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An amazing Amazon adventure

The Napo River runs through the Amazon Rainforest, delivering its watery lifeblood to the villagers living along its banks.

No one will be able to hear you scream in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Facebook friendship purge

We are asked to pass elaborate tests of friendship to remain connected on Facebook.

OPINION: Your online pals might not be your "true" friends... and that's OK. So stop with the friendship "tests".

Wall St crooks now stars

2013's "The Wolf of Wall Street" made nearly US$400 million at world box offices.

Audiences are loving stories about greed on Wall Street and the lives of the super wealthy.

'It's difficult to thank the donor enough'

Norbert Herrmann and Suzanne Pattison with their 21-month-old daughter Elke.

Having a baby took a decade, A$200,000 and three separate countries.

Two-year tiki tour to fight TPPA

Motueka protester Greg Rzesniowiecki - has spent the past 21 months on  anti-TPPA roadtrip around the country.

A Motueka protester has been travelling the country battling what he considers "a crisis of democracy".

Hannah wants to inspire

Hannah Moore, 15, is out to inspire other young women that girls can do anything.

 Hannah Moore was second runner in Miss Teen Taranaki, but there is a lot more to the story.

Why it’s so hard to cut sugar

Humans have an inborn preference for sweet.

It's as addictive as a drug - but you can give it up. Here's a few tips to help you manage your intake.

Kaka, kiwi, Kapiti and me

Takahe regularly potter around the Kapiti Island Nature Tour's lodge.

Just one hour from our capital is an island nature reserve with some of our best chances for bird watching.

Healthcare reciprocity - that was the agreement.

New Zealanders and Australians wanting to spend more than six months in the United Kingdom on their OE will soon have to pay a health charge worth hundreds of dollars.

OPINION: Should New Zealand reciprocate new rules in the UK to apply a health surcharge on UK migrants?

The meanings of happiness

Ideas of happiness differ greatly from country to country.

'Big changes for employers'

The Employment Standards Legislation Bill is designed to address growing concerns with enforcement of employment standards and employee protection.

Employment law reform: What do you need to know about the changes coming this year?

Extract: Ocean Notorious

The Scott team at South Pole in 1912.

We are a small group of misfits on a vast floating expanse of ice. Our mission: survival training.

'We're fighting crime with love'

Eat My Lunch co-founders Lisa King and Michael Meredith have teamed up with Amanda Betts and Bridge the Gap.

Their tattoos don't define them. The length of time they'll spend locked up doesn't either.

The scandalous sex life of HG Wells

Born in 1866, science-fiction guru HG Wells would have loved living in the 60s.

Had the technology existed then, science-fiction guru HG Wells would have been Tinder's biggest fan.

Burns camp: A week to remember

Kids with burns from all over New Zealand are flown to Auckland for the annual burns camp.

Kids can relax and be themselves at the annual burns camp held at Piha.

Mindless mindfulness

The new fad for mindfulness in the weight-loss industry makes a mockery of its Buddhist origins.

OPINION: The "mindfulness" fad is nonsense, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Day in the life of a Trump reporter

Donald Trump makes a face at his caucus night rally in Des Moines, Iowa.

Being told you are an idiot is a daily part of the job.

Sledging: Just good fun? video

New Zealand's Grant Elliot was given a verbal send-off by the Aussies during last year's World Cup final.

Duncan Johnstone and Richard Knowler discuss whether sledging should be canned or encouraged.

NASA men share love of space video

Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise beside a picture of his younger self (extreme right) and the rest of his crew

An Apollo 13 astronaut and a leader from the Mars mission talk about space travel.

The rise of Chiefs' Taleni Seu

Taleni Seu, a former basketball player, is looking to make a big impression for the Chiefs after rising the ranks quickly.

From packing shelves to a shot at Super Rugby - the unlikely tale of the Chiefs' latest prospect.

Power of the horse video

Papanui Station musters are best suited to horses.

Mustering on horse back is becoming a bit of a dying art but for some, it's a necessity.

Our future prosperity depends on how we help the less fortunate now

KidsCan CEO and co-founder, Julie Chapman.

OPINION: With the future welfare and prosperity of our nation dependent on the effective education of our next generation, denying the reality of hardship or poverty in New Zealand is futile and self defeating.

Who killed the Wellington Sevens?

Akira Ioane of New Zealand fends Kwagga Smith of South Africa during the 2016 Wellington Sevens cup final match at Westpac Stadium

"Not I," said the leery, vomiting drunks. "Not I," said the PC fun police. "Not I," said NZ Rugby...

From Kaharoa to Twickenham

From Rotorua to England captain: Dylan Hartley will lead England this weekend against Scotland in the Six Nations.

The new England rugby captain is a rough diamond, dug from deep in New Zealand.

Garner: Idle hands and teen deaths

Duncan Garner says bored teens in small towns can lead to fatal consequences.

COMMENT: There's an old saying that idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Sweet seduction: Six stories of sugar

Baker Jordan Rondel's opinion on sugar has changed as new research has emerged.

Is sugar the new tobacco? It depends on who you talk to.

NZ's boy wonder: 20 and worth $40m

Twenty-year-old entrepreneur Jamie Beaton: "I want every experience to be incrementally additive to my knowledge bank."

This is Jamie Beaton - the 20-year-old Aucklander who is already worth $40 million.

At the source of history

Take a Dart River Funyak through the Rockburn Chasm.

Learn about the legendary Te Koroka, the pounamu giant in a Unesco World Heritage Area.

Frothing over Trimgate video

The sign that got the internet over-caffeinated.

JOHNNY MOORE: I’m surprised more people don’t demand cafes serve breast milk lattes with the amount of crying I see online.

Anatomy of a house fire gallery

Vickie and John Boswell stand in front of the remains of their home in Sunnyvale, West Auckland after it was destroyed by a fire.

"Forget about your stuff - get out," John Boswell told his kids. It saved their lives.

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