Video: Crying soothed by Katy Perry

23:22, Aug 05 2014
FEELING THE BEAT: This little girl's pure joy over a Katy Perry tune is the latest video to go viral.

Some of you may actually cry from pure repetition fatigue when this song comes on, but this little bub is soothed by some 'Dark Horse' action.

Posted just two days ago, this video showing Katy Perry's dulcet tones and banging beats stopping a wee lass' crying in its tracks has already racked up almost one million views.

And while, yes, the whole wailing crying in viral videos thing is a controversial issue, there is no denying that this is a very cute 30 seconds. 

The video was originally posted by Eva Baker, and Katy Perry soon tweeted a link to it, offering to babysit for '$10 an hour and four Oreos'. 

Check out the video: the moment at 10 seconds is very, 'ooh, hold up cuz, this is my jam...'