Pregnant Duff's weight struggle over

02:14, Dec 05 2011
Hilary Duff
HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER: Hilary Duff as an "unhappy" teenager in 2005 (L) and in August 2011, just before announcing her pregnancy.

Hilary Duff is finally happy with her body after battling with her weight.

The 24-year-old performer is pregnant with her first baby and is determined to remain healthy for the sake of her child. Duff has dealt with body image issues in the past and has tried several diet programmes.

Her trainer Harley Pasternak said that Duff is currently following a sensible regimen. She is eating lean proteins, doing low-impact workouts and allowing herself an occasional treat.

The star has revealed she is feeling better than ever.

"You go through a period in your pregnancy of feeling fat," Duff told the publication. "But I've been exercising and eating what I want in moderation.

"I have the same insecurities about my body that every girl has. I got pretty skinny when I was between 17 and 19.

"I regret it because I don't think I was happy then."

Duff is now in a content place with her husband Mike Comrie.

She recently said she is looking forward to becoming a mother and finding balance in her life.


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