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love & sex

How to break up in 5 words

They say breaking up is hard to do but Twitter users have got it down to a fine art. 

Five positive truths about marriage

We've all read the negatives comments - nagging, criticism of everything etc - but what about the up-sides to married life?

Call for condom emoji

The problem with cyber-cheating

food & wine

New recipes going down a treat

Wattie's tomato sauce with 50 per cent less sugar.

Food companies' healthier versions of popular products are gaining Govt health stars and praise from shoppers.

Raise a glass to save a reef

Down a cold one. It might just help save Great Barrier Reef.
mixed nuts
mixed nuts
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Best way to toast nuts

Nuts are a Christmas staple, here's some suggestions on what to do with them.


Fragrances go gender-free

Does the future really have no gender?

Calvin Klein has just released its first "gender-free" fragrance. Not unisex. Not gender-neutral. Gender free.

Salma's girl donating her hair

Actress Salma Hayek's 8-year-old shows plenty of Christmas spirit by growing out her locks for a cancer charity.

Rodney Wayne's latest campaign image featuring model Ngahuia Williams. The nationwide salon gained a five-star rating in the survey.

Hair-raising salon spend revealed

When it comes to time in the hairdressing chair, you may be surprised who is spending what, and where, and when.


Adele's fashion evolution gallery

A fresh-faced Adele is all smiles after winning the Critic's Award at the Brit Awards in 2008.

8:00 PM  Her sweet, sweet music has been consistent over the years, but her style sure has changed.

Christmas shopping master list gallery

We’ve got your what-to-buy dilemmas sorted with our ultimate guide to the most desirable gifts.

Kylie Jenner has been criticised for posing in a wheelchair in a fashion shoot for Interview Magazine.

Kylie Jenner's wheelchair shoot

The reality television star has come under fire for posing with a wheelchair as a fashion accessory.

well & good

Ditching the 'skinny fat'

Getting rid of sugar is a healthy step.

You know those pesky tummy rolls that just won't disappear? Yeah them.

'Wellness' is making us sick

Extreme "clean" diets and an obsession with physical perfection can actually ruin lives.

Has family ruined your diet?

Bigger isn't better at the gym


Miley and Kim K in shocking ads

The photoshopped image is captioned "No woman is immune from domestic abuse".

16 min ago  Artist and activist edits photos of celebrities to add bruises and black eyes.

Is downsizing the way to go?

Six questions to ask yourself before selling up and downsizing in retirement.

Rise of the thirtysomething fogeys

Rooster attacks kids

home & property

Tips for a bumper berry harvest

Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries for Christmas feasting.

Follow these troubleshooting tips and have a very berry Christmas.

House of the week: Waiheke gallery

This 120-year-old villa - once inhabited by the wealthy Rothschilds family - comes with its very own slice of beach.

Downsizing from the family home in retirement might not be the money spinner you think it is.

Is downsizing the way to go?

Six questions to ask yourself before selling up and downsizing in retirement.


Diamonds may actually be really common

Could the $2 million Mouawad Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra, set with thousands of diamonds, really be worth just a few hundred bucks?

We pay sky-high prices because of their supposed rarity - but are these sparklers really a dime a dozen?

Trailer boat still Kiwi dream

Owning a $50,000 runabout remains a potent fantasy for many Kiwis. So what’s stirring down at the boat yard?

New Continental GT Speed does what it says on the box: it's Bentley's fastest production model.

Why you need a 12 pot Bentley

The Bentley Continental GT Speed does exactly what it says on the box.


Family 'torn apart' by wedding snub

"By not attending my wedding, you rejected me," journalist and food writer Patrick Bradley told his parents.

"You both should bear the shame, not me," son tells parents who refused to attend his same-sex wedding.

'My wedding felt like a funeral'

Milly Simmie gathered her bridesmaids together: "I have cancer, and it's probably terminal. Now, we've got mojitos to make."

The happy bride and groom.

Introducing Elena & Richard gallery

A chance meeting at a Tauranga bar led to lasting love for this Auckland couple.


Hot property selling fast

A Strathmore home has sold for more than $250K over its RV.


When instinct says baby's on way

Changes in senses of smell and taste can be giveaways for some women.

Anna Spargo-Ryan had a hunch she was pregnant, and she was right.

Are kids getting meaner?

A new survey shows kind kids are in short supply - and it looks like parents are to blame.

Ashley Kaide openly breastfeeding her infant son.

'Breast no different to a spoon'

Mum hits out at breastfeeding shamers and refuses to cover up while feeding her son.

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When pets are 'naughty'

Oscar is a freedom fighter. He liberated the spaghetti from its bonds. Now Oscar's work is done, and yours begins.

Stuffed toys, paper towel, spaghetti - they're all fair game for curious cats and dogs.

Why dogs make us smile gallery


Whether it's their knack with selfies or a love of cushions, they're guaranteed to do something cute every day.

My toastbusters mission

14012015 News Photo Kirk Hargreaves/FairfaxNZ 
Moata Tamaira
Blogger for STUFF

Try as I might, I struggle to be served bread items at cafes that aren't flattened into a melty oblivion.

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