

Our own Brexit-type shock

Prime Minister John Key and Minister of Finance Bill English - can the next National leadership combo mirror their ...

Opinion: John Key's early departure poses some challenges to National.

A global run club in NZ video

Geoffrey Jackson - a keen runner at 86.

"You can drop dead in your armchair watching tv. And If I drop dead while I'm running, I'll be a very happy man."

Key's lessons for Australia

Any leader makes mistakes, and John Key made plenty

John Key's eight years at the top are longer than the tenure of the last four Australian PMs combined.

Key's decision - how it played out video

Wife Bronagh paid the price of his job, says Prime Minister John Key.

It was on a flight back from New York in September that John Key told his wife he'd decided on an unexpected step - to resign as NZ's prime minister. Bronagh's advice? "Just make sure you made the right call."

Dancing the Taranaki way

John Key got involved in filming for Step Up Taranaki

What began as a small idea 18 months ago has grown into something global.

Inanities the new normal

Labour's Michael Wood defeated and National's Parmjeet Parmar in the Mt Roskill by-election.

OPINION: In pre-texting days when friends regularly popped round unannounced you didn't immediately jump to the conclusion that an unsolicited knock might herald a religious nutter.

House prices only go up, right? video

People who bought just before the last market peak were particularly affected by the 2008 downturn.

Wrong. Have we forgotten the pain of 2008 already?

Working with a younger boss

"Working daily under a younger supervisor, older subordinates are constantly reminded that they have failed to keep pace."

Having a younger boss isn’t just awkward. New research suggests it could also hurt performance.

Can Trump play diplomacy game? video

Trump's controversial conversation with Taiwan's leader broke nearly four decades of protocol.

Will Trump's unusual take on diplomacy be a hinderance or a help to international relations?

Biggest food trends of 2016

Geraldine cafe co-owner Holly Nicholson with the 2kg Gotham burger.

Pulled pork, Nadia Lim and trusting your gut.

Top aviation stories from 2016 video

Maho Beach is one of the most notorious plane landing spots in the world.

While we said goodbye to some iconic Boeing 747s, other old birds got new leases of life.

'Twisted' scheme's NZ leader

Soreya James says gifting circles transform lives.

Women are losing thousands of dollars to so-called women's gifting circles that offer friendship and spiritual guidance but have all the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme.

A post-divorce road adventure

Scott has her car, paddleboard, tent, blow-up mattress and a belief in the restorative powers of the road trip.

Lisa Scott hits the highway in search of healing, adventure and a new shot at happiness. It is, she says, her divorce roady.

Who's trashing up fashion

Kim Kardashian promotes a look that a visiting fashion academic Pamela Church Gibson, of the London College of Fashion ...

Young girls aspiring to appear like Kim Kardashian reflect an emerging "trashy, porno" fashion trend, academic says.

I don't care where, as long as I scoot video

Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt says walking, cycling or scootering to work or school is the way of the future.

Mayors, old and new, choose to commute on two wheels, on a mode of transport once considered more appropriate for their children.

Fear or fun at theme parks gallery

As exams wrap up, older teenagers outnumbered children at Rainbow's End during this week.

From sad disasters to high farce, it often seems big fun parks are struggling. Can they still make dreams come true?

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