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love & sex

The worst sex advice ever?

Whip him up a quick post-coital snack: the key to relationship success.

You sometimes have to wonder whether relationship advice from magazines is designed to help or humiliate.

Make your marriage 'mindful'

When your spouse leaves dirty laundry two feet from the hamper, this is what you should do...

Couples kiss for freedom video

Can adultery sites save a marriage?

food & wine

What to make on a cold day

Steamed ginger pudding and spiced hot chocolate – the perfect pairing on a winter's night.

Winter gives you free rein to indulge, so make the most of it with this ginger pudding and spiced hot chocolate.

Andrew Little hops to the Left

They say the test of a political leader is whether you would want to have a beer with them.

This molten chocolate pudding is dessert heaven and can be prepared the day before serving.

Dark chocolate pan pudding

This molten chocolate concoction is dessert heaven and can be prepared the day before serving.


Get Irina’s flawless bronzed look

Seeing model Irina Shayk here makes us want to perfect that natural mid-winter glow.

Sick of the winter pallor? Here's how to pull off a perfect glow without looking unseasonally orange.

Stop obsessing over women's beauty

OPINION: Instead of reassuring women that they can be beautiful at any size, let's reassure them that they don't have to be.

Jane Hitchfield says her skin always looks better when she's had plenty of fresh air.

In Jane Hitchfield's beauty bag

She counts some of New Zealand's biggest beauty brands as her clients, but which make her bathroom cabinet cut?


Is Steven Joyce a fashionista?

Serial fashion show patron, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce dons a bow tie at one of the many events he is invited to.

Steven Joyce will return to the catwalk next week when he attends a fashion show in Vietnam.

Zara dips toe in NZ waters

Zara comes to Auckland's North Shore, in a fashion.

Irina and Tyra both go for bold looks this week, with different results.

Best & worst dressed celebrities gallery

One top model makes sheer look classy, while another ends up with quite the opposite effect.

well & good

10 things to know before you go


We are familiar with the idea of living well, but the idea of dying well is relatively new.

A different way to see video

Almost 170,000 Kiwis have some form of vision loss. All of them see the world differently.

Obese teens need surgery access video

Most relaxed run you'll ever have


Gwyneth's conscious uncoupling works

Gwyneth Paltrow's split from Chris Martin has confused most media watchers.

Experts say there is such a thing as a good break-up.

A different way to see video

Almost 170,000 Kiwis have some form of vision loss. All of them see the world differently.

Boulevard of dreams

Anatomy of a 'real' man

home & property

Sydney penthouse sells for $24m

The penthouse of the Bennelong building has sold for about $24.3 million.

A Sydney hotelier's rags to riches story has culminated in the sale of his penthouse for $24.3m.

DIY your own mini hot house gallery

Building this portable tomato seedling shelter will help you get a jump on spring.

The singer has indicated she is prepared to rent the property while she attempts to purchase it.

Singer's ex-convent dream alive

Katy Perry is still battling to take up residence in a former Roman Catholic convent in Los Angeles.


Pencil drawing sells for six figures

'Dinner Time' by British artist L S Lowry commanded $95,000 at Dunbar Sloane's Wellington auction on Wednesday. The work beat Lowry's previous record for a work on paper of AUD $38,000, setting an Australasian record.

Pencil drawing of working-class men eating dinner snapped up for six figures in Wellington.

Kim K's $2600 make-up routine

It starts with a $600 moisturiser...

A top dog life - A pup at Somerset House during London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015.

Crazy new must-have of the super-rich

A dog nanny: akin to that of a governess, but entrusted with a slobbering pug in a pink diamond-studded collar.


Introducing Bronwyn & Daniel gallery

The newlyweds in Mona Vale gardens.

They lived in the same spot for years, yet their paths never crossed until they moved to London. If that isn't fate, we don't know what is ...

The best age to get married

If you tie the knot in these four years, you're less likely to get divorced, study finds.

Onosa'i Auva'a has been a marriage celebrant since 2010.

Rugby hardman's softer side

Onosa'i Auva'a is known for his exploits on the rugby field but for his teammates, his relationship guidance in the locker room could be more significant.


Obese teens need surgery access

Weight-loss surgery is being denied to the growing population of obese teenagers, a surgeon says.


Zuckerberg's shares joy, grief

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, married in 2012.

Facebook boss shares honest post about pregnancy in the hope it will help others.

Toddlers strange obsessions

When it comes to two-year-olds and birthday cakes there are a few requests that usually top the list.

An expectant mum, ready to go.

Truths about C-section mums

I see a certain type of birth held up as ideal, and in my work I capture many that would fit the standard.

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special offers

Why dogs make us smile gallery


Whether it's their knack with selfies or a love of cushions, they're guaranteed to do something cute every day.

My toastbusters mission

14012015 News Photo Kirk Hargreaves/FairfaxNZ 
Moata Tamaira
Blogger for STUFF

Try as I might, I struggle to be served bread items at cafes that aren't flattened into a melty oblivion.

The super-secret life of pets

The Secret Life of Pets

It's my conviction that a pet spends part of every day practising to be more adorable.

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