Does she have the best job ever? gallery

Camilla on assignment in Western Australia for a Chinese travel magazine.

She follows extreme athletes around in NZ's most beautiful environments for a living. So that's a yes then.

Can this actually effect change?

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg changed his profile picture shortly after the Supreme Court announcement.

Rainbow pictures didn't persuade US court to legalise gay marriage, but it's not a useless exercise.

Awkward date gone very wrong

The author, Alexandra Petri, talks how acting awkward to get out of a situation can go very wrong.

"I am only capable of erotic attraction to badgers. And members of the Beatles. You know, in tandem."

Winning a crown silenced dad

Anastasia Lin says her human rights advocacy work as Miss World Canada has resulted in threats being made against her father in China.

I won Miss World Canada and now my father is afraid to speak to me. Here's why.

Girls traded like Pokemon cards

Photos of nursing student Sarah Kaye Steinmann were uploaded online without her permission.

We need to shut down predatory behaviour rather than tell women to "cover up", revenge porn victims says.

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love & sex

Awkward date gone very wrong

The author, Alexandra Petri, talks how acting awkward to get out of a situation can go very wrong.

"I am only capable of erotic attraction to badgers. And members of the Beatles. You know, in tandem."

Digital rainbow lights up internet

Is this the most colourful day in the internet's history?

Why we prefer dogs to spouses

Ray's last wish to marry

food & wine

The best DIY tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken with mint and coriander - marinate overnight for best flavour.

Master that tempting gently spiced taste at home with this easy marinating recipe.

A souped-up pumpkin recipe

A hint of chilli, along with various spices, turns this pumpkin soup into a particularly warming brew.

Meet The Vulkan, the star-shaped pizza dreamed up by a Swedish eatery.

Pizza of dreams (or nightmares)

Behold The Vulcan, a hexagonal heart attack that's blowing our minds.


Five quick fixes for dirty hair

Blake Lively knows the power of a good undone braid.

Fancied an extra snooze? These easy updos are perfect on second and third-day locks.

New app the Uber of beauty

Flossie Concierge allows you to request, book and pay for beauty appointments with their smartphone.

From mossy to glossy, the merman trend traverses many shades of green.

It's a thing: Merman dye job gallery

We thought we'd reached peak beard, but then they went and reinvented it.


The five worst shoes ever made

Redneck Boot Sandals - oh, the monstrosity.

Clogs, Crocs, and now the cowboy jandal . . . the age of the ugly shoe is most certainly upon us.

Queues for Kanye West sneakers

Sneaker lovers are queuing up for a chance to own an exclusive pair of shoes designed by music mogul Kanye West.

Veteran supermodel Tyra Banks says models are under too much pressure.

Tyra's tirade at skinny models

Tyra Banks says today's models are under pressure to be skinnier than skinny.

well & good

Foods behind 'irritable bowels' 

As a general rule onions, garlic, legumes, apples and oats tend to cause the most issues.

Unexplained tummy cramps and digestive issues? You might want to cut out the sugars found in these foods.

Great-granny loses 100kg

She was faced with a sobering reality: lose the weight or meet an early grave.

5 big fitness myths busted

Do we need 8 glasses a day?


Farmers accused of transgender discrimination

Mary Haddock-Staniland claims staff at Farmers' Botany store made snide comments when she went to use the female changing room.

4:32 PM  Transgender woman claims department store staff made snide comments when she used female changing room.

Does she have the best job ever? gallery

She follows extreme athletes around in NZ's most beautiful environments for a living. So that's a yes then.

Can doing this actually effect change?

How winning a pageant silenced her dad

home & property

Roof repairs are 'insufficient' gallery

30062015 news photo, 95-113 Greys Ave (aka lower reys ave, HNZ housing. water damage caused by inadequate roofing and down pipes. Photo: Tom Carnegie.

Tenants of Housing New Zealand apartments in Auckland's CBD are fed up with living in water-damaged properties.

New York's hidden houses

From a rooftop cottage to a converted substation, these are six of the city's best-kept secrets.

Singer Katy Perry has been trying to buy a former convent in LA for three years.

Katy Perry battles with nuns

4:31 PM  Teenage Dream singer wants to buy a former convent, but disapproving Sisters are having none of it.


Crazy new must-have of the super-rich

A top dog life - A pup at Somerset House during London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015.

A dog nanny: akin to that of a governess, but entrusted with a slobbering pug in a pink diamond-studded collar.

Jeremy Renner's $6m property gallery

A 1920s house with a 550m 'great room', renovated by Jeremy Renner and his business partner, is up for sale.

LOW MAINTENANCE: Kim Kardashian uses three different make-up artists depending on how 'ethnic' or 'glam' she wants to look.

Kim K's $2600 make-up routine

It starts with a $600 moisturiser...


Video: Her emotional surprise video

We think it's safe to say Megan had no idea what they had planned.

And here's your Monday happy cry. You're welcome.

The race of their lives

They all wanted to be first with the news of America's gay marriage law, and then the internet got involved.

Engaged couple Tash Sprout and Arie Stokes search for ideas at the Waikato Wedding Expo. Sprout is worried Stokes won't like her dress when she turns up to the altar on the wedding day.

Lovebirds' tale began at The Outback

Tash Sprout is grateful she had a bit of "liquid courage" when she first asked out her fiance.


Oddfellows not going anywhere: Allen's

Oddfellows mints safe, Spearmint Leaves gone


IUDs for teen girls proposed

New Zealand has the second-highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world.

4:50 PM  All teenage NZ girls should be fitted with contraceptive implants or IUDs, Otago researchers say.

Baby's head shape discovery

Mother shocked to discover son's head shape was instead linked to a dangerous condition.

This mother has a warning for other parents out there.

Siblings 'done some sexing'

Beth* first realised something was wrong when her daughter complained of a rash "down there".

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When baby and dog cohabit

Dog & Ruby

OPINION: If it's a dog, it's capable of biting. So how do you make a meeting of the two as safe as possible?

Furry Friday: Peering at you


If you own a pet, you'll be familiar with their determined staring at you from some part-hidden place.

All toddlers are psychopaths

14012015 News Photo Kirk Hargreaves/FairfaxNZ 
Moata Tamaira
Blogger for STUFF

Here's how my 18-month-old is like Joe Pesci (beyond the fact they're both short with a high pitched voice).

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