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love & sex

The new dating playgrounds?

Model Chrissy Teigen married recording artist John Legend and the pair will continue to live happily ever after on Instagram.

Thanks to social media, any guy (or girl!) can be a "modeliser".

Is it easier to excuse male cheaters?

There's really nothing like the whiff of an affair to get us pop culture enthusiasts all aflame.

Ashley Madison's fake profiles

We need to celebrate divorce

food & wine

Why dessert can be good for you

Soothing and indulgent: Healthy vanilla custard.

Desserts need not strain your system – in fact they can benefit gut bacteria.

Recipe: Nadia’s crispy salmon

Fresh salmon served with miso, ginger, edamame bean and carrot noodle broth - dinner's looking good.

Baker's pasta is one of those miracle dishes you can make from almost nothing.

Three ways with... stale bread

Turn those unwanted crusts or baguette ends into something delicious.


Get the look: Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss is now a ravishing redhead.

Bold red hair is all the rage at the moment. Here's how to do it right.

Pageant a jewel in cultural crown

Culture is key for two of the 20 finalists in the Miss Universe New Zealand competition.

Concealed arts - getting rid of under-eye bags is part product/part common sense.

Perk up those tired eyes

Find out what's causing those dark under-eye shadows - and how to fix them.


Huntly hoodies grace catwalk

The Auckland-based designer likes the irony of having Huntly on your chest. The model is wearing the $99.00 men's t-shirt.

4:36 PM  This season's fashion is all about a proud little coal-mining town called Huntly.

NZ Fashion Week: Day three gallery video

A rugby player struck a blow for plus-size models, there was a runway bride - and the world’s first incontinence lingerie collection hit the catwalk.

The boys confessed to doing some push-ups before their moment in the spotlight.

Bigger boys respected video

Hika Elliot says he fully supports men with fuller figures taking to the catwalk.

well & good

Suffering from memory loss

Memory loss can be worrying especially if it starts to happen often.

Taking aerobic exercise every day helps because it increases blood flow, sending more oxygen to the brain.

How 'friend therapy' helps

Young and old both find surprising benefits from 'hanging out' together.

Eating at night makes a difference

Elder girls more likely to be fat


'I love every minute of it'

Thalia Harteveld, 86, right, has collected for Daffodil Day in the foyer of the hospital for 25 years. Monica Munt, left, was also collecting.

Thalia Harteveld fundraises every Daffodil Day to honour father who died of cancer in 1962.

Beautician reveals sexist requests

"He literally gave me his wife and some money, right there and then in Bunnings, so I could wax her head to toe."

Megan Nicol Reed: Oh, the places you'll go!

Us Two: Monishita Tania and Mohammad Alam

home & property

3 gardening tasks for the weekend

Drip-drip irrigation works well for watercress.

It's time to start sowing - and growing - those spring crops.

Inside Las Vegas’ sexiest home

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas - except when it involves one of the world's sexiest homes

Actor Brad Pitt speaks on stage during Light Up the Blues Concert to benefit Autism Speaks.

Brad Pitt builds 109 homes

3:32 PM  This Saturday marks 10 years since the devastating event and no celebrity is more in sync than Brad Pitt.


Is this the Rolls-Royce SUV? gallery

A computer-generated concept of what the Rolls-Royce SUV will look like.

This vehicle shapes as the new face of luxury motoring that the mega-rich will crave.

Crazy new must-have of the super-rich

A dog nanny: akin to that of a governess, but entrusted with a slobbering pug in a pink diamond-studded collar.

'Dinner Time' by British artist L S Lowry commanded $95,000 at Dunbar Sloane's Wellington auction on Wednesday. The work beat Lowry's previous record for a work on paper of AUD $38,000, setting an Australasian record.

Pencil drawing sells for six figures

Pencil drawing of working-class men eating dinner snapped up for six figures in Wellington.


Introducing Bekah and Tom

A little help from their friends.

We love a good proposal story and Bekah and Tom's is definitely one that had us reaching for our tissue box.

Meet Maggie, the 'bride horse'

Seven-year-old Percheron mare sure to bring the "x-factor" to country weddings.

Hohepa Thompson proposes to his girlfriend Mia Brennan on the runway.

Surprise proposal on the catwalk video

Designer delighted onlookers when he popped the question to his partner during their Fashion Week show.


Hang on, that's not a dog...

"If she didn't have the dogs as little buddies she'd be pretty lonely."


Missing child scores try

Laiken had made his way onto the field during a charity match between Queensland and New South Wales in Toowoomba earlier this month.

Turn your back for five seconds and who knows what your child will get up to.

How not to name twins

4:18 PM  Why you shouldn’t name your twins Dwayne and Shane or Ken and Barbie.

For her first post-pregnancy-announcement appearance, Kim Kardashian plumped for this latex dress.

Kim K may have hysterectomy

Kim Kardashian reveals complications means she might have to have a hysterectomy.

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Why dogs make us smile gallery


Whether it's their knack with selfies or a love of cushions, they're guaranteed to do something cute every day.

My toastbusters mission

14012015 News Photo Kirk Hargreaves/FairfaxNZ 
Moata Tamaira
Blogger for STUFF

Try as I might, I struggle to be served bread items at cafes that aren't flattened into a melty oblivion.

The super-secret life of pets

The Secret Life of Pets

It's my conviction that a pet spends part of every day practising to be more adorable.

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