Miranda's latest words of wisdom

Miranda Kerr

Step away from the cookies... according to Aussie health nut Miranda Kerr, the key to female empowerment is diet.

Miranda Kerr's latest clanger Miranda's surprising drinking games prowess Miranda Kerr's beauty secrets

When husbands want less sex

sex You ask yourself, 'What's wrong with me? Aren't I attractive? Why isn't he like all the other guys?'

Smart women, better marriages?

obama Scientists have had us believe that successful, confident educated women have less success in love. Really?

New dolls set to empower

Dolls 'Miss Possible' aims to inspire young girls with real-world role models in science, tech and engineering. Sorry, Barbie.

'Who took this hideous picture?'

Bridgette White I was exposed by my children for what I really look like.

On social media pre-nups

Social media How to stop your partner from airing your dirty laundry when you break up.

Pheromone parties promote lust, not love

Sex, not true love, is what you'll get should you RSVP 'yes' to a Pheromone Party, according to a scent expert.

Sniff your way to love

'Cannot protect gay daughter'

The top five Food Show trends

chelsea This year it's all about juicing, blending and eating natural fats: here's what you'll find at Auckland's Food Show.

Giving tea a break

The time-honoured cuppa is making a new appearance in cocktails and canapes.

Almond milk: a new diet staple?

NZ expands into skinny wine

Jumbo a piece of cake

It was the elephant in the room that everyone wanted to talk about.

Her beauty caused a storm

Her beauty caused a storm This young woman just wants to play volleyball. Her many, many new online fans won't let that happen.

Have we hit 'peak brow'?

After meticulously crafting hairy caterpillars onto our face, the trend is about to do a 180.

This week we're obsessed with

Sunday loves: Fragrances

Beauty: Cover up

Liquid, cream, or stick? We’re in a conundrum over concealer.

Stuff's daily street style: July

Street style Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

10 ways to look slimmer, fast

From sneaky tailoring tricks to must-wear items - your wardrobe can be a secret weapon if you use it right.

Wife seeks gown for Emmys

Best & worst: Comic Con

The week's best & worst dressed

Selena Gomez manages to make an exposed bra look frumpy, while Alba, Stone & Kruger hit a six.

Happiness is inherited

happy When parents carve space in their lives for happiness, it gives their kids permission to do the same

Help! My bum is disappearing

If your glutes aren't pulling their weight, it's time to change your routine.

Chronic pain no 'cop-out'

Cancer 'niggle' nearly missed

Senior flatties settle in

Sunrise house residents The first tenants of a flat for seniors in Northcote already think of themselves as sisters.

Model changes gender

"I went into the library and typed 'sex change' into Google and my life changed," Andrej Pejic says.

To chew or not to chew

Sweet sixteenth swim

Chairs that look, feel like skin

chair Oh, and they even smell like a human. Would you have one in your lounge?

Luxury in Heathcote Valley

Sprawling across 840 square metres, there's plenty of room for guests - the problem is they'll never want to leave.

Let's live in ... Avonhead

Meet the new The Block teams

Nicole in holy smoke screen

Residents of the high rise where the famous couple own units have been dragged into an incense burning row.

Dame Helen Mirren's 12 minute exercise plan

helen mirren What's Dame Helen Mirren's elixir of youth? A now-obsolete Canadian military fitness plan.

Couch potato to running bean

What is it about running that makes you get out of bed on a cold winter's morning?

Fuel for moving your feet

Crossfit are my new family

4 tricks to improve your run

Posture, foot-strike, cadence: easy-to-fix issues that may be ruining your run.

Planning an Island wedding

Beach Wedding - Strap Planning an Island wedding can actually be easier than planning a wedding in NZ.

Be Stuff's wedding of the week

Tied the knot recently and want to share your special day? Show us each memory-making moment.

Who makes the cut?

Introducing Blair & Emma

Leighton & Stacey

A stunning dress, vintage cars and a picturesque venue - this wedding really had it all.

Piggy in the middle of town

Muck the pig Meet Muck the kune kune, he sits on command, and has learned how to open the fridge (we like his priorities).

Woman confronts cat-callers

While secretly filming their reactions, which vary from incredulous to apologetic to deluded.

Today's dose of cuteness

More beauty queen stuff ups

This week we're obsessed with

Blake Lively's thoughts, dancing cops, Game of Thrones excellence and the weirdest photo we've ever seen. Blake Lively's thoughts, cops with attitude, GoT excellence and the weirdest photo we've ever seen.

Meet the 11 hottest athletes ...

... representing their countries at the Commonwealth Games. Fine, fit and at the top of their game.

The week in celeb self snaps

This week we're obsessed with

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