Calendar boys step up for charity

02:21, Sep 23 2011
MAN OF THE MONTH: Jeff Shrimpton says he wanted to give the older ladies something to look at.

With three pin-ups in next year's firefighters calendar Howick fire brigade may well be fending off more women than flames.

And boasting the two oldest calendar boys, these men are hardly rookies.

Arguably with the best biceps of the lot, Mr July is proud to show the young guys how it's done.

Jeff Shrimpton
ALL GUNS BLAZING: Jeff Shrimpton features as Mr July.

At 47, Jeff Shrimpton is the second to oldest model in the 2012 fundraising calendar.

The father-of-four is embarrassed to admit that his daughter's friends have even gone so far as to compare him with Bruce Willis.

Shrimpton is pictured fresh out of the shower covered only by a white towel – setting him aside from the others.


Stefan Talaic
LUCKY LAST: Stefan Talaic is Mr December.

"It's a bit of a laugh really," he says. "A few of the boys were joking around and I said I'll show you guys how it's done. It started from there."

It wasn't just a matter of smiling and saying cheese.

Shrimpton had a diet of lean protein and frozen vegetables for two weeks before the photoshoot in early April.

Rowan Hegley
STILL GOT IT: Rowan Hegley is Mr August.

"We were all doing it," he says. "It was just horrendous."

He added a few more weights to his routine but says most of his daily fitness was more about maintenance.

"There aren't many jobs where you get paid to use the gym at work – I'm just lucky to have one."

This year's calendar broke a dry spell for Shrimpton, who was a regular in them during the early 90s.

"I thought I'd grown up," he says. "But when the boys started to talk about it I thought why not give the older ladies something to look at?"

Fellow Howick firefighters Rowan Hegley and Stefan Talaic also feature in the 2012 firefighters calendar.

It will be Hegley's second time after he last appeared in 1994.

Newcomer Talaic says he knew he would have to do it at some point in his career.

"This just happened to be my year."

The New Zealand Firefighters Calendar has raised more than $500,000 for the Child Cancer Foundation through sales over the past 20 years.

Editor's note: All three men are happily married.

The 2012 edition is on sale now for $10.

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