They've lost 56kg between them


It's hard to believe these confident women were once so ashamed of their appearance they avoided cameras.

She really is superhuman

Gisele Gisele has pulled the ultimate cosmetic humble brag - going makeup free in a high fashion campaign.

Metabolism-boosting secrets

Metabolism Scientists have unlocked three important factors in the battle to coax our bodies to burn calories more efficiently.

Sniff your way to love

pheromone Sick of Tinder, we try out New Zealand's first pheromone party. And? Well it was certainly interesting.

The week's best & worst dressed

best worst Selena Gomez manages to make an exposed bra look frumpy, while Alba, Stone & Kruger hit a six.

'Cannot protect gay daughter'

Lesbian I support my beautiful 17-year-old's decision to come out but worry about other people's reactions.

(Bad) sex still sells

Two viral stories this week - spreadsheets, gunshots & lust (or lack thereof) say a lot about the human condition.

Is this Rory McIlroy's new love?

Lose weight for better sex

How to make Yorkshire puddings

Yorkshire pudding Get the roast ready! Here's how to make golden, puffy and crisp Yorkshire puddings.

The wrath of online criticism

Restaurateur says unmoderated and negative comments could cost jobs and close businesses.

More nutrients in frozen veg?

Kumara & banana muffins

7 signs your gluten allergy is fake

Here's one: 'Oh, no pizza for me, but extra gravy on the beef please'.

How to fix that jolly red nose

nose Sun lover: probably. Christmas elf: maybe annually. Bit of a drinker: most likely. Not a good look: definitely.

Beauty turns back the clock

In case you missed the memo: 80s beauty is back.

Mane tamers

Anna Paquin's shock new look

Beauty: New arrivals

This week's new arrivals in the beauty world.

Stuff's daily street style: July

Street style Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

The return of the man-skirt

Despite howls of protest, celebrities and catwalk models are flaunting the last feminine meets masculine style trend.

Orange isn't the new black

Are ties still relevant?

The week's best & worst dressed

Kim K, Emma Watson, J-Lo, Kate Hudson and Diane Kruger all appear, with varying levels of success.

Floating on air after weight-loss

	 weightloss pair It's hard to believe the two women laughing and posing in the street were once so ashamed of their appearance that they avoided cameras.

Beat 'bedtime procrastination'

Feeling a little tired this morning? Perhaps you ought to rethink your night-time priorities.

Nine diet-saving food swaps

Three very powerful words

Sweet sixteenth swim

Felicity Lowen Felicity Lowen celebrated her 16th birthday in an unusual way - she swam 640 laps.

My big pepper spray mistake

Buying peace of mind for a remote bush trip got me in the dock facing 14 years in jail.

If adverts said it like it is...

Loved ones remembered

Turn a home into an investment

home Two bedrooms will attract the right sort of renter; as will neutral walls and an easy-care section.

China's skyscraper mania

Suzhou isn't even the biggest city in Jiangsu province, yet it's joining a rush for the sky.

Real life reno: The kitchen

How to protect your house

Open homes: Ski lodges

The best buys on offer right now for fans of pistes, picturesque views and winter (and summer) getaways.

Couch potato to running bean

Running jogging jogger What is it about running that makes you get out of bed on a cold winter's morning?

Fuel for moving your feet

The motivation to get moving comes from your heart, mind and stomach.

Crossfit are my new family

Increase your speed

4 tricks to improve your run

Posture, foot-strike, cadence: easy-to-fix issues that may be ruining your run.

Introducing Leighton & Stacey

Wedding of the week A stunning dress, vintage cars and a picturesque venue - this wedding really had it all.

Be Stuff's wedding of the week

Tied the knot recently and want to share your special day? Show us each memory-making moment.

Who makes the cut?

Introducing Blair & Emma

Introducing Eric & Kristen

Quite possibly the most vibrantly beautiful wedding we've seen yet - a true showstopper.

Piggy in the middle of town

Muck the pig Meet Muck the kune kune, he sits on command, and has learned how to open the fridge (we like his priorities).

Woman confronts cat-callers

While secretly filming their reactions, which vary from incredulous to apologetic to deluded.

Today's dose of cuteness

More beauty queen stuff ups

This week we're obsessed with

obsessed Kim K's lack of armpit, the fittest woman in the world and a man with the voice of a Beverly Hills angel.

The week in celeb Insta snaps

The Rock reveals his true hotness, the Princes get candid and bikinis feature heavily.

This week we're obsessed with

The week in celeb Insta snaps

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