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love & sex

Together 83 years - what's their secret?

John and Ann Betar, who have been together 83 years, will give advice on Twitter for Valentines Day.

10:23 PM  America's 'longest married couple' will give advice on Valentines Day.

Watch porn, save whales? Nope

Porn website's "charitable" push will likely cost them less than 1 per cent of their revenue.

Farmer speed dating love lasts

Top spots for a Valentines Day picnic

food & wine

Cocktail enclosed in icy sphere

The icy sphere needs to be cracked open before the cocktail can be enjoyed.

A bartender has created a cocktail that is almost certainly more trouble than it's worth. 

Honey, cardamom cheesecake

Here's a dessert with just an accent of spice to bring out the ingredients.

Think you’ve been using wooden chopsticks right? Well think again.

Chopsticks trick blows minds

Think you’ve been using wooden chopsticks right? Think again.


The woman with four eyebrows

Tyne now has four eyebrows.

Overplucking left her with no eyebrows ... so how did she end up with four?

In a beauty queen's beauty bag

Maori pageant champion and nail polish fiend Candace Wilson shares her makeup and skincare tips.

What's the matter, Kim? At least you know how to recover.

Kim K's ugly cry products

You're probably familiar with her crying face. Here's how she reins it in.


Iris Apfel on life and style

Iris wears merino wool wrap scarf, wool vest, printed silk shirt and pants, all from Blue Illusion. Accessories, Iris's own.

Why this one 'rare bird' isn't buying in to the decluttering movement.

Waist trainers: investing in eating disorders

OPINION: The stomach cinching contraption from a bygone era, the corset, has made a comeback.

Melissa Baker at Bryant Park for New York Fashion Week in 2008.

Models sue their agencies

They say they were denied food and underpaid, and they want compensation.  

well & good

When venting becomes harmful

If you think blowing off steam helps you feel better, think again.

If you think blowing off steam helps you feel better, think again.

Happiness in later life

A monthly visit to the pub might be the key to happiness in later life.

13 apps for fitness at home

Job makes doctor depressed


Anger is easy but it's never the solution video

All Blacks and Highlanders player Malakai Fekitoa says he has a "huge problem" with anger.

9:18 PM  Fekitoa's revelation and apology is a big deal - and a great thing.

Cookware keeps Grandma close

Grandma is gone but her cherished cookware will always have a place in my kitchen.

Why 'fat talk' is so hurtful

Trans man on Men's Health cover

home & property

Decor trends on the way out

Mad Men is over. So is midcentury modern.

Mad Men is over and so is the midcentury modern look. Sorry, folks.

Home romance not only for V Day

Make Valentines Day happen every day with these decorating tips to make your daily life more romantic.

The $250,000 12-seat home theatre is a small-scale replica of a traditional Art Deco theatre, but is equipped with the very latest digital cinema technology.

'Let me entertain you' video

We reveal the passion behind the projectionist who has re-created the glory days.


$1.4m hypercar hits Kiwi tarmac

It's a head-turner for sure, but 918 is primarily a functional high-speed, highly aerodynamic machine.

Forget supercars, this is a new breed of performance machine that can only be called a ''hypercar''.

Is this huge car price a record? video

Exchange rates and auction locations mean the title of the most expensive car ever sold at auction is up for debate.

Fast cars, five-star overseas holidays, furs, diamonds and glitzy parties are off the list as top status signifiers.

The new status symbols

Forget bling, fizz and fast cars, these are the new ways to show off your wealth.


Wedding in a warzone gallery

Newly-wed Syrian couple Nada Merhi,18, and Hassan Youssef, 27, pose for a wedding picture in Homs.

The photographer wanted to show that life and love is stronger than death in Syria.

Mariah Carey's triple wedding day

Mariah Carey is planning a three-day Disney-themed extravaganza when she weds James Packer.

Ashleigh and Louis Davis swing past Whangarei KFC for their wedding photo over the weekend.

A Kiwi KFC wedding

It's a special relationship. Groom chooses KFC over naked pics for wedding photo.


Anger is easy but it's never the solution

Fekitoa's revelation and apology is a big deal - and a great thing.


Parenting link with ADHD in kids

Why do the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) seem to go away in some kids but not in others?

Study asks why do symptoms of ADHD seem to go away in some kids but not in others?

When dad misses the moment

No-one wants their partner to miss the baby’s birth, but it can happen. Here’s how to handle it.

Austin Lacey was asked to remove his Princess Elsa costume after his school principal told him it was too distracting.

'Not OK for boys to dress like girls'

US teen has a bit of fun with an Elsa costume for his school's spirit day but his principal wasn't amused.

Who is the winner of the Silver Fern Farms Premier Selection Awards?

Sponsored content by Silver Fern Farms

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Pets whose lives are a battle


Life hasn't been easy for these cats, but that hasn't stopped them from battling on.

When pets are 'naughty'

Oscar is a freedom fighter. He liberated the spaghetti from its bonds. Now Oscar's work is done, and yours begins.

Stuffed toys, paper towel, spaghetti - they're all fair game for curious cats and dogs.

Why dogs make us smile gallery


Whether it's their knack with selfies or a love of cushions, they're guaranteed to do something cute every day.

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