What 26 per cent of women really want

Last updated 11:04 31/10/2010
Girls go for funny blokes like Russell Brand.
Muscular Daniel Craig as James Bond.
Pam Corkery
Rebekah Hay

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Kiwi women want their blokes muscular, masterful and funny. But while they're on the hunt for Mr Right, more than a quarter of them would consider paying for Mr Right Now.

Those are the findings of a survey on what women want in a man, commissioned by ex-MP Pam Corkery and business partner Rebekah Hay. They are setting up what is believed to be the world's first male brothel for women, to open in central Auckland next July.

A TV series will cover preparations for "Pammys", including a panel of international and local celebrities interviewing prospective male sex workers on-camera.

The survey on women's desires closes tonight but Sunday News has obtained a list of early results.

Unlike many of their male counterparts, New Zealand women don't want young and adoring. Women wanted prospective partners to be aged 26-34 [33.8%] or 35-44 [29.2%]; "masterful" [64.5%] – compared with "matey" [28.2%] and "obedient" [7.3%]; muscular [59.4%] – as opposed to lean [32.8%] and beefy [7.8%].

Cheesy chat-up lines don't do it either. "Easy-going and funny" was a near guarantee at 77.2%, whereas "smooth and charming" scored only 17.3%. "Strong and silent" remained exactly that at 5.5%.

Grooming is all important. Cologne scored more than 91%, but subtle, not splashed on. And less than 1% liked moustaches or beards. Instead 66.7% wanted clean shaven, while 31.7% liked a two-day growth but only if it's soft.

Nearly 86% of women either didn't mind or liked tattoos. As for the "business end" of things – 46.4% of women wanted "average" size in their men, 49.6% "large", and 4% "extra large". But while the women surveyed had an extensive wish list, most who said no to sex for cash [73.1%] cited loyalty to their partners. Other reasons given included "think it's wrong", 6.3%; "don't find sex that necessary", 7.4%; "happy to pick up men in bars", 4.2%; "prefer to have sex with women", 3.2%.

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The surveyed women however were hugely in favour of a girls' night out at Pammys, with 76.2% saying they would go to the brothel's bar – where the male sex workers will mix and mingle with guests – with girlfriends. "This survey confirms what we've always suspected – Kiwi women have a healthy and bold approach to sex," Corkery told Sunday News. "We're dedicated researchers before we part with the cash." Hay, in charge of Pammys design, said: "Women are screaming out for a top-quality ladies only club," she said.

Also revealed in the survey's questionnaire was the charge, $240 an hour, and that the male sex workers will be taught to dance and be trained in sexual health and techniques.

- Sunday News

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