Pregnant women's fantasies revealed

00:36, Jan 24 2012
Porn for pregnant ladies
THE DREAM: Amy Morrison's "Porn for Pregnant Ladies" blog post has become a viral sensation.

What do pregnant women want? According to Canadian blogger Amy Morrison, the answer is not much different to what regular women want: Ryan Gosling. Bearing Skittles.

Morrison (who used to work as a creative director in an advertising agency) has a viral hit on her hand with her "Porn for Pregnant Ladies" post on her Pregnant Chicken blog. It features images of popular male pin-ups with the words pregnant women swoon at: "Can I rub your feet while you talk about the baby shower? I find it relaxes me."

She says she was inspired to create the images after analysis of her Google traffic revealed that "pregnant woman porn" was a popular search term for her blog (which incidentally, does not feature adult content).

"It got me to thinking, pregnant ladies should have their very own candy to look at. We have needs! We have desires!

"So after seeing a bunch of these for crafting and new moms online, I thought about some of the wonderful words many pregnant women might like to hear."

Click through to Pregnant Chicken for the full set of photos. 

-Sydney Morning Herald