Tiger naming down to choice of three

01:43, Jan 31 2009
THREE'S NO CROWD: After a call for names, Auckland zoo has now decided on a shortlist of three names for each of the three 12-week-old tiger cubs.

Auckland Zoo's Sumatran tiger cubs have moved closer to getting names.

The zoo says after a call for names, it has now decided on three finalists for each of the three 12-week-old cubs.

An online poll at www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/tigers will determine the names which will be announced next Monday.

"We are thrilled with the amount of name entries we received," Auckland Zoo carnivore keeper, Sandra Rice said.

"Not only did each entry financially support tiger conservation, but you could see how much passion there is out there, with people putting a great deal of thought into the names they chose.

"The cubs are now 12-weeks-old and we are starting to see their personalities emerge, so we have tried to choose names that reflect these.


"For example, one of the names in the running for the more dominant male is ‘Indali' (powerful). It will be interesting what the public vote for."

The choices are:

Male Cub 1
Jalur   (Malay) - Meaning stripes.
Indali  (Hindu) - Meaning powerful.
Talu - A place in Sumatra.

Male Cub 2
Jahe    (Indonesian) - Meaning ginger. Pronounced Jahay.
Berani (Indonesian) - Meaning spirited, brave, courageous.
Kediri - A place in Sumatra.

Female Cub
Ndari   (Indonesian) - Meanging full moon.  Pronounced Indary.
Kartika  (Indonesian) - Several meanings in different languages, but keepers like the Indonesian meaning which is 'The Great'.
Cinta  (Indonesian) - Meaning love.


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