Taylor Swift made this wee guy's day

03:05, Aug 05 2014
HANGING OUT: Taylor and Jordan had a sing off, went for a stroll and even played air hockey together (he's a strong competitor to boot!).

While her contemporaries are out partying on yachts and avoiding and playing up for the paps in equal measure, Taylor Swift, 24, spent the past weekend at Boston Children's Hospital hanging with Jordan Lee Nickerson, and the only reason we know about it is because the family of the wee guy shared the moments with the world.

Six-year-old Jordan got the surprise of his life (well, minus the time Spiderman turned up in his ward) when his "favourite singer in the world", as his family describes her, turned up for a bit of a song and dance session. 

Nickersen has Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes issues with his ticker as well as developmental disabilities: he had his first open heart surgery at just 18 months. He is also now undergoing treatment for leukemia after being diagnosed just three weeks ago. The chemotherapy is really taking its toll on the little champ, and so his family truly welcomed the distraction. 

"She's an amazing person that brightened our sunshine's day," his family wrote as a caption on a video showing Taylor and Jordan battling it out in air hockey (serious business). 

Here they are singing a little duet ...