Furry Friday: Perfect portraits

Photographing pets can be tricky. They never stop moving except when they sleep, and, can you believe their audacity, they insist on looking in whichever direction suits them rather than the photographer.

With my own pets, the pattern is this: I spot a photo opportunity with one of the pets being especially cute; I fire up the camera app on my tablet; just as I start to frame up on the pet and the tablet screen does that drunken-focusing thing, the pet jumps or runs away.

Which means that when I take a really good shot - especially one that captures my pet's look and personality well - I treat it as a treasure. And today's lineup of readers' pet photos is a collection of such treasures - portraits that catch the pet at its best in a moment of calm.

Molly has all her senses tuned. She'll hear any suspicious rustle of the grass, see any movement, catch scent of any interloper.

Flynn strikes a pert, spanielly pose.

Nia was snapped in a second of poise.

The firewood isn't even giving out any heat yet, yet Louis is snuggled up to it. Or is he just waiting for that tablet to charge?

Scruffy is delightfully relaxed.

Lois looks deep into your soul.

Max has his eyes on the prize.

Boss has one of those faces that twinkles.

Dodo's smile turned to a yawn. Hey, it's Friday...

The face of simple happiness: Teddy.

This was Krystal's first day at her new home. Everything dwarfed her - but not for long.

The look on Athena's face looks like regret. But it'll be something else - she's a cat, after all, and cats regret absolutely rien.

Izzy's nose is out of joint. Will someone please say something about her new lead? Thank you.

Jerry's whiskers and eyebrows are working overtime.

Millie's tongue didn't quite make it back into her mouth before it shut. The result looks ruder than she intended.

Holly wants to check your ticket before permitting entry.

This is Chewie. How is it even possible to look so good?

Didi is caught mid-chomp.

The dramatic eyebrows of Millie.

An excellent study of Pip, who's seen a gull but is too scared of it to head outside.

Azzi's ample presence is a great help when it's bed-making time.

Mila follows the first rule of sartorial elegance: always choose a colour that matches your chin and ears.

The huggable sweetness of Poppy.

Today's most dazzling smile: Toby.

And today's most extraordinary eyes: Scarlett.

Jet came into his owner's life when both of them were struggling. Then things really looked up.

Once you look into Vedder's eyes, you stay looked at.

A gentle moment in Charlie's life.

Roko the well-loved Chihuahua.

Finally, a return to the impossible cuteness of Toffee the seal point Birman kitten, who's been on the blog before. A face and pose to make your day better!

Thanks to all for posting your photos. Please email me your own photos, or go to the Four Legs Good Facebook page and use the Upload Photo button. Help keep Furry Friday free of embarrassing mistakes by remembering to include your pet's name, and its sex if it's not obvious!

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