If women said what men say

01:40, Jul 22 2014

Gender flipping videos and photos could be seen as just another fun, sharable meme.

However, the fact that role-reversal stories still go viral is actually a sign that we are only just slowly coming to terms with the bizarre double standards that women face every day. 

Is it sad that it takes putting a man in a woman's shoe to see exactly how strange some things are? Like, the fact that men insist on "walking us home" to make sure we're safe, the way guys act unnervingly surprised when they find a woman funny because... you know, honestly, it's SO RARE to meet 'chicks that get it'?

Buzzfeed's latest genderflip video might not be the first of its genre but it still manages to shock us into realising that some of the things we brush off of as 'normal', are actually not okay. Hopefully this will soon be so obvious that we won't need to put men into uncomfortable everyday scenarios to illustrate just how much sexism sucks.

- Daily Life

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