Hairdresser scores top award

Te Moananui's winning submission.

A Wellington hair stylist has been named New Zealand's Hairdresser of the Year.

Kitten survives wash cycle

Bobby the cat

Bobby the cat was taking a nap in the washing machine, when it roared to life.

Why escorts avoid pink nails

Sydney escort Samantha X, real name Amanda Goff, has started a school for would-be sex workers.

Prominent Aussie escort Samantha X lays down the golden rules for prospective sex workers.

'She's having an affair'

'I glanced at my wife's phone and saw a very flirty email from a workmate.'

Psychologist Robyn Salisbury offers some advice to a reader who suspects his wife is cheating.

Too much information

"The midwife invited anyone uncomfortable to leave the class. Only my husband and I got up."

Pregnancy and the birth process are best managed in a state of oblivion.

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love & sex

'Sugar baby' guilty of blackmail


She threatened to released explicit footage of their rendezvous. He went to the police.

Why escorts avoid pink nail polish

Prominent Sydney escort Samantha X lays down the golden rules for prospective sex workers.

'She's having an affair'

Exploring Kiwi erotica

food & wine

Recipe: Almond butter cookies

You don't have to be a monster to gobble a stack of these cookies.

You don't have to be a monster to gobble a stack of these cookies.

Secret world of a restaurant judge

What it's like to help find the country's best eating spots.

A bowl of spicy pumpkin soup is the perfect meal for anyone under the weather.

Spicy pumpkin soup

An old standby with a spicy twist is perfect for anyone under the weather.


Hairdresser scores top award

Te Moananui's winning submission.

A Wellington hair stylist has been named New Zealand's Hairdresser of the Year.

Five of the best: Self-heating products

Warm up your winter beauty routine with an exothermic chemical reaction.

Miss Florida USA 2017 has been stripped of her crown because she went against the rules and used hair and makeup ...

Beauty queen stripped of crown

It takes a professional to look this good, and that was Miss Florida USA's undoing.


Fashion in the family

Andre Johnston's garment that won her the Award of Excellence at the 2016 Hokonui Fashion Design Awards.

Hundreds braved the threat of snow to see the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards 2016.

Maccas launches activewear line

Because we all want to look good while eating our Big Macs, right?

An entry in the 2015 Hokonui Fashion Design Awards.

Live coverage: Hokonui Fashion Design Awards

Use #hfda to join in on the conversation.

well & good

Chemo mum's hilarious photos

Karen Walsh stages photo shoots to help her get through her cancer treatment.

Karen Walsh started taking selfies during chemo to share her journey.

The disease taking my mum

For the past two years, my 70-year-old mother hasn't known me.

How to live to 100

Knickers not for newspaper


Are manners in meltdown?

Have we, as a society, become too impatient and impolite?

Chivalry is out, Big Macs at the theatre is in. Is it time we all learnt to behave?

Stranger saves desperate mum

No-one would help a stranded single mum and her 4 kids - until an elderly hero came along.

A love that conquered

5 of life's little niggles

home & property

At my place: Otis Frizzell

Otis and Sarah Frizzell with Otis' artwork 'Sarah's Tomato' behind them

Otis Frizzell loves his cat and hates unannounced guests

Mid-century gem has a story gallery

Designed by Sir Miles Warren for the Ballantynes, this Mid-century classic is also the set for a much-anticipated Kiwi movie.

Yams are a tasty winter treat

How to grow yams

Those delicious sweet root vege are easy to grow. A little too easy, in fact...


How the super-rich go shopping

A client can have her sales adviser pull in an entire season's worth of looks, plus accessories, in her size. Or she can ...

Flattering blush-pink changing room walls, catwalk-ready pieces and customers who drop US$500,000 in one click.

A window to the world of luxury

The Lexus ES sedan is for those who want a quiet life.

Sydney's CPlusC Architectural Workshop was awarded a medal for this residence in Castlecrag, which transformed a ...

World's most beautiful things revealed gallery

A pair of Aussie sneakers, a slick watch and a stadium in Singapore are among the winners.


No dress, $5k out and a wedding in weeks

Yes Cinderella, you shall go to the ball - John Zimmermann Couture is offering to help out brides who have been left in ...

She paid up for a dress that never existed. Now this bride is fuming.

Introducing Nic and Marisa gallery

They say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' and this couldn't be more true for Nic and Marisa.

Brides left devastated and without their dresses after Primrose and Finch went into liquidation, closing their stores in ...

Auckland bridal a 'crazy' closure

'We are absolutely shocked, saddened, and outraged over this situation.'


Bowie's childhood demons

A child psychologist goes back a generation to study what made David Bowie tick.


Why I love splurging on my girl

I love splashing out on gorgeous dresses, shoes and sparkly hairbands for my little girl.

I indulge on my young daughter more than my boys – and I'm not guilty about it.

Family welcomes baby 19

Britain's biggest family has welcomed 19 babies - and the parents aren't ruling out one more.

Lianne Brennan and baby Echo-River

Stylist cuts cord with hair scissors

A UK hairdresser didn't know she was pregnant until her water broke - and she delivered the baby herself.

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special offers

Furry Friday: A closer look

Laika's extraordinary face deserves a long, close look. She doesn't mind the attention.

An up-close view of a pet, fine details and all, is irresistible. It reveals a little of the character.

Furry Friday: Cats at rest

Cassey reclines with effortless style.

When it comes to chilling out, no-one does it better than cats.

A little dog's great life

Basil in his favourite element.

Basil was a wee dog who had a wonderful life despite facing more than his share of challenges.

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