Weird yet stunning: People get tasered in slow-mo

OUCHIES: A model during the moment of impact.
OUCHIES: A model during the moment of impact.

American wedding photographer Patrick Hall must have been sick of snapping happy smiley people all of the time, because his latest project involves stunning people, not with beautiful HD photos of sunsets, but with a taser gun. 

"As a good portrait photographer you're always trying to get something real," Hall explains. 

"What's interesting about this photoshoot is that there's no way you can fake your emotions and your expression when you get hit with 300,000 volts of electricity."

Well we can't disagree with him there. 

A YouTube video showing the live motion, slow-mo reactions of people getting stunned during Hall's shoot, The Stun Gun Photoshoot, has already had over 4.2 million clicks in the week since it's been up. 

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The project is certainly creative, a touch sadistic and at times amusing, but why, we must ask, is everyone naked in it? 

"I didn't want clothing to be a distraction," Hall explains of his use of skin. "I wanted you to be able to see these images in 20 years and not be distracted by what people were wearing."

And they aren't actually naked, the men are shirtless and the ladies have just taken down the straps on their tops.

His biggest obstacle? Finding a venue that would allow him to taser 100 people inside of it. 'What kind of crazy party are you getting set to hold son?' 

His biggest surprise? How many people wanted to have a round-two, i.e. they kind of enjoyed being tasered. Hmm, are we sure this isn't some covert propaganda for the US Police Dept? 

Anyway, without further ado, here's the epic slow-mo video ... 

And here is some behind-the-scenes action of people willingly having a current shocked through their body ...