Supernanny Frost may get chilly response

Last updated 00:00 07/10/2007

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Supernanny Jo Frost - famous for taming toddlers on television - has turned her attention to newborns.

But that doesn't mean 37-year- old Frost, who has no children nor a current partner, can feel her own biological clock ticking.

And she says she doesn't have to be a mother to be an expert on infants.

In her new book Confident Baby Care, Frost enters the breastfeeding debate, saying women should not be "ridiculed" for choosing to bottle feed.

Frost says she supports breastfeeding, "but not to the extent of making bottle-feeding parents feel they should be banished off the face of the earth".

Speaking from Florida, where she's filming the fourth American season of Supernanny, Frost says generations have been raised on formula and turned out "just fine".

"It's important to have a mother of sound state of mind (if she is happier bottle-feeding), rather than an unhappy mother who is ridiculed and judged," says Frost.

Confident Baby Care recommends breastfeeding mothers consider introducing a formula feed between six weeks and three months - against the Plunket ideal of exclusive breastfeeding at this age - as formula will fill babies up more so they sleep longer.

Frost's book gives advice on a baby's first year including what gear to buy, milestones and hints on settling.

She says the book is like having "your very own live-in me".


Tips from Jo Frost's Confident Baby Care:

  • Dealing with crying: "Learn to inhale the cry and breathe out a sense of calm."

  • Use a dummy to get newborns to sleep - but no baby should go past a year with a dummy. However, children can have a blanket or favourite muslin for "years and years".

  • Do not use talcum powder as it can damage a baby's lungs.

  • Have baby in a bassinet in your room at the beginning - for ease of feeding and to be there for him. Bed-sharing is a no-no.

  • Sore nipples? Put cold tea bags on them and then dab them with some breastmilk.

  • Avoid soap on your nipples - after nursing, wash them in a teaspoon of vinegar diluted with water to sterilise, and then air-dry.

  • Don't expect baby to consistently sleep through the night until six months - when they are on solids and their tummy is fuller.

  • No controlled crying until six months. Even then, do not leave baby to cry without attending for set periods.

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  • Be confident - babies sense fear.

  • Suggest visitors come after the first week, to give you time to recover.

    Confident Baby Care, Hachette Livre, $34.99

    - Sunday Star Times

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