Three crazy expensive New Year's parties

SERIOUSLY EXPENSIVE: Celebrate the new year VIP style in Private Fly's chartered jet trip between Sydney and LA.

SERIOUSLY EXPENSIVE: Celebrate the new year VIP style in Private Fly's chartered jet trip between Sydney and LA.

Looking to bid farewell (or good riddance) to 2014 in style? Celebrities, restaurants and the occasional private jet company want to help make that happen. All you need is a sense of adventure and the entirety of your personal savings.

From a Vegas cabaret to globe-hopping via chartered plane, here are three extravagant, elaborate or just-plain-weird ways to party on New Year's Eve around the world.

Up to NZ$350: Live it up in Las Vegas, where multiple venues on the Strip are partnering with pop stars to host New Year's parties, including Iggy Azalea, Tony Bennett and Snoop Dogg. All have the usual trappings of a New Year's celebration — music, open bar, large crowds — but the latter event, dubbed "the Snoopadelic cabaret," dresses itself up a bit more by adopting a Roaring Twenties theme. In what is either a ploy to appeal to patrons with X chromosomes or a giant step back for feminism (or both), tickets to many of these events are NZ$95 to NZ$130 cheaper for women than for men. Thanks?

NZ$1425: The classier folk among us might prefer a catered meal and night at the opera. Provided you have the funds (and the ability to get to Australia by Wednesday), the Sydney Opera House offers a three-course meal and a showing of Puccini's La Boheme (ironically about 19th-century penniless Parisians). The NZ$1425 ticket fee covers drinks, canapes, dinner, a personal butler, entertainment and a NZ$130 donation to diabetes research. 

NZ$18,300: Celebrate the New Year twice by hopping across the International Date Line via private plane. Charter jet company Private Fly is marketing a 13-hour flight for 15 people that departs Sydney at 2am on January 1 and lands in Los Angeles at 8pm on the 31st — all for the low, low price of NZ$18,300 per person.

"While other partygoers are waking to a New Year and sore heads back in Sydney, the night is still young in LA. You'll land refreshed and ready to start all over again," the promotional materials read. And that's only the suggested itinerary. Truly dedicated revellers could book a plane from Samoa, and one of the first countries to see the New Year, to American Samoa, which is about 100 miles east and 25 hours behind, allowing them to be among the first and the last people to ring in 2015.

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