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School Report, set up by Stuff.co.nz in 2012, is an education resource for parents and others interested in education.

National Standards and National Certificate for Educational Achievement (NCEA) results are published for every school where the qualifications are used. Information about the socio-economic background of students, ethnicity and funding is also included on each school's page.

The information is designed to help readers learn more about a school. It's not possible to make definitive judgements about any school just by looking at its page on this site. But on each school's page, there is a link to its latest assessment by the Education Review Office (ERO). Reading these reports, as well as visiting and talking to the staff and parents at a school are good ways of learning more about it.

As School Report has continued to grow, it's now possible to look back at information from previous years. On each school's page, readers can use tabs to switch between years. There are National Standards results for 2011, 2012 and 2013 and NCEA results for 2012 and 2013. Results for 2014 will be added when they become available.

It's possible to search for a specific school or for schools in a particular city or suburb by typing an entry into the search bar. An individual school's page includes all of the information and links, including contact details, on it. Alternatively, up to five schools can be chosen for a shortlist, which shows just the academic results of the chosen schools on a single page. To add schools to a shortlist, click on the 'add' option on the right of the search results page, then to see them all together click on 'view school data'.

The large amount of information behind School Report powers a series of data visualisations published on the site. These include school decile information, as well as academic results. They are designed to encourage discussion and debate about resources and support for schools, rather than to single out any particular schools for poor performance.

There is more information about National Standards, the NCEA and School Report (new link needed) in our Q+As.

All of the data on School Report has come from official sources like the Education Ministry and the Education Review Office. We have done our very best to make sure everything is up to date and accurate. Sometimes, however, there may be mistakes. We'll look at any potential errors that are brought to our attention and correct them, if necessary. If you have suggestions, feedback or ideas about how to make School Report better, email us at schoolreport@stuff.co.nz.

The School Report team in 2014 was: John Hartevelt, Andy Fyers and Andy Ball, with reporting by Jo Moir, Michelle Duff, Jody O'Callaghan and Liam Hyslop.

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